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John Dough [Ready]


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Name: John Dough
Gender: male
Age: Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Character colour: Brown

Mane/Tail: black
Physique: All around average.
Residence: Transient 
Occupation: Baker

Cutie Mark: A gingerbread mare, somewhat distorted.
Unique Traits: John has a strange knowledge of merchandise pertaining to por trade, as well as skill maintaining seabourne vessels, albeit with limited experience. Asides from that, he possesses a strange aura that most ponies may simply disregard


"You deserved so much more

Than her stifling amour, and a body ashore..."


John's past is... Murky, at best. He doesn't quite know how he got to Ponyville, or where from. He vaguely recalls who his family is, but not where they're from, and there's a conspicuous gap where... Somepony should be. These feelings degrade over time, unshackling him from a mental fatigue brought about by constant questions. 


In truth, he is a form of repentance for Rose. It's her fault he died in her world, his true love stripped away from him, and his own life soon after. He's not a clone so much as a... Fabrication of a memory given physical form, and a second chance. 


His real history is rather mundane: he was born in Port Malaga, and apprenticed under a baker after realizing he had a talent for making slightly above-average gingerbread treats. After a fateful encounter with a young and innocent Rose Compass (the original), he realized that something was missing in his life after her eventual departure, and found his true calling at sea with Soprana the sailor mare. From that point forward, until his untimely demise, he participated in the crew of a merchant vessel. 


Character Personality: As charming as your average stallion, with a decent grasp on baking and the sea, he's a kind soul who simply seeks his way in life. He wants for little, and has more than enough room in his heart for everypony he comes across. 

Character Summary: A generous but confused young stallion, unremarkable in almost any way. He was given a second chance at life by somepony he may never meet, to live a life he never knew had already been taken away. 


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