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Mars [Ready]


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Name: Mars

Sex: Male

Age: Teenage

Species: Diamond Dog (American Dingo)

Eye Colour: Baby Blue

Fur: Snowy White with Dark Red (#8B0000) freckles across the bridge of his muzzle and around his hind end.

Hair/Tail: A medium length mop of Bright Red hair, and a slightly curled tail with the same Dark Red (#8B0000) as his freckles at the tip. The pads on both his upper and lower paws are a Light Pink (#FCBFD7) in colouration, as is his nose.

Physique: Above average height, with a slender but toned build and rather sizable forepaws.

Residence: Saddleveil Plains, between Fillydelphia and Baltimare

Occupation: Farmdog (Missing Prince)


Unique Traits:
Ruff Rider: Growing up on a farm means a lot of hard work and exercise day in and day out. Mars is no stranger to hard work, which has left the diamond dog with a good deal of strength and stamina.


Whistle While You Work: Long hours of manual labor still leaves the mind free to wander, and Mars picked up whistling both as a signaling method and to imitate birdsong.


Somebody Up There Likes Me: Either via auspicious birth or an unknown blessing, Mars is incredibly lucky. Somehow, someway, the diamond dog always manages to come out on top. Be it by his own luck alone or the fortunate timing of others being in the right place at the right time.


History: Dimondia, an on again off again prosperous kingdom. Ruled for a time by King Augustus and his wife Queen Gracie, the diamond dog kingdom faced several years of good fortune and peace. Though has often been the case for the land, this did not last forever. Not long after the birth of their son, Prince Mars, Dimondia was besat by invasion. A tribe of diamond dogs had banded together, comprised of those cast out for crimes against the kingdom, those who coveted the land's prosperity, and those who simply craved violence. At dawn's light the pillaged and plundered through the city, as had happened to many times before, keen on deposing the reigning royals...or worse. However, unlike their predecessors before them, the King and Queen were prepared.


Knowing that much of the ire that the tribe had was directed at them, misguided or not, with the help of their servants, the King and Queen fled out into the wilds long before first light. Safety for their subjects was practically guaranteed as soon as the mobs found that the rulers weren't there, but life on the run was hardly a life for a pup newly born and only heavens would know when the hunt for them would end. And so with a heavy heart, the King and Queen began the search for someone to take care of their dear Mars for them. Eventually the two ran into a kind pony couple off in the Saddleveil Plains, Muddy Waters and Barley Moon, agreed to take Mars in and care for the pup. The King and Queen expressed their undying gratitude and their hopes of returning someday, but only fate knows when that may be. With a tearful goodbye to their infant son, Augustus and Gracie departed, fleeing to parts unknown.


While both Muddy and Barley were understandably confused about the situation, the unicorns were more than happy to take care of the poor unfortunate pup, raising the child like he was their own... Which did of course prove a bit challenging, given the dog's lack of magic growing up, but in time it became clear that while he lacked traditional magic, the boy was certainly strong! As he grew, Mars proved to be both a hard worker and caring son, and when the couple's own son, Sugarcane was finally born, a loving brother as well. Growing up the two were practically inseparable, learning and getting into mischief with one another in equal measure. Were it not for the obvious differences, none would've ever guessed they weren't blood.


Those differences though did bring questions to Mars' mind. Who he was, here he came from. He was a smart dog and knew his ma and pa weren't his kin by blood, but they were parents none the less. Without much knowledge to go on other than a description from Muddy and Barley, Mars has taken to traveling further and further both in search of his birth parents, but also to learn of the wider world around him. And if he makes some friends along the way? All the better!


Character Summary: A young, hardworking, and inquisitive young diamond dog blessed by both strength and extraordinary good luck. Raised on a farm with his adoptive parents Muddy Waters and Barley Moon, and his adoptive brother Sugarcane. Unbeknownst to him and his adoptive parents, Mars is the son of King Augustus and Queen Gracie, and thus Prince of Dimondia. In spite of not knowing more than what his parents look like from descriptions from his adoptive parents, Mars has sat out to try and find them and also learn more about the world while he's at it.

Text Colour: Dark Red (#8B0000)


Poison Joke Reaction: TBD

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