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Sun, Sand, and all that Jazz (ATN: StrongCopper, Open)


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~~~Jazz Hooves~~~




Ahh, it was the weekend. And for Jazz, that meant it was beach time! Sure, this late in the season the water was too cold to do any swimming, but that wasn't too much of her thing anything. She enjoyed it, but she much preferred sunbathing in the sand, and there was still plenty of sunshine for her to be able to do just that. Of course she loved working at Mane Melody, and she loved listening and helping her customers with anything they might want to talk about. The weekend though gave her a little bit of time to relax. 


As it was, she could feel the warm sand shift under her hooves as she moved along the shoreline. She had just been here a few nights earlier for the little spookfest that they had to represent an ancient holiday. The festival that was on the beach was fun and she met a couple of interesting ponies along the way. She wondered if she would run into any of them today as well. With it being the middle of the day, she doubted that she would see Lady Erget today. Her talks of trying to put together a nightclub here on the coast likely meant that she wasn't really a daytime pony. There was also the other earth pony that could sing in multiple tones at once. At the moment, it seemed that the beach was rather empty, but it was only around noon, so it wasn't that much of a surprise. She found a nice calm spot and unfolded her towel and then laid back and put her blinders on to keep the sun out of her eyes while she relaxed. She could feel the warmth of the sun on and the crashing waves creating a soothing symphony of sounds against her ears. 

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