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[Ready] Firey Ice


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Name: Firey Ice


Gender: Stallion


Age: 25


Species: Changeling


Eye colour: Cyan blue.


Coat: White with dark blue zebra stripes, one solid band on his upper forelegs, two bands on his upper hindlegs, and a solid blue spot on his muzzle.


Mane/Tail: Cyan blue and dark blue for the mane. White at the end with cyan blue in the middle for the tail.


Physique: Slightly muscular.


Residence: Ponyville.


Occupation: Former bodyguard/secret scientist for Queen Chrysalis. Doer-of-odd-and-even-jobs.


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: Reader, painter, warrior, self-taught chief, and former scientist. Owns wireless headphones with music in them (Dubstep, techno, EDM, and Classical).


History:  He was a former guard for Q.C, who had noticed his brutal self-defense skills due to relentless bullying. Defecting during the first invasion due to the ever-increasing resentment and an attempted assassination during it, he went into hiding till King Thorax. After he developed the magical armor he's wearing, an accidental discharge destroyed all his research, disallowing it's mass-production.

The edge of his wings, the bracelets on his cannons, and his headphones are armored, with retractable double-sided blades for the wings and emotional/magical storage for his bracelets that can also fire magical blasts whose effects differ depending on the emotions inside.


The more noticable spells are: 

Anger: Ignites the emotions of the target.
Fear: Ice that literally freezes the target in place.
Love: Distracts target with whomever/whatever is emotionally closest to them or vice versa.
Disgust: Causes them to become extremely disgusted with whatever they're doing/holding at the moment.
Hatred: Turns them into an literal flaming inferno that painfully burns them and everything around them.
Greed: Think, "Want-it-Need-it", but only with whatever they're holding at the moment.



The reason he looks like he does is due to his exploration of various lands and cultures, wanting to find a place that would be accepting of him. Not able to do so and then coming back to Equestria a few years into King Thorax's reign, he realized that there was increased acceptance towards Changelings as a whole, and so decided to go a bit... Crazy, with his appearance.


Character Personality: Kind, friendly, slightly paranoid, nearly ruthless in a fight unless it's training or entertainment.


Character Summary: A friendly and artistic Changeling who developed his armor while he was under Queen Chrysalis. Going into hiding during the first invasion due to attempted assassination, he traveled the world until King Thorax, when he decided to settle down in Ponyville due to reports of Changelings being especially accepted there.


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Alright, let's take a look...


I'm guessing we're going with Firey being a changeling, due to the fact that OC alicorns aren't allowed?  Honestly, I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of a changeling who's preferred appearance is so outlandish, but keep in mind if you do go with this, you're not going to be fooling anypony in-character.  Lot of odd looks and comments.  Still, a unique idea.


The technology he's built with is a little excessive for WoE Equestria setting.  The power armor is really too much, what with the built in cannons and all.  If tinkering is essential to the concept of your character, we can walk through how to build a setting-appropriate mad magitek scientist, or if you were more interested in powering him up, there are also more magical/technical things we can work with.  But the fact that he was a genius, and then wasn't due to some accident leaves me a little confused with where you want to take this character.


What we're looking for here is a character that could have conceivably appeared in an episode of MLP:FiM.  There's some leeway built into the lore, due to the nature of a children's show, but we do have to make sure that everyone playing in this setting has a common set of expectations; that makes it easier to collaboratively tell stories and have fun together!

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I figured that he would be getting comments and glances, but due to his past, he'll have become immune to it.


Tinkering is definitely a part of his backstory, as that's how he got his armor. I also wanted his genius to be dialed down after developing the armor because I don't want his character to be op.


I'm now thinking that maybe his wings are still armored with retractable double-sided blades in front and from the ends, but the bracelets on his cannons are instead magical storage devices.

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I can understand you not wanting to make him OP, but the whole shift in his character backstory is a little awkward.  And like I said, power armor itself is a bit too much of an ask.  Do you understand?  That's already OP as it is.


Now, having blades that fit to his biological, or even prosthetic wings is fine, and magical storage devices are fine, but those would have to be separate artifacts he both has, rather than attachments to a suit of power armor.  And the kind of intelligence and skill needed to make those, while high-level, would not be OP.

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Well, simply remove the part about the power armor, but you can keep Firey as one of Chrysalis' R&D drones, who came up with slim, lightweight blades to fit to a changeling's wings, along with love/magic storage devices.  Whether or not you keep the accident is up to you; I personally would remove it, the skills to build the prior artifacts are not OP, so your character can keep that capability.


You'll have to expand on his history, talk about growing up a bit, how he came into the Queen's graces, and what motivated him to leave.  A few years of travel to pick up exotic additions to his disguise, before finally talking about what led him to settle down and what kind of reaction he got.

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OK, so... the wireless headphones are still a little much; all the headphones I recall seeing from the show are wired.  We're not to 21st century technology levels yet, you understand?  The blades on headphones too are just a little... absurd and dangerous.  


Also "accidentally developed armor"?  Or an accident while researching armor?  Because power armor is still out, it would just be normal battle plating at that point.

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I recalled those being wired in the first episode we saw her; there might be later shots that I do not?



Well, in that case, I think it looks good!  Welcome to Canterlot RP.


Just a couple things to keep in mind; asynch forum RP can be a bit slow paced, so a lot of members will go into length and detail to make up for any wait.  Don't feel too pressured by that, but try to at least write one paragraph per post, to give folks stuff to work with, and you'll be fine.

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