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  1. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded when Sky said to start small and then grow. Like she was thinking, it was going to be much easier to convince the board of Las Pegasus to let them have a one day festival for something that's been untried, than it was to give them an entire weekend in a popular camping destination. If they played their cards right though, they could use the camping to their advantage and offer extended stay packages if they do green light this as a major festival. Still, they would need to start small as like Sky also said, there was no guarantee that they would be able to get ponies here. That there would be some that wouldn't see this as beneficial to their careers or would even see the point in it. She could think of a few ponies that she might be able to get on board though. She'd never personally dealt with them, but they were always rumored to be some of the most down-to-equis warmhearted performers around. She wondered if they could actually get Octavia and Countess Coloratura here. She also couldn't help but think of what they would charge for the show. OF course, it wasn't that Wind herself couldn't personally pay their bills to get them here, but she wasn't sure if that would make her look desperate or not. She was further ecstatic that Sky liked the ideas of the petals. The fact that Cloudsdale made them was actually great news. "That sounds amazing! In fact while we're up there placing the order, we should swing by and see my folks. It's been a while since I've been up that way. It would be nice to see home again and how much it's changed since I left," she said with a smile. "And I think your right. We should start with one day. The one day will be easier to pitch to the council. Then once we've got the backing we need, we can talk about making it a weekend thing, and using the camping grounds to our advantage there. And with a lot of upcoming talent, that's always possible that we could get shown up. But I'd rather it be use that get shown up verses us ruining the confidence of everypony else by thinking they have to match or be better than us. These are all mostly new performers. Confidence is everything!" she said with a smile before setting her pencil down. "I'm ready to get back to work when you are!"
  2. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ It hadn't been too overly long since the destroyer left, but things were already starting to prove to be difficult. The weather here was picking up. It was getting bad even for the Frozen North. Visibility was rapidly decreasing and she didn't want to risk anypony getting separated in this. If they did, there would be almost no way of finding them. As the snow picked up even more, Ice Storm sighed and looked back over her shoulder. "We need to set up camp here until this storm blows by. This is bad even for here!" she yelled so that they could hear her over the winds. With a flash of her magic, stood an igloo around them. There was an opening at the top so that they wouldn't suffocate from utilizing all of the oxygen here and then they could also see when the storm was letting up. With a little bit of magic she arranged some tinder from her pack into the middle of the hut before igniting them with a flint. "Sorry about this, This storm came out of nowhere. I know the weather here is never great, but my weather unit assured me that now would be the calmest time of the year for this. I guess we either misjudged the timing or somepony looked at the data wrong. Or this is just a rogue storm," Ice Storm sighed taking off her helmet. "Normally I wouldn't be worried about something like this, but I'm afraid of the consequences if these crystals fell into the wrong hooves and they knew how to actually use them. I mean, we're talking the same kind of crystals that helped make the spheres in my amulet, and I know at least one of you have seen that power first hoof. Naturally, I don't believe I should be the only one to have such power. If anything, I was hoping to use the crystal as part of Raven's research for the prosthetic horns for unicorns so that it could act as a natural focus point, and would be stronger than most materials that we could make. But after finding out a possible enemy of Equestria is actually living here in the north... I can't risk that mine staying open, and now this weather that's extreme even for here is going to set us behind..." Ice Storm finished with a sigh as she herself sat as far away from the fire as possible. After all, she didn't start the fire for her.
  3. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer couldn't help but smile and blush a bit when she heard Sky say that a sparkling jewel looked best in a plain setting. The compliment didn't go unnoticed and was rewarded with a kiss on his cheek. As he continued, she nodded. It was true that a good show didn't need all the special effects, but for something as big and extravagant as they were planning, they would need some. He had a pony though, they needed to save some tricks for next year. Wait... Did he say next year? When he said again that something like this would be to much fun to do only once, the smile that she was wearing brightened and was even more gleeful. "Yes!!! We should make this an annual thing! Oh gosh that would be so much fun! But every year should be a new routine with the new stuff that we've come up with," she said with enough excitement that she was talking just a bit faster than she could breath. Then she let out a gasp as another thought hit her. "Glowing flower petals!!! That would be so much better than the lake effect itself. Because then the flooring light off of the petals would not only dance on the wind with a downburst, but they works reflect off of the surface of the lake. I know we were just talking about keeping the effects to a minimum, but that will help with just that! They are be a reusable prop because as long as I kept the wind going, I can use them with the water to help ponies visualize the movements of the winds! Of course... The glowing part really depends on one thing we hadn't really decided yet. Do we want our performance to be early in the day or at the end? Usually the headliner of the event is the last even so that they don't unintentionally show up everyone else at the concert or festival by providing an act that's too hard to follow. If we go last, it will be twilight or dusk before we perform. Kinda why I was already thinking of lighting, but if you think we should go earlier in the festival... Also should we make it a whole weekend or just a single day? We can get more artists involved in more days, but that's going to take a lot more finagling to pull off..." Wind finished running the back of her head with a wing.
  4. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer listened to the couple of the ideas that he said with colored lights and reflections. Both of those would work, but would be hard to fill the lake with the light. But a light burst... that could work and that would trigger the reflection on the lake. Although when he asked about whether they were focusing a bit too much on the spectical, Wind Dancer looked to her scripts and then back up. "Well, I mean, a lot of dancing is visual appeal. Especially with the kind of dancing that I do, shaping winds and directing gusts and the like. Although I suppose we should worry about those once we have the rest of the routine planned, though I usually like knowing what the effects are going to be so that I can plan my routine around them," she spoke. "Of course, now that I think about it. Most of my shows are in connection with one of the other events of the casino... This is the first time in a long while that I was building a routine that I didn't have to take in an erupting volcano or a laser light show while I was writing the routine..." she finished.
  5. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ The excitement that was on Wind Dancer's face was slowly fading as she listened to Sky talk and reminded her of one very crucial point that she didn't think of when she first thought of the idea. Ice was a very slippery surface, and even if Miss Storm could freeze the entire lake, the chances of her being able to do so with an icce that was strong enough to support weight would be quite a challenge and could actually endanger ponies. AS much as she loved the idea, "Yeah... I can see your point now that I stopped to think about it, it wouldn't work for a dance floor. However, if she were to make a thin layer of ice across the top of it on that down beat... it would still add the visual effect! And maybe in the following downburst... she could turn it into snow! Plus, that snow would get carried by the wind and we could do so much visually with it!" She was rather set on the idea on something accenting that giant burst of sound on the lake. That part of the routine was just screaming for that to be a major accent point and transition into the next part of the routine. Using ice because it's water was the first thing she thought of, but she began trying to think of other ideas that they could use. "Although, we should probably think of an alternative in case the stories I've heard of Miss Storm's power is a bit... embellished and she can't actually do that. What other options to we have that would work on the surface of the lake? I'm open to suggestions," she said with a smile.
  6. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm had everything figured out and she knew that she had everypony organized in the best way that they would be able to protect each other on this journey. She knew Raven's fighting ability first hoof, and while she might be slowed down a little bit, she knew that fire to protect others, that fire that she showed in the Crystal Empire that day when they sparred. She knew that Harle's weapon would be able to pick off anything at a decent distance. At least of any distance that they could see in this weather. The only unknown that was in the group was Harle's crewmate Magnus. But she had faith in him. After all, if he was part of a pirate crew, he must be able to at least hold his own in a fight and extreme weather. After all, she knew first hoof just how much weather could wreak havoc on a ship from her couple EPIC assignments protecting the Royal Equestrian Navy from a Whitescar invasion during their civil war. As it stood, she gave the destroyer a salute and it flew off. The last thing that she needed was an enemy organization finding out that they were here and using an insurgent to try to find out what they were actually doing. "Alright, let's move out. There are things in this place that we don't want to face once it gets dark," she said despite the north already being considerably dark already from the cloud cover and the snow. "Trust me, it gets even worse than this. The mountains to the north are among the safest place in this desolate wasteland of ice. The sooner we get there, they sooner we are safer. Keep an eye out for what you can, and protect your fellow creature," she said as she started moving forward towards the north.
  7. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "I've seen that here a few times here as well. My own Cutie mark isn't really all that telling in of itself. Honestly it's just a few gusts of wind," she said with a smile as she showed it off a bit. "But who would have thought a few gusts of wind would have lead to something so amazing as all of this!" she smiled as she gestured over the reservoir. "I know that when I first got it, I sure didn't. And then less than a week of getting it... I almost never got off the ground at all..." she said looking a bit down at the thoughts before shaking her head a bit before looking back as Sky continued. "I guess one could say it was the opposite for me than most. I was forced to a very harsh growing up moment, so I didn't have a choice in the matter to look at the world a bit differently than most. And you know what, as much hurt and heartache it caused in the past. I wouldn't trade any of it," she said leaning in to give Sky another kiss. "Cause if I did, I wouldn't have the one thing I care about the most with me," she said with a warm smile. When Sky said that he wanted to start with the remix, Wind Dancer nodded and started getting out more paper to focus on the scripting. Of course, that was if she didn't lose herself in the music... like she was prone to doing in her practice sessions... Sometimes she'd just start getting so relaxed and happy that she'd actually forget that she was supposed to be practicing and just start moving naturally. Of course, that was when she sometimes came up with her best stuff. She listened as Sky started playing once again, and she heard the smooth and soft tempo of the melodic intro. Almost instantly she found herself getting lost in it before shaking her head and smiling as she listened on. She knew that she wanted her dance to be in time with the primary melody. She was struggling to translate what she wanted to do on paper though. Visualizing it was one thing, putting it to paper. That was always the hard part for her. If she couldn't put anything to paper she could forget about being able to teach this stuff at some point. Still, most of the intro was a lot of gentle sweeps to accent the chords and the melody. She wasn't much of an artist, so most of her pony figures were stick ponies, but she soon got to work and if Sky were to look over, he would see and assortment of stick ponies with arrows and directions, as well as different hoofstep diagrams that she'd been using. Although it looked like she was focused on the intro, but she didn't the whole intro scripted as she moved over to there the rave section was and began to draw as fast as she could. Although she had to pause briefly to shake a cramp out of her hoof. She looked over to him and gave a smile, she had to start moving. She couldn't listen to music and stay in one place very long. It was like telling Rainbow Dash there was a race and she had to sit still. It just didn't happen. "Do you think we can start from the top again? I wanna put some of those figures into movements. That and I was getting a bit antsy sitting still... it's a bit of a problem that I have when it comes to music... if you couldn't tell, I kinda have a problem of always having to move with music..." she giggled a bit rubbing the back of her head with her wing. Still, she was ready to go when Sky was and once he would start playing again, she moved into those slow almost ballet-esk type movements, flowing gently from one set of the melody to the other, letting the winds wrap around her as she did. Then the sounds of the strings started to give way, and that similar three stomp progression from the first song came back, but with a few change ups in the routine. After all, she couldn't do the same thing twice... She started off with just some of her wing feathers moving before stomping on the water with the beat, almost like she was trying to get ponies to clap along with her. As more of the electric instrumentation started coming she began to do a bit more in the three beat rhythm. Instead of standing on the water, she let her hooves sink just a bit into the water, using it to accent the movements, every stomp and movement generating a small splash to get caught by her winds and wings. Once again lighting here was going to be crucial. As she could feel the build up to the rave section, she started herself building up the winds for the downburst that would accompany the first bass drop after the first Hello Seaddle. From there, she went airborne, and the downburst with her being so close to the water when she did it, sent quite a bit of mist into the air., and she started doing something that Sky probably hadn't seen her do a lot of to this point. She was using her wings as primary pivot and beat points, rotating in the sky and almost using her wings to seeming bounce on an invisible surface that was a flattened bit of water vapor, using the effect as she would a cloud. Althought she paused for a moment, The music continued but she got a brilliant idea for some of the special effects. and this would definitely let the crowd get much more involved and give them a much larger dance floor for this song. She wanted everypony dancing to this one just as much as she wanted them to be dancing at Fireflies at the end. She wanted everypony to remember this festival and let everypony know that the Las Pegasus Music festival was going forward, never to be missed. Everypony would have so much fun at it, that they would just keep coming, and coming... just the prospect of all of those ponies smiling and having fun made her teary eyed. This was something that could really happen, and they could make it so. But... she shouldn't get too far ahead of herself. She waited for the music to stop, and then she landed next to sky panting a bit. "Hah.... hah... hah... While I was out there on the lake, I got an amazing idea. One that would only work if the board in LP approved the festival, but I was wondering... Ice Storm is an ice mage and from what I've heard from her some of my pony friends around Canterlot, and some of them around here that know her better than I do, a rather potent one at that. I was wondering, if at that third drop of 'Hello Seaddle' We could have her freeze the entire surface in a starburst out from where I hit the surface of the lake with that down burst. Not only would that be an amazing special effect, but that would also make a huge dancing surface for other ponies to get on and be able to dance along with us! Oh wouldn't that be just spectacular!?" she asked excitedly.
  8. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm still didn't trust the pony that was in front of her. However, the simple fact that this pony was snooping around and sneaking into places after hours still didn't sure well with her. He was up to something, and asking about the weather controlling spells all but confirmed it to her. It made what she needed to tell Twilight after the pony left all the more important. When he spoke of making contact, Ice shrugged as he said that the Frozen North didn't have a post office. She rolled her eyes, "Oh no... How ever can an ice pony get to another ice pony in the Frozen North. How ever will we keep in contact?" She asked coating her own armor in ice with a smirk. Just because she didn't trust him didn't mean she couldn't be at least a little bit smug and cheeky. She was still a unicorn after all. "I think I might be able to find find some time while I'm in the area of the Frozen North. Believe it or not, I'm actually up there more often than you think. I pass through it on the way to Whitescar," the finished with a smile as he bid farewell. "Have a safe trip! We'll definitely be seeing each other soon."
  9. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Now that I've seen countless times," she said I'm response to Sky talking about ponies getting famous really young and as a result, they never truly grew up. "That is surprisingly common in the dance and the Showmare industry. A lot of ponies come here to try to strike it big, and while most of them expect to get let down, every once in a while, somepony strikes gold and they don't know how to react to it before they crash and burn," she replied. She them listened as she said that she liked her idea of looking in small towns as he explained that singing careers didn't last forever, and truthfully, neither did dancing. She knew that while everything was great right now, eventually, the injury to her wing was going to take it's toll. Hearing him talk about his recording studio and letting others use it to make their own name made her think. "That's really sweet. Perhaps when I start getting older and things start getting harder to do I could open my own dance studio and teach different dances," she smiled a bit before blushing a small bit herself when he added that it was kinda like becoming a father. She's honestly never thought about that herself, but now that she was with her special somepony, becoming a mother was no longer really an if, but more of a matter of when. She began to wonder if she'd be ready when that day comes. Still, that was a ways off yet. Hey mind was brought back to the current when Sky asked how she usually wrote to the music. If she did it in one continuous motion, or if she did stop and go until something felt right. "Honestly, it's a little bit of both. Some songs it just comes naturally, others take a bit more planning. That first song you played that all felt natural and fun. Honestly I probably don't even need to score that one. That second song will take a bit to get down and the last two I'm doing choreograph for two ponies. So that will be a lot of start and stop. Sometimes it can be about as frustrating as it is fun. You get this idea that should work on paper and everything points to it being possible, but you go to put it to practice and it just doesn't come out right," she said with a smile. "Ultimately, it's up to you today, since you're the one playing the music." "Oh! And actually if we're doing both the saltwater room and the new duet you wrote, that would make five songs for the set. But I'm okay with whatever you wanna do first. I do know that everything works best when I focus on one song at a time, so I which ever one we choose to go with will be there one we go with today," she finished with a smile.
  10. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer somewhere underestimated where Sky was coming from and he admitted that counts had one really famous example of a bad manager, but asked her if she could think of two. Honestly, she couldn't but that was mostly because she never really bothered to look into it. Still, she didn't like the idea of somepony else running her life down to the where and what they were eating. Although if they were a good manager, them she supposed that they would only focus on arranging the shows and would let them decide what to do in between them. "I can see your point to going overseas, but having somepony else telling you, the creator, exactly what you have to do, when you have to do it, and how you have to do it all the way down to what you can eat and where you can and can't go or what you can and can't see... It just sounds that as soon as you sign a contract with a manager, you soon away everything that makes what you're doing fun. I suppose that would depend on the manager that we ended up getting, but I know that most here and LP are only in it for themselves. There are more ponies in this city like Flim and Flam than there are like me, Golden, or Icy... Hmmm, why don't we look in one of the smaller towns and see if there might be anypony there trying to get a break? I think that would already make me feel better about the idea knowing that were also helping somepony new to get into the industry," she suggested. When Sky lit up at the idea of the freeform dance at the end Wind clapped her hooves together excitedly. He noted that also means that no two shows would be exactly the same. "Exactly my thoughts! Plus the fans will remember what shows they actually get to interact with, and that will bring more fans!" She smiled happily as he said that they had everything they needed and could start working on the choreography for the other four songs. "Works for me. I'm ready to dive in if you are."
  11. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind kinda raised an eyebrow when she heard Sky say that he hoped that he could get a manager that was as good and treated ponies the way Golden Bit did. "Why do you need a manager at all? I don't have one and I'm doing just fine. Besides, we have each other that we can bounce ideas off of and see if they work. Golden Bit is an amazing pony, but she's just the casino owner. After seeing the fiasco that happened with Coloratura, I didn't want to risk getting somepony like that that didn't have my best interests at heart. Honestly I don't trust most of them," she told him. She nodded as Sky seemed to zone out a bit looking at the lyrics, and then looked back to her saying that he had an idea for that ending and making sure there was a wall of sound. "Yup! That's kinda what I was envisioning! Something loud, up beat, and happy sounding!" she smiled as he also mentioned using Fireflies as an encore song and she nodded. "Sounds like a good idea to me. Perhaps since it's a festival of sorts, we could bring some of the crowd out to join the dancing for it, or make another instrumental piece that had no choreography and is completely free form for that to follow it!" she added with a smile.
  12. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Actually no. Or at least none that's been brought to my attention. It wouldn't surprise me if somepony has tried, but I don't think many have been that successful at it. Golden Bit's security is really good about stuff like that and she knows exactly what I want out and expect when it comes to my shows. I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to things like that, but it's because I care about everypony else and I want everypony to be happy and see them smile. Seeing my audience happy, is the most important thing in the world to me. I hate seeing crying fillies because they were looking forward to seeing a show only to be told that they couldn't go because it was either full or they were gouging prices," she spoke before taking a deep breath. The topic of Flim and Flam and how they handled things irritated her to no end, but this was not the time and place for her to get upset about that. "Although that is another reason why I only do outside shows anymore. Aside from the fact that it's much harder for me to accidentally break something outside with my winds, I'm also a lot less restricted on space. Which means it's a lot harder to sell out. That also helps with Scalpers because until the fences are actually full, we sell tickets, and unlike other performers, I will push back a performance slightly to make sure everypony is at least in the performance area before starting. I don't want ponies to miss a good part of the performance before they even get into the show," Wind smiled. Then she waited while she let Sky read over her lyrics that she wrote. He told her that he could definitely tell that they were wrote from the heart, and that there was both a lot of pain as well as joy. He told her that he would be honored to put them to music, but he just hoped that he could do them justice. "I know you will! You're an amazing song writer and everything fits so well! I'm just happy that you like them so much. I honestly didn't know if they were any good or not. I started writing this the moment we sang our duet and I knew that what we felt was real and true," she said with a smile before leaning happily against him.
  13. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "The Flim Flam Brothers. They are some of the biggest crooks in Las Pegasus and try to extort every bit they can out of everything, usually to fund another scheme to rid ponies of either jobs or bits. They've tried Swindling Sweet Apple Acres out of business, made fake tonics, and nearly shut down the school of friendship. At it stands now, they unfortunately too over ownership of one of the popular resorts here in LP after it's original owner was ran out of town for being even more crooked than them and actually turning Ponies against each other. The Flams have been wanting me to do shows at their resort every since they took over, but they wanna charge outrageous prices for the tickets. They wanted to charge a minimum of 200 bits a ticket just for the show and another 100 just to shake my hoof. That's rediculous, and does not represent who I am at all. I refuse to charge more than thirty bits for any show. My shows after for everypony, not just the extremely rich," Wind told him after the duet in response to Flim and Flam. She was also quite excited when Sky told her that there would definitely be a lot more some like that in the future and that the word play is kinda what made that song. Though she did have to hold up a hoof a bit when he mentioned a four song set. "Actually, I usually do six, but that's not based off of length more than anything else. My shows should last at least thirty minutes. Otherwise I feel like I haven't lived up to the expectations that I've set for myself," she said softly. When Sky asked about working on something new though, her eyes lit up. "Oh, yes actually!!! I thought I'd try my hoof at writing some lyrics. Hopefully they aren't too bad. I'm not a song writer by any means," she started before handing him a sheet of paper with the words she had scribbled down. Spread My Wings and Fly (Spoken over intro) Hello everypony! I wanted to thank everypony for coming out tonight. Tonight we’re going to do something a little bit different. A very special somepony in my life opened me up to an entire other world of opportunities that we can share and cherish together. And I for one wish to take advantage of those. Has anypony here ever experienced that one moment in your life that something unexpected happens, and leaves you wondering what you’re going to do next? That makes you wonder if you’re ever going to pull out of the hole that it left behind? This Song is for you. Verse: 1 One mistake, is all it takes… To change a life, and raise the stakes A lil soaring through a town, As your life turns upside down, And your hopes and dreams… They all just fade away. Verse: 2 Things look dark, and things look grim. To fall apart, to a broken limb, They all said it could be worse, It could have ended in a hearse. But the hurt and pain, never fades away… Chorus Look up to the sky, where there’s no sun a shining Stormy clouds roll in, without a silver lining. What was once a perfect sea, was no longer meant for me All that’s left is to wonder why, I cannot spread my wings and fly. Small bridge, background tempo and instrumentation pick up. Verse: 3 Just Like that, they say they can’t what’s done is done, That’s all they chant. But you bet your hoof and tail, there’s still wind left to be sailed. and I’m not going down without a fight. Chorus Look up to the sky, where the sun begins to shine Between all those clouds, Streaks of blue crack and line. What is still a perfect sea, Might yet still be meant for me All that’s left is to say it’s time, It’s time to, spread my wings and fly. It’s time to, spread my wings and fly…. It’s time to, spread my wings and fly… Bridge (Transition to Major key) Verse 4 Now it’s Time, To take this flight To claim my wings, to win this fight! Don’t matter how it happened, You friends will keep you laughin’, And the best ones come forth, To save the day. Building chorus: Look up to the Sky, That sun is still a shinin’ No clouds left to see, Those blue skies keep a signin’ In that perfect Sky-blue sea It was always meant for me No more painful nights for me, No more hard core therapy All my fear has set me free, And, now I can stand up and see…. To Look up at the sky, and see that sun burning high Not a cloud so clear, Free blue skies that bits can’t buy That perfect ol’ sky-blue sea It was always mean for me, I can finally say it’s time To Spread my wings and fly! She sat there in silence while she waited for Sky to look them over. "Are they okay?"
  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm looked to Harle and her crew mate before looking back to Raven. Of all of the ones that came with her, she was the one that she was the most worried about. The fact that she loved her was part of it, but that wasn't the primary reason. She knew that at Raven's inner core she was a fire mage and this was a very, very frigid environment. She would have to either use magic near constantly or remain bundled as she was if she were to traverse this wasteland with any success. She also couldn't help but roll her eyes a bit as Harle almost immediately jumped off into a large snowbank. The response from the unicron that came with Harle also unsettled her a bit. Harle herself had proven to be reputable, but she wasn't sure about the rest of her crew. Still, he was in for a rude awakening if he thought this was just a little bit of cold weather. Raven was the only one that seemed to have her mind on point with how serious this situation was. "Alright then, Lets be off. I'll take point because I know where we're going. I can also shield us from most of the wind and make it a little bit easier to traverse the terrain. Raven, you take the rear. Magnus, you're behind me, and Harle you're behind him. I believe this will give us the best chance of survival should we encounter any of the unsavory things that actually manage to live out here," Ice said as she took point and waited for everypony else to line up.
  15. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind thought about what Sky had said, and he was right. Getting a casino to approve of their concert would be one thing. She knew that she could talk Golden Bit into supporting just about anything that she did, but talking the rest of Las Pegasus into something like that for a single performance was probably going to be a bit much. Making that performance an all-day or even a multi-day festival, and something that the entire city could make bits off of, they could definitely approve that. "Yes, a festival for dance and music. I like that a lot. I'll begin working on a pitch for that myself. I know I can get golden on board, it's the rest of LP I'm worried about. Not so much Ice Storm either, but the Flams... I can't trust them as far as I can throw them," she said in agreement. Wind clapped her hooves with a giddy glee when Sky said that they could do the Saltwater Room, and was even more gleeful when he said that he'd been working on another duet. She watched him grab his guitar, saying that this one started off a bit more acoustic, but that could be part of the choreography. That she could take him up to the stage as the other tracks kicked in and made the sound fuller. She nodded when he told her to listen and nodded once again when he told her that her words were in green ink. She listened as the song started, and he was right. The song started out quite acoustic, but just like everything else it sounded really good. It had a decent enough beat that there was a dance score that she could do with it, but the beat itself was simple enough that she felt like she could easily include Sky. She'd never seen him dance before though, so she actually wasn't sure. All of her focus though went to the sheet in front of her though as Sky started singing. She heard him going through the verse. She couldn't help but smirk as she read over some of the lyrics, and she wasn't sure why but the lucky bug line just got her. She could feel herself swaying a bit naturally with the light beat that it held. When she saw what her own first line was though, she could only roll her eyes at the pun and smile. Still, she made sure that she was ready. She didn't want to miss her cue after all, and once it got there, she jumped in. "... I would make like a tree and leave, ... Who knew the other side could be so green? Don't remind me that I'm a chickadee in love with the sky, But that's clearly not a lot to crow about, 'Cause when the stars silhouette me, I'm scared they'll forget me, And flicker out. I taste honey but I haven't seen the hive, Yeah, I didn't look, I didn't even try, But still my heart stops without you 'cause there's something about you, That makes me feel alive. ... I would make like a tree and leave, ... Who knew the other side could be so green? ... I fell in love with you like bees to honey, ... And pour out tears in the sea. ... Oh, I'll always love you too. ... I would make like a tree and leave, ... Who knew the other side could be so green? ... I would make like a tree and leave, ... Who knew the other side could be so green? ... Who knew the other side could be so green?" Wind Dancer herself couldn't stop smiling from the song as all of the lines were actually quite fun and funny. It was clear that Sky had a blast writing it, but there was something even more special about singing it together. She felt Sky give her a kiss, and she turned and gave him one of her own, wrapping her wings around him in the process, much tighter than a pony would have thought possible with a pair of wings. "Yeah... we definitely need to do more of those," she giggled. She wasn't sure honestly what the crowd would think of it, but it was fun, and she could dance and sing at the same time. She'd never seen an inherent rule that said that she couldn't, and all of this just made her want to do even more together. In fact, at this moment she could think of nowhere else she'd rather be. "That was a blast to sing, and with all of those puns... it had to be a blast to write," she giggled.
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