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Noonherb [ready]


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(takes place in an AU where nightmare moon rules)

roleplay type: slice of life, sometimes adventure

species: Changeling

gender. Changeling 

physique: slim, tall (regural pony tall)

age: mare

eye color: pastel yellow

unique traits: Healing,sensing thing that are off

Job: Doctor (used to be a medic changeling)

disguises as: a pastel blue pegasus with pink mane

cutiemark: A grey plus sign with purple bubbles near it

She is a kind and introverted pony, works at the canterlot hospital and mostly heals fillies. She is friends with my other ocs Ohm and Moonspark. She can be too protecve of them sometimes whenever they're near any rival and Nightmare Moon. She can also sense if somethings off due to changeling intincts. 


history: She started life as a medic changeling, sometimes taking care of nymphs. She had conversations with chrysalis and the other queens about the problems of the nursery and medicine. Considered as one of the best medics, she gets assigned to a mission to infiltrate the dragons with an army that general Cor leads( dragons took over the badlands in this au). But during the misson, the army gets seperated, forcing her to escape from the war scene to return to the hive which she fails to find due to the extreme ash leaking from the volcanos. She lands on Moondelphia (fillydelphia in this AU) She disguises herself as a pony, more specifically a pastel blue pegasus. She made her name Noonherb due to acccidently misspelling "moon" as "noon" and adding herb due to her old job. She finds a medicine school and starts studying, telling herself that she will return to the hive after this. After two years she graudates as a doctor and tries to return back without getting noticed. She arrives to canterlot by train and meets Nightmare moon (cause she wanted to see how noonherb knew about noon). After that she starts working in canterlor due to nightmare moon's order, still telling herself that she will return. She meets Ohm the janitor and Moonspark who lives in manehattan. She becomes very close friens with Moonspark and becomes roommates with her (so they can pay the rent together). 


Summary: Changleling disguised as a doctor.




reveals her disguise near Ohm while fighting glass ponies


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Looks like you've got an interesting start to this character.  Usually with World of Equestria OC's, we like to have fairly detailed profiles, so we're able to tell what kind of RP's each character would fit well in (slice of life vs. Adventure vs. shipping, things like that).  To that end, we have a standard form here: 

Basically, we like to have at least a paragraph of a character's history and personality each.


Incidentally, about gender; is Noonherb gender-fluid (implied by labeling it changeling) or considers herself female, given the pronouns used?  It's fine either way, it just helps if we know :)

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  • Noonherb changed the title to Noonherb [ready]

OK... It's got good enough detail, but if this is an AU character, it technically belongs in this forum: https://www.canterlot.com/forum/443-the-multiverse/


World of Equestria is our "Extended Canon" setting for g4; would you like to adapt your character to that, or would you rather I move this over to the AU section?

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No problem, happy to help.  AU characters also don't need mod approval, either, so you can just put your characters in the OOC section for reference, and use the threads to discuss RP ideas with others.

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