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Orange Cream [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Orange Cream

Alias: Orange Scream
Gender: Female
Age: Young mare
Species: Aerion (Appears to be an earth pony)
Eye colour: lime green
Coat: Light orange
Mane/Tail: White with a red stripe running down the middle
Physique: Lithe
Residence: Manehattan
Occupation: Vigilante/Detective
Cutie Mark: A simple magnifying glass
Unique Traits: Deception. Orange Cream has always beleived that the best way to catch a criminal is to think like a criminal. In her case, it's to be a criminal, join gangs and criminal organizations, and then work to bring them down from the inside. 

History: Formerly a renowned detective working for the Manehattan Police, Orange Cream's radical idealism and criminal mentality quickly found her on the wrong side of the law. After she was discovered by a fellow police officer within a mafia, trust in her rapidly dwindled, even when she provided vital Intel in taking it down. Things only escalated from there, and before anyone knew it, Orange Cream had become "Orange Scream", a terror of the night and a dangerously friendly face.


To maintain her public identity, she had some clothing enchanted to give her the appearance of a regular earth pony, masking her slit pupils and obscuring her leathery wings under a tight-fitting green vest. 

Character Personality: Observant and critical thinking, Orange Cream is always actively on the lookout for opportunities to insert herself within the ranks of the scum of ponykind, approaching with friendly innocence and an often oblivious attitude regarding criminal activities. Don't be fooled, however, as behind that pleasant smile and wide, green eyes are a relentless predator, thirsting to sink its fangs into another of countless cases. 


Not all of them end happily.

Character Summary:
A detective fallen from grace and driven mad by a desire to bring down crime by becoming a criminal herself. She's very talented in deception, and is very a very capable mare.

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