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Instant Messenger (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Instant Messenger
Gender: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Blue
Coat: Green with white painted dots.
Mane/Tail: Long, yellow in both areas.
Physique: Smaller than average, with a low-level permanent disease affecting physical ability.
Residence: Sveltahorse
Occupation: Runs ERS, a messenger service.
Cutie Mark: A scroll being teleported, which he received upon delivering the first 'instant' message of his business as a colt.
Unique Traits: Knows advanced versions of scroll teleportation magic and has surrounded himself with others with similar talents for his business.


History: Instant Messenger is the only son of two well to do mail ponies who helped expand the Equestrian Royal Mail Service in the hard to reach areas of the nation. He always wanted to follow in their hoofsteps as he saw and recognized the importance that communication played in every from friendships and relationships to official state functions and public good. Sadly, he was born with an illness that greatly impacted his stamina and physical ability. He still wanted to help and was being groomed to take over the North Equestrian Royal Outreach Program as an able and well-liked administrator. And while that would have been fine, he wanted more.


He studied extensively scroll teleportation and the various ways and means mail was delivered magically. He stumbled upon a unique method of delivering messages. By using the unique properties of Everfree-wood aided scrolls he could drastically cut down on the time, energy, and difficulty of sending smaller messages large distances. As a proof of concept, he shared a conversation with an aunt in Seaddle for several days. While not as quick as a face to face conversation it was still light speed faster than any other method of large-scale communication in use at the time. Now he had a way of helping ponies communicate far and wide! His parents gave him initial funding for Equestrian Relay Communications, or ERC, and he started the business soon after. It has been several years now and ERC has grown to be a successful company pioneering communication for the common pony of Equestria.


Character Personality: Upbeat but driven, he looks at challenges as opportunities and difficult times as proving grounds. He is a good and fair boss but expects his employees to pull their weight. Never one to cut people or ideas away before it is time, he tends to be rather loyal though not in the face of pure logic. Outside of work he is an affable fellow with a penchant for pranks who shares an easy laugh with most ponies. His business is growing and its success is his town's success as he has quickly become known as a town benefactor. Has no serious relationship aspirations but certainly has an affinity for good, strong mares with big personalities. No shortage of them in Sveltahorse.


Character Summary: Business owner with good spirits who allows for rapid messaging across the nation. ERC works as follows: Subscribers are given a certain number of smaller scrolls every month made from Everfree-sourced wood, with their chosen name on it. They write a message and and activate a mark on the paper, which tells ERC that it is ready to be sent. Instant Messenger or someone else at the time teleports the scroll back to them, where the scroll undergoes a brief security and safety check- without opening the message- before being sent to the recipient. Strings of messages will sometimes appear in sequence, and there is a daily, weekly, and monthly newsletter that is sent to all subscribers. 

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