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Shai [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name:  Shai
Gender: Female
Age: Old
Species: Sphinxess
Eye colour: Grey
Coat: Coal
Mane/Tail: Ink black
Physique: Lean
Residence: Transient
Occupation: Defender against malevolent magic
Unique Traits: Shai, in her time battling against the dark and supernatural, has attained a level of skill in dispelling curses and combating dark magic that could be considered expert. The sphinxess is capable of erecting anti-magic fields around herself, counter spelling, dispelling magic, and banishing demons. 

History: Long ago, In distant land, there was a mad king and his acolytes. They sought to resurrect their ill-willed ruler to subjugate her lands to a terrible fate. Back then, she was but a kitten, too afraid of her own shadow to stand up to the cult or do anything to impede upon their machinations. But in time, she learned that bravery and self-sacrifice were the only ways forward after the worse nearly came to pass. It was by a sheer stroke of luck that she was in the right place at the right time to throw her trembling body at the raving wizard and interrupt his spell, causing him- and his half-formed Eldritch daemon- to fall into oblivion.


Fate had spoken, and she had listened.


From that point on, she listened a lot more. She listened for ponies and camels and other such creatures crying for help against some dark creature, and learned how best to combat them and send them back from whence they came. For decades she has done this, and for centuries more she shall continue. Now, following a more recent lead, she finds herself in the pony lands, sniffing out clues and conspiracies as only a forger of riddles can.

Character Personality: Impetuous to a fair degree, and prideful in her abilities. She takes joy in her job ridding the world of lingering evils, but tends to look down upon the mortal races, becoming irate when they impede on her work. Fortunately, she is not inflexible, and will at least see what these small creatures are capable of before writing them off.
Character Summary: A wandering sphinxess who has tasked herself with protecting the world against dark forces.

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