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Moon Shadow (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WOE

Name: Moon Shadow

Gender: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Cinnabar

Coat: Dark Grey

Mane/Tail: Long, flowing locks of Jet black hair, dark enough that in a brightly lit room, her walking in could make it look like the light dimmed
Physique: Tall and lithe, more so than most unicorns, she could pass for a model, but does her best to play down her beauty

Residence: A house near the edge of Hollow Shades

Occupation: Acquirer of fine goods... of dubious provenance (She's a fence/thief)

Cutie Mark: A masquerade style eye mask, showing her talent for deception. She explains it as showing her love for historic fine goods, like the nobles of old would have. She acquired her cutie mark after stealing from the moon temple in the woods near Hollow Shades. It appeared on her flanks after she slipped in and out, leaving nothing but a whisper behind.

Unique Traits: She has devised a number of shadow based spells, allowing her to merge with shadows and move in a 2d space. She can also bring shadows to life, making solid projections out of living shadows, though they have no will, following her orders.


History: Born to a family of upper class citizens from Manehatten, she never learned much about the big city as, thanks to a lot of bad business ventures, her family lost most of their wealth and status. Luckily, they had a winter vacation home in the town of Hollow Shades, a modest two story home. They moved out there, and started over, opening a curio and pawn shop in the bottom floor of the house. They did well there, selling genuine knickknacks and things found in the forest, such as arrow heads and shards of pottery, as well as "Genuine ghost evidence" for the more... gullible tourists that came through playing ghost hunter. She would either help with the store, or go play in the nearby forest, despite being told repeatedly not to. She eventually found her way to a grand temple, evidence showing that while it was once dedicated to a local deity, it had been changed over the years to be one dedicated to Luna. It was in decent use, with guards patrolling and friendly looking tour guides showing ponies through this ancient structure. She managed to not only slip in with a tour group, but also slip away from said group, finding her way to the back rooms. There, she found an interesting trinket, a small amulet, and she took it, managing to get out without a fuss. When she got back home, she was stopped by an associate of the temple. She was taken back, and shown the truth behind the temple, that it was a den for criminals, thieves, spies. She was allowed to keep the amulet, and was trained to be a thief by the temple. Later in her life, after taking over her family's business, she drifted away from the temple, but still operates as a fence for them, and occasionally joins them on a heist, when her skills are required.


Character Personality: While she is more than capable of acting kind and caring, it’s just that, an act. She prefers only herself and her shadows, though is not above working with a group when she needs them.
Character Summary: A young unicorn mare, Orirn runs a curio shop in Hollow Shades that acts as a front for her true business as a fence and thief. She is two-faced, keeping her real thoughts close to her vest. Her control over shadows, as well as her training, has made her quite skilled, and she traffics in whatever goods catch her fancy, though ancient knowledge is a weak spot of hers.

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