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(OPEN)Age of Colossi (Extended info!)

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Look around you. This world? did you know its only one of many? There exists an infinite number of worlds, an infinite number of ponies... but each with their own specific version of those we know and love... but sometimes, something shifts this balance... and sometimes its not for a benevolent purpose... 

Welcome to a world of high-tech magic, Power-hungry leaders of both countries and corporations (none of whom are playing with a full deck) where the day-to-day life is one of unparalleled ease and joy, but when you peel back the shiny coating you see the messy wiring inside, bare and sparking, a fire just waiting to blaze...

Which side will you take? Will you save the world from itself? Or condemn it to its dark fate? The happy little world has come of age, and its an age of Colossi!


Ok, so, Looking for 1 or 2 players, You can take character from anywhere in the FiM timeline, including alternate timelines. The only restriction is on Celestia/Luna/Discord or any other character who might have risen to 'god' status prior to being thrown to the wolves finding themselves in this new world. (Twilight/Cadence are allowed, but no other alicorns, not even OCs)

The setting is a mix of high-grade magitcech (computers, AI, Biots, Cybernetics, etc) and more traditional magic - with some races unable to even unitize the magitech without special modifications.

So, Who will you choose? Will you send in twilight with her powerful magic to try and save the world? AJ with her strength to beat the tar out of baddies? Or derpy with her loveable clumsiness to make everyone laugh and brighten up the dark world? Or perhaps a complete unknown with alliances to no one fighting to forge their own destiny?

No more than 2 starting characters per player (preferably 1), if I feel the plot can handle it I may allow more but for now, we're taking it slow.

Maybe I've been keeping a few too many secrets... 


Key Characters:

Not much is known about the enegmatic leader of Storm Foundation, other than, somehow, about 50 years ago he crated the first Lay and sparked a magitec revolution!


Queen of the Sunlands,

The Despot Celestia
Why fight progress? Why not embrace change? Why not work with it to save lives you couldn't before...

This is not Celestia's Stance.

Celestia believe that the only way to "save" this world is to "Purify" it, strip it back down to a past where even electricity is shunned and perhaps build it back up with a different, energy source.


Dual Monarchy of Ice
Queen Twilight Sparkle and King Ice Hail

It is well known that some years ago Queen Twilight formed an alience with the Windigos, though not much has been seen of her since. While there were some photos and interviews, noting seemed to have changed... but now all information has stopped. Why did the Dual Monarchy suddenly seal itself off... is there more to this story...


Shattered Queen of the Shattered Lands

Queen Luna of the Shadowlands

Long ago, during the dreded Nightmare wars, many contengency plans were made by both sides... unfortunately, Luna, or rather Nightmare Moon, made more... extensive... plans, and to this day, Luna is working to clean up her mess, despiteowning the most powerful super-computer in the world, Artemis, Luna rarely has time for politics and keeps her matters close to home, Prefering to send her Warlock or other agents to handle foreign troubles.


Warlock and Lapdog,
Midnight Sparkle
((NOTE: This is a KEY NPC so is likely to be part of the main party at some point))

Raised by parents who kept has as a tropy ih a world cruel enough to not even give her a brother, this version of Twilight Sparkle ended up in this universe under the now calmer tutaledge of Luna where she has flourished - mastering magic that even Luna and Celestia are incapable off, making her numbet 7 of the top 10 most pwoerful incarnations of Twilight



Rainbow Dash

The richest and laziest pony in the world, owner of "that too d*** big airship!" aka "The Prismatic" (Largest in the world, and one dash was too lazy to name so her assistant name it...) the redound racer Rainbow Dash, whofirst dominated the organic racing scene then, following an accident that cost her wings, now dominates the Lay Racing scene as well in both airbike racing and augmented racing. Unfortunately she has been fading out of the racing scene over the last few weeks, not even giving interviews... something must be troubling her...


Last of the Fallen Gods,
"Scratch" Star
((NOTE: This is a KEY NPC, so is likely yo be a part of the main party at some point))

The most dangerous filly on the planet, but also the one with the largest heart - Having been raised by RAD (see below) and Nova Starcrusher (See Below) This filly has spent half a centuty roaming the multiverse and it shows. The lone survivor of theamazing (and terrifying) technology of the Fallen while also having ties with Storm Foundation, Dadelus Industries, and Immense magical powers, she has sadly lost sight ofnot just herself but her world, caring only about finding her "Co" - a word so heavy few could ever lift it. She is accompanied by her Ride Armor and companion Arthur Steelhoof


Empathic weapon and friend
Arthur Steelhoof
((NOTE: This is a KEY NPC so is likely to be a part of the main party at some point))

A large pony-shaped mechanical ride-armor that has been upgraded to modern standards, Arthur can control both his armor form as well as a smaller normal-sized robotic body. (The body being a yellow earthpony with brown mane/tail/goatee and glowing blue clockwork for his cutiemark) His original body is large enough to comfortably hold 1 soldier for deployment in the field (along with repair kits and supplies) or to hold two uncomfortably close. Inside are three rooms - the command center with the control harness, the bathroom, and the communal living/sleeping/work area.


Head of the Darklands Army and Tabloid Joke

Commander Dark Star
((NOTE: "Posthumous" character --- might show up at the end for the "credits party" otherwise is just here for background info))

The true last of the Fallen Gods and current head of the darklands military, Dark Star was the former mate of Midnight Sparkle, but following an incident prior to her last mission, Midnight has apparently cut off all personal relations. Dark Star has commanded the military for over 2000 years and holds the record for 'monst years without dying!' which is currently 419 "I WAS SO F***ING CLOSE!!!" 

Note: Darkstar is infamous for being a mare but so very many tabloid photos make it "obvious" that she's really a stallion... how much is poor lighting and comments taken out of context is... highly debated...


Rad; Rainbow Alchemist Dash
((NOTE: "Posthumous" Character --- might show up at the end for the "credits party" otherwise is just here for background --- this character is a special exception as you CAN bring her back, but as she's the "Hero" that kinda ends the thread... but it is an option!))

Through a series of bizarre events, a rainbow dash found herself slippin through worlds. On one of these she learned a bizarre power called "Alchemy" which does not seem to have anything to do with mixing potions. While few have heard of her among with litany of other ponies that came through, she is famous in laytech circles for having found a new method of refining lay that os over 50-times more efficient! Unfortunately after her last mission (which also involved Midnight) she has not been seen sense. 


Other characters of note:
-Mimic: Storm Operative (Changeling)
-Orchid: Model, Spy for Luna, and Mid's Best friend.
-S.P.I.K.E.: Most advanced AI on the plannet, first to be officially granted a race of "Synthetic Lifeform" 
-Deadeye - Mid's adopted brother, #7 on the darklands list of top Assassins
-Dane Jorkenson - Rad's Mate their very SOULS entwined... he swears to sleep untill Rad returns...
-Chairmare Applejack: Leader of the Redline, a region that prefers Steam to Lay but does not discriminate.

-Belle: A famous anti-celestia Diva with multiple certified gold albums and rumors of 2 that may go platinum! 

-Rarity: CEO and head engineer of "Gem Robotics: When only the best sill do!" famously innovated the triple-reverse-axel joint for Rianbow Dash's racing wings.



Organizations/areas of Note:


The Sunlands
These are the arctic lands held by Celestia (and one portion held by Twilight) where ALL tech is banned. This not only includes the sci-fi Laytech but also electricity! If its not magic or pony-powered its not here! This includes prosthesis and artificial organs... more than a few suffer or die thanks to the non-negociable law banning all technology.


Creators of the first Lay and, subsequently the first company with their hoof in the door creating new technologies! Though given some of its "Products" like its "Enforcer" line of security guards, one has to question what their ultimate motive is... they also seem to be connected to something called "Project LEAP" and all these new ponies ended up in this dimension...


Daedelus Industries (DI)

Another major producer of Laytech, DI tends to focus more on the consumer space rather than the military... though this was not always the case and they once had their hooves in ALL the pies and some of their past projects may come back to bite them in the flank......


The Darklands
During the nightmare wars, NMM invaded and corrupted this island, the land is in perpetual twilight and the sea around it is less water and more an angry monster, consuming the souls of any that so much as touch it, even a single brush of a single strand of hair is enough for the sea to corrupt you and drown you...

From this drowning emerges the Cimerians  - bat ponies who can further steal more souls to use as 'get out of death free' cards --- pay 1 soul and you wash up on the shore of the island, good as new (after a week of constantly drowning in the sea). Pay 5 and your body instantly regenerates. These ponies tend to look a LOT "rougher" than normal ponies as they no longer feel pain so often have extensive modifications (It should be noted that any upgrades though are only available in the darklands (and at a high price) as the cimerians are infused with DARK lay --- however there are "special" upgrades that are un-noticeable if extremely dangerous given the volatility of Lay and Dark Lay mixing)

In recent times, Luna has been working to slowly cure the populus of their dark powers, though this is a very slow process that she can only perform a couple times a day... and a radical group from the darklands is working to subvert her every way.


The Cerberus Collective
A group of Cimerians who do not wish to relinquish the gifts of NMM and are often seen in other locations 'raiding' them for souls (or other materials) they are also Luna's primary antagonists; waging a literal civil war for control of the darklands


Storm Forge Enforcers
Somewhere between Private Military Corperation (PMC) and Mall Cop. These ponies have been so extensively upgraded they have little to no free will left and are often armed to the teeth. Storm uses these both as his own personal guards as well as leasing them out. If one digs enough, they find the paper trail that these were once the revered Wonderbolts.... but whatever was there is gone now... they are the law.


Rust Town, Formerly AAAAAAAAploosa
A medium sized town in the redline, it is only of note because the Warlock Midnight Sparkle has a lair here, as well as it being the current home of the Prismatic.


Major Plot Points:
-Why are YOU here???
Why YOU? were you picked specifically? was it random? What brought you here and for what purpose?

-Lay is running out.
The magical power source for all the super-tech is running out! The best estimate gives 10 years... worst 2... in the meantime you have to find a solution... Rad was close, maybe you can reverse-engineer it, or maybe you can find a different option...

-This is a Hub World!
Not everyone gets to this point, but if you indebt yourself to a certain god (or do numerous other stupid things) you can end up shunted off to another world temporarily! As of now, there's a pirate world, a starfaring world, a vampire world, and a zombie appocalypse you could end up in!

-Find and save X!
Depending on where you land in this world, you could be given a quest to find somepony! This will always tie into the main story and usually involve a KEY NPC



Other Plot Points:
DI Enforcers! Hellhounds! Demons! Vampires! Ghosts! Cyborgs! Lots of Variants of ponies you know! (There's a demon AJ even!)

Feel Free to ask questions, but realize I will often either give way too little info or way too much so be warned!



(Post if Interested in Joining)









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