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((Just to be clear, I left the third section as "elsewhere" for anyone who wanted to drop in someplace I didn't think of --- though if you want to interact with her, your welcome to place it anywhere you want, even somewhere in ponyville/everfree))
((Also please no alicorns except Twilight and no Discord))


it was a quiet night, not a single cloud in the sky; luna's full moon was following the diamond-like stars that dotted the great black and blue 'cieling' of the world... 

But then there was an explosion, like a sonic boom, emanating from that very moon and centered around the everfree and its wild magics, as it expanded, the center filled the sky with storm clouds, rumbling with thunder loud enough to temporarily deafen anyone unfortunate enough to be close enough to see them, these clouds produced a vivid neon-blue lightning, arcing from one cloud to another, then a dozen bolts of this vibrant blue lightning struck the countryside, causing another round of deafening explosions... then the clouds began to collapse in on themselves as the shockwave imploded, eventually ending with one final quiet rumble... then all was silent again...




The lightning had struck the gazebo in the center of town, an explosion of black fire exploded outwards... once it subsided, the gazebo still had small black flames here and there which did not seem to be spreading, but most shockingly, there was now a figure sprawled out inside!

moonlight fell on the form of a grey alicorn with a white 'skunk stripe' through her mane and tail, she wore a black bodysuit with matching black cape, her saddle bags bore a familiar mark of six stars orbiting a large central one, though this was superimposed on a crescent moon. The mare's lower lips were adorned with a pair of silver studs, while her ears had three small silver hoops on the outer edge and three silver studs on the inside edge.


Despite being unconscious she muttered quietly "...Spike? did we make it back?" before falling silent once more...




The explosion destroyed what had once been a grove of trees on the edge of the forest, dark blue flames danced around the area as a large dragon lay in the clearing with dark blue scales and a white underbelly, his horns and claws were of a similar silvery-white color... though if one looked closely, his front-left paw was lacking one of the claws... he slowly opened one sapphire-blue eye, trying to push himself up, but falling back to the ground and growling, his deep but almost melodic voice growled "My aching... everything... F*** this! you take over!" and with that his form turned to a silvery mist that turned orange and condensed down to an orange pony filly with a magenta mane and leathery wings, wearing old warn saddlebags with no noticeable markings on this, though she wore a thick leather armored vest with an odd bulge right atop her heart... on her flank was the mark of a sword in front of a heart. she opened one eye, purple, then the other, blue, and tried to stand but fell to the ground "F*** you too, jabber, I'm hurting just as bad..." she muttered, closing her eyes and shuddering, waiting for the pain to go away, glad the strange flames didn't seem to be spreading, but in too much pain to do anything even if they were...




There was an explosion of green fire where the lightning struck, leaving a filly behind with a pink and purple mane and a white coat... but strangely this filly had not one, not two, but THREE horns, along with an oddly long, white-scaled tail that ended in a tuft of pink and purple, her hooves were cloven and on her flank was what appeared to be a brand with a series of three musical notes, with the outermost ones crumbling... she slowly opened her eyes, a sickly yellow that seemed to move like flames, the slitted pupil slowly focusing "...its cold..." she whimpered, despite the night being rather warm. She shivered "whys it always cold...." 

she struggled to her feet, stumbling as her horn glowed, as it did she was covered in a sickly green flame! Her tail began to shorten and the tip filling out, while her two rear-most horns began to shrink down until they vanished into ehr mane and her eyes lost the odd coloration while her cloven hooves solidified..

She panted hard, her tongue hanging out over rows of fangs; one of the only things besides her brand that did not change. she stumbled and fell to the ground, collapsing from the exhaustion

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