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Sunny Starscout (Ready, Cast, Spoiler)

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Roleplay Type: A New Generation


Name: Sunny Starscout


Gender: Female


Age: Young Mare


Species: Earrth Pony. Part-time Alicorn.


Eye colour: Green


Coat: Light orange, with off-white socks.


Mane/Tail: Magneta and purple, is tied back in a braid with aquamarine elastics. Small rainbow streaks near the front.


Physique: Young and fit with too much sugar and a lot of energy to burn it with.


Residence: Maretime Bay.


Occupation: Ice Cream and Smoothie Vendor. Friendship enthusiast.


Cutie Mark: Pink star with a blue trail. There are two smaller stars on the anterior side of the large one. She believes that it signifies her belief in the magic of friendship and the cause of the three species working together. She got it shortly following the loss of her father, when she first felt alone. For a while she abandoned the research of her father and withdrew away from the mission of unification they shared. One day while cleaning up the house she found an old journal of her father's, who among his many avenues of research studied the night sky. He was looking for evidence of the Lunar Event: Something that was said to have happened only on the longest day every thousand years, when four stars would appear to vanish behind the moon unnaturally. He believed they were close to that date before he passed, and finding evidence of it would mean some confirmation of truly ancient myths and legends about Ancient Equestria.


So Sunny, to honor her father, spent her nights charting the night sky. It was lonely but she never felt alone, not truly, the journal of her father providing he the warmth and hope she needed. Day after day, week after week she went out at night and studied the stars and the moon. It was a carthatic experience but one she was ready to close the book on until something tickled her brain. She looked deeper into his notes and discovered two things: One, the date was really close. Two, she couldn't see it from her angle. She needed to get someplace tall. Someplace like the CanterLogic building.


The night of the Lunar Event she broke into the building and got to the very top, perched herself up high, and studied the stars. So engrossed was she in the slow movement of the stars into the proper positions, so overjoyed was she that it was coming to pass, that she didn't that her silhoute with the telescope could appear to be a unicorn to all those not well familiar with them. Somepony screamed they saw a unicorn, then two, then the alarm was raised. As the city below fell into a panic, Sunny got to see it: Four stars were prepared around the moon and then seemingly fell behind it in quick succession. The moon flashed ever so slightly and Sunny could swear with her own sparkling eyes she could see the outline of a unicorn in the moon. As quickly as it happened it was gone, just as the old Sherriff made his way up with his deputies and arrested her for breaking and entering as well as causing a panic!


By the time she was released she failed to convince the Sherriff of what she had seen, and he confiscated her telescope- which had been connected to a camera, which itself was confiscated. While she was upset at that, she was beyond happy to have discovered that the Lunar Event was real, and felt her father's faith in friendship between all once again restored. It was only when she left that somepony pointed out her cutie mark- something else she took for a sign. The pony who delivered her notice of banishment from CanterLogic property was more than a little confused at why Sunny took the news so well.

Unique Traits: She is an Alicorn, at least part time. That is rather unique, especially since history books denied their existence. Fantastic on rollerblades and an inspired speaker and prosthelytizer of Friendship.



Sunny Starscout was born the only child into a family on the move. Her father was an historian with a deep and passionate love of ancient history, a subject that made him an oddball in academia that often scoffed at such history as pure myth. Sunny would spend most of her time with him as her mother studied the oceans of Maretime Bay and the surrounding regions for months at a time. Eventually, work came between them. Namely, his work. His increasing focus on Ancient Equestria and Era of Harmony, and his incessant belief that it was not myth but rather true history, saw him getting increasingly excluded from social circles and higher academic society. Eventually, Sunny's mother and father decided to separate before the citizenry of Maretime Bay turned on her as they were turning on him.


Sunny for her part was too enamored with his stories that she could never understand why others couldn't see the beauty in them. Or the truth, for that matter! She grew up in love with the stories of friendship and harmony and worked to make sure others knew of them too. This did not endear her to many. Outside of her father no one believed in the stories and many mocked he fo harboring such delusions. While she was always a very outgoing filly who was an easy friend and nopony would ever claim she was anything less than kind, her constant preaching of the nature of harmony between the three tribes and her righteousness in nearly everything she did could make her a headache to deal with. It was for this reason that as she grew older she could never count on having very many true friends. She often faced rejection and had to rely on the strength her father taught her: To stand up for what she believed in, despite the costs.


As she grew older and he passed on, she never stopped believing in their shared mission. She had other hobbies and passions but nothing in her life ever outgrew or even competed with her devotion to the unity of the three pony species. It even permeated her job: Some of her smoothies and ice cream had names based off of old legends and pony species, and when somepony would indulge her she loved talking to them about what she believed and why. It didn't endear her to many and she had very few friends, real ones at least, but she still counted more friendly faces than not.


Her repeated demonstrations and attempts to convince ponies always fell flat but that never deterred her. She took the failures as motivation and continued on, day after day, dauntless in small matters and bold in larger events. It wouldn't be long before she met a very special pony on a very special day...and the rest, as they say, is history!


Character Personality:


Sunny Starscout is a mare of unparalleled belief in the innate goodness of ponies. She has never met a pony that she hasn't liked or, at the very worst, believed she could not befriend given time. She is optimistic and forward thinking and knows she has a role to play in helping as many ponies as possible. She doesn't view those who disagreed with her as wrong or bad, or even misguided, but as products of a world gone wrong. The reasons why ponies were separated remain elusive and the mystery of the divide between ancient and modern Equestria motivates her, because you are doomed to repeat history if you do not learn from it.


She honors and respects, even holds in reverence, the Guardians of Harmony. For Sunny, they Six weren't simply representations and protectors of Equestrian harmony. Outside of her father, they were her role models; she wanted to adopt their best qualities and become somepony worthy of carrying on their message of friendship and harmony. Her honesty in speaking her mind, her loyalty to the ideals of Equestria, her generosity of spirit in sharing them, the joy and happiness she feels when harmony is in the air, and the kindness she exudes. These are not just the signs of a well raised daughter (though they are), but are traits she has consciously tried to embody as she grew older and works on. Maybe that is why she underwent such a dramatic change, learning the elements of harmony well enough to embody the magic of friendship! Or so she chooses to believe, in any case.


In matters of less critical importance to the future of the world, Sunny loves Rollerblading. She loves how fast it makes her feel and all the cool tricks she can pull off. It also helps her move her business around. She owns a small business, a smoothie and ice cream stand that she operates alongside a single partner. It does well enough for her to make a little money but she cares far more about how good her smoothies are and how much a good drink can turn around a pony's day than she has ever cared about profit. She loves moving around and anything that gets that done is good in her book, from ballet (which she took as a foal through the start of her business) to hoofball and anything and everything that allows her to burn off the endlessly energy she produces during the day.


When she is home, however, she can be shockingly studious. She studies and researches the past as much as she can and has spent a not small sum of what she has on acquiring new 'relics' and information about the past. Her real past time when it comes to research is studying the night sky. Ever since she got her cutie mark she has made an effort to chart the skies using information from the past, trying to understand just how the stars have changed over the years. She has found patterns that have raised questions; questions that her books never answer and instead only multiple into even more; all of which only seek to further the mare. She understands the world as it is now and the world as it was, but hopes that she can somehow piece together the what, how, and why of events in between them. And if there is anypony who will discover it, Sunny would be the one. And if not, she knows somepony else will as long as they all do their part, hoof to heart.


Character Summary:

She's got your back when you've gone off track. She's looking out for you! And you! And you too.
The definition of a good friend who feels the power and magic of friendship all aound her and wants to share it with the whole world.

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