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  1. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer shook her heard when Cloudy asked her if she's had to go back in after getting her wing stuck. "It did require some stitches but it didn't aggravate anything or cause the injury that they had just repaired to relapse. I'm not sure I would have been able to handle that news again. To finally get the chance to live my dreams only to be told that everything that has been fixed had been undone. At the he very least I knew it was no where near that bad once the adrenaline left and everything calmed down," she said as she watched Cloudy test her claim. She heard her yelp as the door took off a feather. She then said she understood why she was scared of them. "I wouldn't say scared, just wary and extra careful around them," she smile. "And I one hundred percent agree. Most of the creatures that get the fish dishes anymore are griffons anyway. I just tried it once because I wanted a bit of the authentic culture. Not something I plan on doing again. The Hurricane Salad isn't even the best thing that they have on the menu though. It's their strawberry silk pie! That thing is an explosion of delicious," she giggled as they made their way towards the restaurant, following the smells.
  2. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~Morning Dew~~~Water Wing~~~ Water Wing would not with Nor'easter's assessment. It was definitely possible that they could get more to help them with the project. "Then I believe that and making sure the city's plumbing is up to snuff should be our first priority. If Windy's confident that we can help then I say we give it a shot once we get things settled here," he says as he heard Scarlett mentioning going to support one of the colts that she foalsits for. She said that his exam race was today, and Sky seemed up for the idea as well. "Well any plans I did have today were kinda out on hold the moment Windy showed up, but that sounds like a wonderful idea," he said. Morning Dew nodded as well. "I wonder if he was only of the colts that was in my class this morning. We were going of wing care and in flight safety procedures and hope to reduce you chance of a major injury in a crash," she said looking back to Windy herself. "It's probably one of the most important lessons we reach anymore. It's definitely one of my most important lessons." Wind herself looked the idea as well. "Sure! Let's go cheer this colt on, and maybe when the race is over we can put on a small impromptu show for the racers and their families. I bet everypony will love that!" she said smiling feeling the idea. They could always revisit the topics of Las Pegasus later. It's not like they're weren't gonna be staying for a few days. "Oh hey Sky! I just got an idea! What if we tried to put together a performance for the Best Young Flier competition next year? Not as competitors but an exhibition show? Being up here in Cloudsdale, there's almost endless space. I'm sure we could come up with something amazing for it," she smiled happily.
  3. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind didn't need to hear Cloudy to get an idea of her reaction. The look on her face was good enough. Although that wasn't why she did things like this. She did it because it was the right thing to do. There were many ponies it there that needed bits a lot more than she did, and she was more than willing to give them to those ponies. When she heard her ask about the name of the restaurant, she smiled. "The restaurant it's called Spirito di Pegatropolis. In honor of the ancient land that preceded Cloudsdale. Almost everything that they serve is done in the ancient method and is absolutely delicious. They even have a few fish platters from when they started including fish in their diet because of the food shortage caused by the windegoes. Not my thing personally, i think fish has a weird aftertaste... But if the ancient Pegasi did it I figured I'd try it once. I can also see how others would enjoy it, but it's just not my thing. I'll stick with those delicious Hurricane Salads any day," she said with a smile. When Cloudy commented on the door, saying that she'd probably figured it out the hard way without the warning and thanks her for it. She also said that she would have figured that most of the cloud district up here would have architecture that was more pegasi-friendly. "That is definitely a hard lesson to learn. I learned it myself right after I finished recovering from my last surgery. It got very stick when a pony wasn't paying attention tried blowing through the door. It wasn't the worst pain I had been in, but it was still quite painful. Thankfully it didn't do any lasting damage," she smiled as she lead Cloudy inside and they made their way to the restaurant.
  4. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded at Cloudy when she expressed her disbelief about Windy being a shut it. She talked about how wonderful she was and wondered how ponies could just not adore her. "I wasn't always this skilled. When I was a filly I could barely fly, and young ponies can be cruel so I just stayed home when I wasn't in school," she told her. Nevermind the fancy fact that the drop in skill was from a physical hindrance at the time, but that was then. Windy was most definitely not a shut in now. With everything that she did and all the ponies that looked up to her, she couldn't be. She did know that she would likely become unable to perform shows within the next couple months once again, but this time it was for much happier reasons. Cloudy then sounded quite surprised when Windy said that she could get them VIP seats for the match. Saying that it was no surprise that she had the connections that she did but that she would use them for her or go as far out of the way for her as she did. "Bah, this isn't out of the way. This is fun! I enjoy meeting new ponies as much as the next pony does. That's the entire reason why we perform. To make other ponies smile, and if we can do that both on and off the stage... Then that makes things even more fun for everyone involved. Besides, who doesn't like making new friends!" She said before a pony approached them from behind. "Hey Windy!" The voice said as another dark blue pegasus approached. Her main was just as bit lighter than her coat and when she caught up with them her cutie mark would become visible. A wing with the crackle of electricity around it. "Sorry for interrupting. I won't be long. Ice Storm just wanted to make absolutely sure that you were okay with your proceeds going to the medical center. She would have asked you herself but you had already left, and well she's a unicorn. Kinda hard for her to get up here without help." "Absolutely. It's not as much as I usually donate I know, but I'm sure they have a few patients that could use a few happy endings. We'll be fine until tomorrow night. We just made a guest appearance for the singer tonight to give hey more of an audience and get her name out, all I'm perfectly okay with giving this to the hospital. When you get there tell them more is likely coming tomorrow," Wind Dancer smiled as the other unicorn nodded and then went back down to the Fire and Ice. "Sorry about that. I think lunch sounds good," she said holding the door open for Cloudy, doing so actually reminded her of something from earlier. "Oh, while I'm remembering it. Please do be careful in these rotating doors. They are not friends of Pegasi and it's very easy and very painful to get your wing stuck in one. No surprise that just used a basic sliding door here," she said with a smile.
  5. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe listened as Rose told everyone what hey plan was and it involved pulling the Hydra to sleep. Similar to her meeting but perhaps more likely to work because it was magic, and it definitely did a number to Copper. The unicorn was then able to correct himself before acknowledging that they at least had plans and contingencies. Apparently that was more than most ponies embark on these kinds of adventures with. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at that. Surely they had some sorry of plan as to what they were after. Maybe not a feasible plan, but a plan never the less. The unicorn then mentioned staying behind and seeing up a failsafe. That an angry hydra rampaging into Ponyville wouldn't end well for anypony. She could agree on that. Aloe felt her eyes shrink though when she then heard Rose projecting at the rest of the crew to get in the ship and meet her in the deck. Aloe had to use her hoof to rub the inside of her ear to get it to stop ringing. It was hardly the loudest either of them had been, but Aloe was at least prepared those times. She made herself into the deck so that they could get started and awaited further instructions.
  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~Morning Dew~~~Water Wing~~~ Wind Dancer nodded as she heard Nor'Easter tell her that he had lost as many games by committing meepones to the farm land as he had won. She also nodded when she heard Scarlett mention that orchards and the like in Appleloosa were probably the result of earth pony magic. That they must have found a way to enrich the soil with the ground water from the area with a little help from the weather. "You're probably right. I just know that most of the ponies that are trying to farm out in Las Pegasus in the surrounding areas that's not by the reservoir struggle to get enough yield to support themselves. We're able to get some from the locals by the water, but they usually sell out of supply quickly. Still, there's more than enough bits in Las Pegasus for ponies to be well fed," she responded. "There's being well fed and there's being properly fed." Morning Dew started. "Just because they can get their fruits and vegetables from neighboring areas, doesn't mean they shouldn't at least invest a little bit into their own Agricultural Department. As you said, Appleloosa doesn't get much more rain that you do, and they have a whole orchid and enough farmland to make sure everypony is getting what they need, and they have a much smaller budget that Las Pegasus does. Sounds to me they need to appropriate more funds to something other than making sure ponies have fun. Doesn't matter how much fun they have if they can't eat." "Well we aren't that bad off. We still get all the right stuff it just mostly comes by train. Most of the farming towns around the area are only a few hours away by train. So that makes things easier. It's not like the lettuce is coming all the way from Manehatten on the other side of Equestria. That would probably be spoiled before it even got close to the market shelves," Wind Replied. At that point Water Wing looked to Nor'Easter. "Hey, when we get there, we should pitch the idea of the Aquaculture Project to them. It sounds like they could benefit from it a lot more than Cloudsdale can. Especially if they have a limited supply of water we could set it up to reuse the water that it has. Between the both of us it shouldn't be that hard to lay the piping groundwork for it, and they would benefit for ages to come." Wind Dancer did like that idea. She also liked that her parents were already trying to think of ways of improving the city. She knew at least two of the council members had level heads on them, but she wasn't so sure about the others. Jackpot seemed pretty decent, but he also seemed like he might have ulterior motive for things. Then there were the Flim Flam brothers who didn't want to approve anything unless they personally could profit off of it. Every since they got Goldenshoe's Casino from him they've been nothing but a pain in the side. "I think most of the council should be behind a plan like that. Especially if they don't have to do a lot of funding for it. We just have to make sure that the two troublemakers on the council don't try to swindle it so that they can make a bit off of it at the cost of pretty much everypony else." When Sky then asked what she was wanting to do for the rest of the day now that they had the rest of the day themselves, she had to give pause. "Well gosh, it's been so long since I've been home I've kinda forgotten what there is to do here. Whatever we do though, I think we should do it as a family. Momma, Pappa what would you both like to do?"
  7. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Windy smiled a bit as she stopped. She heard Cloudy start talking about the jousting matches. She mentioned that she and her friends used to play jousting all the time, but they never were able to get their home on anything heavier than cumulonimbus though. "That sounds like a blast! Believe it or not, I used to be quite the shut in, and I didn't get to do a lot of that stuff," she said before turning around to her left. "But I'm sure that would have been fun to play! I know they are fun to watch! I've been to a couple of them. They can get pretty exciting. I believe there should be one in a couple hours. If you'd like we can swing by the restaurant in the hurricane palace and then make our way to the Colosseum to catch the matches. I can even get us VIP seats right next to the ring," Wind said with a smile.
  8. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice felt Myth grab onto her main and she was following without any real need for direction. She listened as Raven said that she might be interesting in the control rooms and the training rooms. She also briefly thought about the library as a point of interest before remembering Myth's condition. Althought she did know that Equestrian officials had a habit of encoding magical messages into documents. Taking Myth to the library when she has her magic sight available to her could provide them with insight that they might not have had otherwise. She also mentioned the hanger. The hanger would be a good place to take her. "Well, the hanger is where we were building the pinnacle flagship of STAR, and what will become the Flagship of Equestria. She actually should be back from her testing mission within the next few hours so we'll have to go there anyway to get a report and make sure nothing was damaged from it's testing. The library is actually a better idea than you think, but it would need to wait until Myth Recovers. Many ponies like to encode magic onto their documents. So with her we can figure out which ones have been enchanted and what messages these hidden enchantments contain," she said as her stomach gave a very loud growl. The mention of lunch earlier reminded her that it's been a bit since she'd eaten today. She would have to fix that. "That being said, waiting until tomorrow to take care of the rest of the tour otherwise sounds like a great idea. Or at least waiting until Myth has recovered enough to actually be able to take in the tour. Some lunch sounds amazing right now." she smiled with a small blush from her growling stomach.
  9. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded to Cloudy's excitement. "Yeah, I do shows every Sunday night at sundown. Originally the show was just the Mareage's special street-side show with the erupting volcano, but with the addition of the Fire and Ice right here next to it, and the much larger volcano here, we decided to try to spice it up a bit more and we did a performance synchronized with myself and the erupting volcano and it's become one of the biggest shows in Las Pegasus. I go through a series of about 5 different routines so that each week is something different, but still revisiting so that ponies that liked a certain routine can plan on being there for it," Wind finished as she heard Cloudy caution her once again about making sure to take it easy. She was well aware and she heard it from her doctor several times already. Still she appreciated that there were still other ponies in Las Pegasus that would care about such things. It was Wind's turn to blush a bit though when Cloudy started talking about the romantic aspects and how she was sure that the foal couldn't wait to be born to a mama as loving and tender hearted that she was. she perked up again at the mention of the cloud district and asked what kinds of clouds that they used for the construction. "Well, they have a lot of Cloud pillars up there and they tried to model the asthetic after Cloudsdale for the most part with the LP twist that everything else has. I believe everything else is standard Cumulus though. Everything else tends to be a bit too unstable for building. They've tried using stratus and cirrus clouds before, but they dissipated quickly and were usually gone within a week," she said before she asked where the cloud district was. "It's right up this way! Follow me!" When they got up to the Cloud District, it would be exactly as Windy had said. There were still several casinos and attractions on the cloud strip. "Alright, up here is another set of Casinos, the one of note being Hurricane Palace, modeled after the ancient pegasi from the Commander Hurricane Era. It has a lot of the ancient events that they used to do as well, like jousting and gladiatorial competitions. For show of course, no pony is ever actually hurt in these events... Well most of the time. There's always a risk of injury during performances and events like that but they are few and far in between and there are plenty of safety measure in place to try to mitigate some of those. The Races are held at the Las Pegasus Speedway which is right over here," she said leading her towards the track.
  10. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer could see the mares excitement light up when she talked about the cloud district and the races and everything that was there. That would definitely be a stop for them then. What Wind Dancer wasn't prepared for though, was how Cloudy reacted to the news of her being pregnant. She wasn't sure why she wasn't prepared for that, as that had been the general reaction that she had gotten from everypony else that she'd told. She couldn't help but blush a bit from the excitement. "Thank you very much, but that won't be necessary. I'm not far enough along yet to where it's been inhibiting my shows. This was actually a rather tame show of mine because it's indoors. If you want to see a show where I can really go all out, come to the Mareage tomorrow night around 5 pm. My show doesn't start until 7, but trust me, you want to get there early. I've seen ponies waiting in line as early as 3 so they an get a seat right next to the water. I won't be able to push myself like this too much longer though. As you said, I'll have to conserve energy for the little one too," she said with a smile before she realized that she'd forgotten a question in there. "And to answer the other question, no we don't know what it is yet, and we wanna keep it that way. We want it to be a surprise. We'll start thinking of names when it gets closer to time. I do know that right now we have a wedding that we're also planning, but it won't be until after I've had the foal. I don't want to be a living nightmare for the pony that's making my dress and having to redo the waist because I start to bulge," she giggled. "Now, how about that Cloud District?"
  11. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ The unicorn didn't seem to give much of a retort other than to make sure there was as little carnage as possible when magical creatures and settlements meet. To her, all he did was confirm what she had said. He would displace an entire ecosystem if it meant ponies could inhabitize the region. He was at least right about one thing, she would be horrified about the number of times he'd been approached by ponies wanting to kill something out of sport, greed, or paranoia. Compass appeared to be worried that they were going to try to harm the creature as well and wanted to be assured that the hydra would be unharmed. "Mostly unharmed. We are going to have to at least make a laceration of some sort in order to harvest the blood, but nothing that shouldn't heal within a few moments for something as large as it is," She responded as the unicorn asked how they were planning on subduing it to begin with. "Well, I'm not entirely sure what Rosie's got in her bag, but I know she never comes for anything unprepared. I have a few vials that are filled with hyper-concentrated capsaicin, mint extract and Tea Tree Oils to maximize it's stimulating effects. After working with trial amounts of it before for... other purposes, I thought if I used the pure extract instead of a diluted oil, I could make a balm that once it hits the hydra it would over stimulate it, and render in unconscious for a few moments to allow us to collect a sample and be gone before it awakens. I just don't know how much it would actually take to effect the hydra or how long we'd have once it's out," she told the unicorn.
  12. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "I did not get to ride the old one unfortunately. I was still in the process of recovering from many wing surgeries when it shut down and the extra g forces that it puts on a pony could have undone the repairs and caused more damage. Other than my shows I didn't really get to do a lot of fun stuff growing up. But now that I'm filly recovered the Blue Two should be fine. I'm pretty sure I put out more g's than that does," Wind giggled. Then Candy mentioned the amusement park in Bittsburgh and said something about one of the wooden coasters being 100 years old. "Well, we'll have to try it out of were ever in the area. I don't know how Sky would be on a coaster though. I'm sure with that being that old it's had to go through some major repairs as well," she commented. She didn't pay it no thought about her using the pen in her mouth. It was pretty normal for everypony else. She actually didn't even notice until Candy said something about earth pony habits sticking with her. "Hey just about everypony still writes like that at some point," she says with a smile. Wind Dancer then nodded as Candy said that she at least wanted to get the tip. It was her Corn pride. She understood that. All families had quirks like that. She really needed to buckle down and visit hers soon. Sure she told them about Sky in letters but it's different meeting them face to face. She also said that she wanted to drop by hey room to drop off her autograph book before they took off. That she didn't want anything to happen to it while they were out. "Sure thing! Are you staying here at the Mareage?" She asked
  13. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer could see the slight look is disappointment that Sky wouldn't be joining them, but his equipment was expensive. Normally she would help him make sure it got home okay, but there wasn't much for them to bring to this performance. They weren't the headliner, and being indoors meant they could use the amps and sounds systems that the casino had. That gave her more time afterwards for things like this. She could also see that the mare stood in awe of the decor now that she had the chance to take it in. She then started to answer her question about some of the things she liked. Clouds were apparently pretty high on that list. She also couldn't help but giggle when Cloudy motioned to get when she said dancing. "Well, we do have the cloud district of Las Pegasus. All the buildings there are made from clouds, and I know they have a lot of Pegasus races up there. They are one of the betting staples up there," she smiled. "As far as what I like, dancing is pretty up they on the list, but my absolute favorite thing to him Equestria is to just see ponies smile and know that I was able to bring them some happiness, even if said happiness is only temporary. At the very least I can say I made their day just a bit brighter than it was. Unfortunately I'm going to have to put some of that on hold soon for a few months while I go through my second and third trimesters," she said with a smile.
  14. (Sorry, wasn't feeling good for a lot of today. Oh, and Windy's fiancee is actually played by another player, so I can't really respond with him, ) ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind smiled to the mare. "Believe it or not there are a lot of nice ponies that are here. I know the owner of this place and the Mareage next door are two of the most down to earth ponies that I know. Other than my fiance that is," she smiled as the pony introduced herself. When she asked for their names, Windy blushed a bit from forgetting basic courtesy. "Oh, my apologies! I should have mentioned that sooner. My name is Wind Dancer, but most of my friends and family call my Windy. This is Sky Sailing, though he probably won't be able to join us for the tour. He's got to make sure the equipment gets home without getting damaged," she says with a smile as they exchanged his and he went on his way. "So, Cloudy you said? What are some of the things you like? I presume you're here in vacation, so based on that I should be able to get you to ask the parts of Las Pegasus that you'll enjoy. There's a little bit of everything here, but you just have to know where to look," Wind said with a smile. They stepped out of the auditorium and into the lobby floor and immediately you could see the difference in the two sides, one hallway looked like an ice cave and the other a lava tube, both leading into a casino floor. Then you had the main lobby for the hotel and the central point of the casino that looked like a swirling storm of ice and fire. She would wait here before deciding anything else. It was pretty warm outside today so she wanted to enjoy the cool inside just a bit longer.
  15. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~Morning Dew~~~Water Wing~~~ Wind Dancer could only giggle at Sky when he leaned in to lick a drop that she had missed. She gave a soft coo as she felt the lick before nodding as Sky said he should way his vegetables before asking his father about the aquaculture project. Nor'easter commented about there being more immediate uses for water than growing something that they could easily get from the near by surface towns. "They're still fresher than Las Pegasus. They do what they can but the city of in a desert. Not much grows out there food wise. I'm still shocked Appleloosa got their Apple orchard to take in that soil. I'm no farming expert, but they don't get much more rain than we do," she commented before the talk shifted to games. "Oh! We've heard of Carcassponne but haven't had a chance to play it. I heard the real way to win in that game is the farm land. It's all tricky cause you can steal it from others with the right placements," Morning smiled. "And perhaps we can get a full campaign going that the whole family can be a part of. With all the creativity in this family, I'm sure we can cook up something quite entertaining," Water Wing added. At this point he had finished his burger and it was appearing that everypony else had about completed their meal as well. He wouldn't mind starting and chatting a bit longer, so as long as the restaurant didn't their them out for being too lovey dovey.
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