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Accidental Allegro (Ready,OC)

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Roleplay Type:

MLP: A New Generation


Accidental Allegro




Young Stallion


Siren-Earth Pony Hybrid

Eye colour:

Yellow and Reptilian


Navy blue fur that is  intermixed with patches of what is quite clearly black scales.


Both mane and tail are poorly kept and long dried out by the salt of the oceans air and waters, but it was originally a soft white color.


In the eyes of the average earth pony, Accidental Allegro looks like a freak of nature at best and a monster at worst. To sirens... he doesn't actually know, but he doubts it would be positive. His height would be imposing if it wasn't for how lanky and skinny he is, but that isn't what frightens others. The fur on his body is patchy, almost randomly giving way to sections of smooth, fish like scale while his dragon like eyes almost seem to glow with a predatory yellow. He almost always looks poorly kept and smells strongly of the sea, apart from his breath that has a somewhat rotten scent to it.


Around his neck is a beautiful teal gem of some kind.


Homeless/ A sea cave at the far side of one of Maretime Bay's beaches, away from where visitors tread.


Unemployed drifter/Singer.

Cutie Mark:


Unique Traits:

Always seems to be wet... or at least damp. Regardless of how much time he spends away from water.


His front teeth are sharp canines, but his back ones are flat.


Recently (IE, with the return of magic), Allegro has discovered some of his inherited siren magic (even if he doesn't know what to call it or where it is from). At this early stage, all he knows he can do with it is create an illusion around himself that alters the way that the outside world sees him; While to his own naked eye he is himself with a shimmer around him, to outside sources he looks like a pony version of himself minus the siren features.



Accidental's birth was a story of young, passionate love found between two unlikely beings during a time of racial discrimination and tribalistic fear. Captain North Star was an earth pony from Maretime Bay who was instrumental to the earth pony navy due solely to the fact that he had a boat and enjoyed leaving land behind to sail on it since pony kind in general did not have much of a naval tradition. Da Capo Cadenza was a siren who found what examples of land dweller music she was able to hear to be interesting and inspirational to her own songs. They met when Da Capo had pulled up alongside North Star's ship to listen to the music he was playing on a CD player and he caught her doing it.


While the normal earth pony reaction to something that wasn't an earth pony would be to scream and run away, being on a ship out at sea kind of limited that option... at any rate, North Star had been out at sea for about two weeks by himself at this point and... well, he was a young stallion who didn't have much of a social life back on shore anyway. While they started off timid and shy, soon enough sailor and siren would be pulled into a whirlpool of romance in a relationship that lasted years.  In a mixture of siren traditions and somewhat vague earth pony naval laws, the two of them would (in their own eyes at least) view themselves as husband and wife, even if they did not share that fact with their wider communities.


While some might believe from his namesake that Accidental was a surprise, the truth is he was but not for the reasons ponies might think; Da Capo and North Star hadn't believed the two of them could have a child together due to their different species, but much to their shock and joy it happened. However, much like most blessings of the sea Accidental's birth had a salty aftertaste. His openly siren features ensured that he couldn't pass for an earth pony, which due to the paranoid nature of Maretime Bay in regards to non-earth ponies meant that he would not be welcomed by his land dwelling kin. His earth pony heritage also conflicted with his siren nature in that while he was a much stronger and more graceful swimmer then likely any earth pony before him, he could never truly live in the sea among the other sirens. He was a product of two different worlds coming together... and neither world would or could accept him.


His parents loved him anyway. North Star built a home somewhat further out from Maretime Bay so that he could house and host his family on land in privacy near the sea, while Da Capo ceased traveling the ocean currents for adventure in order to be a dutiful wife and mother. Allegro might not have had any friends his own age growing up, but he grew up in a loving household all the same.


In Allegro's teenage years, Captain North Star sailed out to sea on a patrol and never came back. At first his absence wasn't a cause for concern, since Da Capo could go out to check the wind and tides to discover that they were simply in such a mood that her husband being delayed on the way back home was fully to be expected, but as the tides and winds changed and the time for a delayed return came and went did she start to worry and actively start searching for her husband. At first her absences in her search were short, but as she continued to get no results (and at Allegro's own insistence that he could look after himself) she started going out longer and longer.


Almost two years after North Star went missing and during one of De Capo's absences to find him, a party of ponies from Maretime Bay came to the North Star household just after sunset in order to pack up his things and check out his house in order to see what it's resale value might be, since North Star had been missing long enough for him to be declared dead. The arrival caught Allegro by surprise and things got... messy.


According to the official story told by the earth ponies who investigated North Star's old house, they arrived to discover that some sort of sea monster had moved into the abandoned building. After a brief but truly epic battle to defend themselves from ambush, the heroic ponies had managed to perform a fighting withdrawal out of the house before sealing the door behind them and setting the building on fire in order force the unnatural beast to flee and never return due to denying it the shelter of the abandoned building.


According to Allegro, the ponies in question entered his home, got one look at him and then started running around in a blind panic screaming in a manner similar to a school of small fish after a rock is dropped into the middle of their formation (the fish were naturally more quiet in their panic). He was never quite sure if the fire started because somepony knocked something over as they made a mess of the house or if one of them had intentionally started it in their panic, but either way he was forced to abandon where he had grown up and fled into the night in order to avoid further trouble.


Da Capo returned to find her land home burned to the ground and her child living/hiding in a cave they often went camping in along the coast nearby. Naturally she was furious, but Allegro managed to prevent her from doing something foolish since he was alright and the building had never been as important as having his mother or father there with him. While she would stay with her son for a time, her need to find out what happened to her husband caused Da Capo to return to the sea in due course. It has been some time since he had last seen her, but Allegro has tried to make their cave as homely as possible for her return as he can.


A distant witness to the Maretime Bay lighthouse being destroyed and the strange light-show that followed, Allegro has absolutely no idea what either of those events meant, but the former filled him with anxiety and dread; The Lighthouse itself had always been a comforting sight for him since not only was it beautiful at night, but it helped bring his father safely home. While the lighthouse was being rebuilt, Allegro has taken on the task of swimming out at night in order to watch out for boats coming in and luring them away from the dangerous rocks and towards safer waters by singing. 


When ponies from Maretime Bay returned to the North Star household during the day after the fire to look through the debris, the great mystery of North Star started to spread throughout the city. The layout of the house and the items that survived the fire suggested that it had been a household of at least three ponies, one of whom was a child who had grown to their teenage years in that house. Considering that North Star had never mentioned having a family to anypony, nor did anyone know of him showing interest in any stallion or mare in Maretime Bay or notice any new mare or child appear either before or after North Star's disappearance, the discovery that the missing naval captain had a secret mystery family was hot gossip. Alongside the fate of said family.


While there is a case to be made that they were devoured by the sea monster that had been squatting there, but the lack of bodily remains and the fact that the party who discovered the monster admitted that the house seemed in good, orderly condition when they arrived suggested that the creature had only recently moved in; None of this completely invalidated the theory due to the possibility that they had been attacked and killed somewhere besides the living room but despite a search no remains have been found and thus the theory cannot be proved or denied fully.


Another popular theory that gained a great deal of support from what evidence was presented was that North Star had taken up with a unicorn or pegasus and that their child had taken after their mother. Once North Star had disappeared, his family had simply left sometime before he was declared dead in order to go and join their own kind since North Star wasn't going to return. There are variations of this theory that range from 'Tale of forbidden love' to 'Unicorn spy compromising the earth pony navy for their own ends', but nopony really knows for sure what the truth is. 


A very recent discovery, but as Allegro was practicing his singing to himself in practice while finalizing in the sand of his cave home his plans to raid the Maretime Bay library for books to be launched the next time the moon was bright enough in the night sky that his services to protect ships from the rocks was not required (He couldn't get a library card and they could always get more books), when he noticed a...strange shimmering around himself. While looking at himself didn't seem to revel any changes apart from the strange sight, looking into a reflective pool of water reveled a face so like his own but so different that for a terrible moment he thought that he had been discovered again... or was going insane.


Staring back at him seemed to be... him. Only... not him. An earth pony version of himself. For a long time he sat and stared at himself in the reflection, only occasionally glancing at his own body to remind himself that the scales were still there, alongside the strange shimmering. He didn't... remember doing much else... through at some point he did recall that he had started crying. 


In time the shimmering disappeared and his reflection reveled what his own eyes had been telling him was the truth. However, the experience caused Allegro to go through everything he had done before he had noticed the shimmering in order to try and get it to come back... to see himself fully as an earth pony again. When he got to singing the song he had been practicing did he notice the gem on his chest start to faintly glow... and the shimmer returned alongside the image in the reflection. Maybe he was going insane but... there was only one way to find out if it was only his reflection that failed to see what was under the shimmer.


Character Personality:

A lonely being that is painfully aware of the fact that there isn't really a place in the world where he would be welcomed. Despite this loneliness, Allegro is neither cruel nor spiteful to the rest of the world that seems to have denied him; While he is somewhat fearful of what would happen if the nearby ponies of Maretime Bay were to discover his existence and continued presence in the region, he bares them no ill will. In fact, both as a tribute to his father and out of his own desire to try and have some positive impact on the world around him, he has taken to patrolling the waters around the Bay in order to assist those in need, be it swimmers who are in over their heads or ships sailing too close to the rocks at night with the lighthouse down.


With his father missing and his mother's absence (he dreads the day that he thinks of them both as missing), there is a part of Allegro that predicts that one day it will be his turn to head out and try and discover the fate of his missing parents... even if it means that like them before him, he will not return.

Character Summary:

Physically a monster in pony eyes, but at heart a good but lonely person who just wants to make the world a little bit better.

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  • StrongCopper changed the title to Accidental Allegro (Ready,OC)

I like the character. However, I imagine it will be hard to play, especially *this* early in the RP Setting. His *other*ness is important and I don't want that to change, but would it be possible to make him more easily able to 'hide' as an earth pony, or go more into the Siren part? It doesn't need to go too far, but something that would explain how he was able to survive on his own (enough of an Earth Pony so he can wear a disguise and go into town to get food, or enough of a Siren to feed the way a Siren does).

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