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[Ready] Sharpfeather


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Name: Sharpfeather


Gender: Female


Age: 24


Species: Griffin


Eye colour: Grey


Coat: Grey and brown.


Head/Tail: Brown for the head. Grey for the tail. Mix of both for the body.


Physique: Slightly muscular.


Residence: Wherever Firey Ice is.


Occupation: Former bodyguard of the Royal House and former guide of Griffinstone's national park.


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: Warrior, self-styled Robin Hood.


History: She was a former guard for the Royal House, who had noticed her brutal self-defense skills due to her headstrong nature and frequent accusations of stealing. Becoming bored and irritated of the children, she left after winning a "leaving challenge", becoming a guide to Griffinstone's only national park.

She met Firey during his travels and they have struck up a 'friendly-yet-little-more-than-that-but-either-one-wants-to-take-the-next-step' relationship after saving each other from some nobels' guards.

The edge of her wings and the bracelets on her claws and paws are armored, with magical storage for her bracelets that can turn her invisible and increase her punching and kicking power. The tip of her tail is also armored, but it's disguised so as to provide an element of surprise.


Character Personality: Cold, yet friendly; trusting, yet cautious; headstrong and slightly stubborn. More concerned about civilians' safety if there are any nearby.


Character Summary: A cold, yet friendly griffon who decide to take up a Robin Hood pastime while guarding the royal family until she quit and became a guard for the national park, meeting Firey Ice the first time he visited and deciding to go with him after they rescued each other from danger.

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Apologies for not getting to this sooner.  You need to put applications in the Regular "Character Applications" board, not the Character Logs sub-board; I don't get automatic notices if you don't put an application in the wrong place.





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