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[Ready] Gabriella


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Gabriella
Gender: Female
Age: Younger child
Species: Giraffe
Eye colour: Chocolate brown
Coat: Tan, with dark brown hexagon spots all over.
Mane/TailShe has one little sprout of light brown hair in a ponytail on top of her head. Her tail is short, thin, and braided, and is the same color as her mane.
Physique: She is very small since she is young. She's thin and short. She has a dark brown heart birth-mark around her right eye.
Residence: Unyasi, in the savanah.
Occupation: None, loves looking for bugs.
Cutie Mark: None
Unique Traits: She can find which way is north at any time without having to look at the sky.

History: Gabby was born in a hut in the wilderness, and her mother died while giving birth to her. Her father died of sadness when he heard the news. Because Gabby does not have any living family, she is essentially the child of everyone in her tribe, and constantly sees new places since she is in a tribe of nomads. She has a fun, exciting life full of new friends to meet and new bugs to catch constantly. Because she is so young, she does not have many dreams or ideas of what she wants to do in the future.

Character Personality: Gabby is a bubbly, cheerful young child who delights everyone around her and is kind to everyone. Sometimes her curiosity gets her and those around her into trouble, but her big heart can usually get them and herself back out of trouble. The only thing she is afraid of is when anyone gets sick, and she will steer clear of anyone who coughs or sneezes. She won't come anywhere near them until a doctor reassures her that they are all better. Although she is capable of speaking large sentences, Gabby does not understand or use sarcasm.
Character Summary: Gabby is an orphaned giraffe whos entire family is her tribe. She is a happy, curious child who is terrified of sickness and loves looking for bugs. She has a special ability of being able to know where north is without looking at the sky.

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