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  1. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm nodded to Myth as she spoke. It was good that she was able to at least somewhat see past what Sombra was, and she apparently wanted to try to get to know him at some point once she was able to get past his magic. She imagined that was going to be an issue for her a bit. She smiled though when she said that she would be good to go to Neighpon with her though. She would just need to come down to the lab and get her when they were ready to go. Feather Blitz said that she was up for the mission as well. "Then the matter is settled," she said before teleporting over to where the console was once more and pushing the button in the far right corner and then three buttons that had numbers on them. She could also be seen scribbling away at a scroll before she lit it up in a blue fire and sent it away. "Officially," Ice said with inflection. "I've never been to Neighpon... Unofficially... I may have done a collection of personel mission there at some point," Ice said in response to Feather's question. Twilight, I send this letter to you with the utmost of urgency. Vice-Admiral Sombra has returned to me with a potential eneme of Equestria and one that he has fought before and one that he considers Dangerous. If Sombra feels that she is a threat then this is something that I do not take lightly. This Mare is apparently an evil sorccerous under the name of Hou Shuren. I have rececived word from some of my contats that she is currently in Saddle Arabia. With your permission I would like to send Sombra there to see what he can figure out and what she might be up to there. It has also been brought to my attention that we have very little information on Hou herself or the artifacts that she has stolen. In this regard, I would like to pursue an avenue of interest. Based on her name, I would presume that she is Neaghponese in nature. With your permission I would like to Seek Council with the Shogun and any other resources that we might have in Neighpon to acquire information on this potential enemy. Ice Storm As soon as she sent that letter away, she started working on another letter. This one to an old friend of hers. On that had trusted her with what she was doing and had enough confidence to back her in secret when she wasn't ready for the rest of Equestria to know what she was doing yet. Luna, I know that you are not acting as princess any more, but I also remember the displeasure that you had shown about retiring. I am sending you this letter as a friend... I need help tracking down a very dangerous mare. One that could be quite deadly if we let it get that far. Sombra has brought this threat to my attention and it has been brought to my attention as well that she is in possession of several powerful magical artifacts, including the Remembrance Stone from the Canterlot Magical Archives. I don't know what this pony is planning but it can't be good. The name of the pony in question is Hou Shuren. STAR is currently organizing a trip both to Saddle Arabia and to Neighpon in search of information for what she is after and what her plans are. We also heard that she is currently in Saddle Arabia from one of my agents but I am unable to confirm if she is still there at this time. I was hoping if you would care to accompany me on this mission. Ice Storm IT was about that time that she got a response from the first letter as she sent that one to the retired princess. She opened it up to see Twilight's Response. Ice Storm, She is not Neighponese, though she has been to Neighpon. Having said that, you are authorized to do as requested. Shuren is potentially very dangerous, so exercise caution. I have EPIC agents on the case as well and will inform you of what they discover. Good luck and Harmony be with you, Princess Twilight Sparkle With that the crystal that was in front of her lit up as she activated it. "Docking... Commander!" "Lieutenant, I need two airships fueled up and ready to go immediately. One of them will be escorting Sombra to Saddle Arabia for a recon mission, and the other will be making way for Neighpon with myself and an insurgent team. I need them ready by fourteen hundred," Ice Storm commented. "Yes ma'am!" The officer saluted. "I suggest that everypony start making their preparations. I know now how far it is from here to Saddle Arabia, but I do know that from here to Neighpon is nearly a week and a half just to get there. We will be gone for quite a bit of time. We will depart as soon as the ships are able to do so," she said.
  2. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice watched as the security did their job. Considering that Myth could see the magic itself working. She actually kinda wondered what something like that would look like for her. To see magic in that way would make things a lot more interesting. She definitely wouldn't want to give up her normal sight for it though Thankfully it didn't seem to bother her to much. She did from a bit at first but seemed to relax as the magic washed over her. The security mare have Icy a nod. "She's good to go commander," she said before turning back to the recruit. "Sergeant, welcome to STAR. It's not everyday a new recruit gets brought in with a high rank. You must have really done something to impress," she said as the doors opened for them to continue, and continue they did.
  3. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm could hear Mythic Speaking to her. Her speech was broken and she could hear the fear in her voice. She was trying to regain control of herself and it was working for the most part, but It sounded like everything had hit her a bit too hard too fast. It wasn't Sombra's fault, and even Mythic Acknowledged that. This entire situation wasn't anypony's fault. It was just an unfortunate incident. When Sombra asked if she could see what he was then, Ice had to think for a second. "I honestly don't know," she said quietly to him. "But it's possible," she said as Feather Blitz seemed to be trying to comfort Myth. Unfortunately, the scare that Myth had to endure was all for naught as she didn't seem to remember anything about the pony in question at this moment. IT was possible that it was a defense tactic, the fear that she felt was overloading her so remembering things like that could be clouded, or she could just simply not know. Ice Storm wasn't going to push it and probe. "If you wish, then you may return to your quarters, but I would like you on this hunt with me Mythic. Your ability to see magic will help us in the field find things that we wouldn't normally see," she said before turning to Feather Blitz as she spoke. Feather said that she'd only heard of her from some of her mother's old work buddies and she long believed that the mare was a myth. That she herself didn't really know much of anything about her. Ice Storm nodded. "Well then, I guess that means that we're going to Neighpon then. I'm going to have to make a few arrangement for us to head out. We'll have to speak with the Royal Family and let them know of our arrival as well as what we are investigating. Hopefully we don't get caught up too much in bureaucracy, but if we do, I have a plan for that," she said with a smile. She did have more than once ace up her sleeve in this instance.
  4. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Twilight's answer on the diet of most ponies and the thought processes of most of them seemed to be about what she expected it to be. It wasn't really illegal to eat fish, but at the same time, most ponies found it a bit immoral. Meat eating at all was a touchy subject for most, but Aloe didn't see any harm in at least trying it. It made Rose quite happy to hear that Twilight would be able to get her in contact with some fisheries though. Aloe nodded as well. "And if you teach me how I could help prepare them for you," she said with a smile to Rose as she popped another tomato into her mouth. When she asked about the school of friendship, Aloe would take a back burner on this one.. "I think I will let Princess Twilight talk about the School of Friendship. It was her that created the School of friendship to begin with," she said with a smile. To be honest, she was kinda interested in the tale itself. She knew the basic just of the school and what it was for, but hearing how everything started would be a great story. A story that she would in fact, very much like to hear. She watched Twilight herself while she awaited an answer.
  5. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer could only sit there and gawk at the pony that she had only just met as she said what she said. She wasn't sure how, but this pony had read her like an open book and knew almost exactly what she was already planning to do... She had to shake her head for a moment before speaking. "Wait... How did you..." she started before looking around the room. She then looked back to Candy Corn. "Am I really making it that obvious... I want it to be a surprise for Sky... but if somepony that just met me can see it coming from a mile away..." she said thinking about it before being relieved that the waiter came over. "I think we'll take the Marescato and I'll also take a Peach Bellini Iced tea for my non-alcoholic drink today," she said with a smile as The stallion turned to her companion. Apparently she'd never had wine before. Well then, she was in for a treat here. The Stallion himself had to do a double take, both at the mention of pop, and... did she just say that she wanted every pasta that they served... surely she'd meant the angel hair... right? "Well, for zee Zoda... Zee got Root Beer, Lemon-lime, Grape, Strawberry, Caramel, and Ginger Ale. Otherwise, zee have Peach Tea, Mango Tea, Raspberry tea, Strawberry Tea, Tea with Lemon, and green tea... And to confirm, you wanted zee angel hair yes? You will not be disappointed with zee portions... We make Itaily proud," he said with a smile before writing down the angel hair and the garlic bread. It was Wind Dancer's turn to order. "I'll have your super ultra sampler with extra lasagna and extra ziti, just how I always like it." "Exxtrra Sauce?" "You got it!" Wind said as he went to put their orders in once he got the drink order from the other mare.
  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Instead of Sky Sailing catching what she was getting ready to put down, she realized what he was doing when he spread his wings. Instead of catching her hooves he was catching her wind that she was making. That was a much better effect, and was also a lot harder to pull off. She sang through her parts of the chorus while manipulating the winds around her. It appeared that the idea that Sky was going for was for her to fly him like a kite in this section... and that would actually be a brilliant idea. But doing it that way, as long as he was riding the winds, she could change their flow and their points of entry around him so that no two shows would be alike. That meant that almost all of the choreography for this song was going to be done almost entirely by feel. She wasn't sure how Sky would feel about being inverted or moving too quickly so she kept the force of her winds down to a gentle sweeping, sending him in twirls and moved the opposite of him as he did. If she pushed him left with her wings, she's go right, if he wend up, she went down, so on and so forth. When the song ended, at the last all the time, she made sure that she pulled the two of them together and she reached out and grabbed onto his hooves with a smile. "I liked that. I think this one will be mostly freelance based on the crowd and the energy around us, as well as what you're comfortable with. That way the show's always different," she told him with a nuzzle and a smile.
  7. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe nodded to Compass when she asked if she could invite another friend of hers if they did the Canterlot venue. That she loved to visit him any time she was in Canterlot. "Sure, I don't have a problem with it," she says with a smile leading them into a room that had one large bath with steam rolling off of it and the jets inside roaring away. It didn't seem like either pony had much to say on ponies leaving Ponyville and not coming back. Though depending on how new they were to this little village they probably haven't experienced that yet. She also wasn't s sure what they felt about the bowling as the subject had appeared to have been dropped. She listened as Rose asked about the flora that she might have found during some of her trips. The answer was one that... Didn't really surprise her honestly. Unless you were a pony like herself or Rose and actually had a reason to use plants, to most that's all they see are plants. Sometimes they might have pretty flowers that smell nice that, but that's about it. However, if she remembered where some of those were, that could help things a bit. "Well then, when we go to the Everfree, we might be able to use some of those. Especially ones that might have some healing properties," she said. "With that in mind, the baths are ready," she smiled.
  8. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm nodded when Sombra said that it could very easily just be the creator that would be counted as the owner of the amulet. Sometimes trying to over think something caused just as many problems as not taking something seriously enough. It would open the door to spend too much time worrying about what ifs rather than getting things done. That was her biggest problem with EPIC and was why she founded STAR to begin with. Still, now that she was an Equestrian Endorsed branch of the military, there were certain ways things had to be done. When she heard him comment on the airships himself and say that he would probably have to have a pilot, seeing as he's never even been on a ship before... she nodded to him. "Of course, these ships are too big to hoof on their own anyway. Though none of them have the aether core in them that I've designed in it. Both of those are actually escorting The Shadow of Ice and I have one more in production to guard her stern. However that might stretch our resources a bit too much. I might have to wait a year or two in order to build the last one I need to create the last one to complete the main STAR fleet. It's still going to be your fastest option," she said before she heard a familiar voice and then stopped dead in her tracks... "Oh no..." she said when she heard Myth's voice. It wasn't that she wasn't glad to see her, but she knew that things would not start off well with her and Sombra... and right on cue.... she heard the shatter of glass. "Easy you two, we don't need a fight or any more of a mess than we have now," she said in reaction to the glass bottle, now standing in between the two of them, mostly so that Sombra's magic wouldn't overload Myth anymore. "Mythic Vision, This is Vice-Admiral Sombra. He's one of STAR's officers," she said turning to Sombra. "Sombra, this is Sergeant Specialist Mythic Vision. She is an Aetheric expert who sees by reading the magic auras around her. Otherwise she is completely blind. Your dark magic is likely giving off an aura that is shaking her to her very core. However I can assure you," she said turning back to Myth. "You have no reason to fear him. What we do have reason to fear, is rogue mage in Equestria that stood hoof to hoof with him in a fight," She started before she heard another voice. This one was was of another recruit that had joined recently and had been doing more field work than anything else. Her name was Specialist Feather Blitz and had an uncanny knack at sabotage. She quickly flew out and then returned with another to clean up the broken glass. When she asked if there was something that she could help with, she responded. "Actually, I could use both of your help. Within the next couple hours I'm going to be getting two of our airships ready to mobilize. On of them will be heading to Saddle Arabia with Vice-Admiral Sombra, and the other one will be going to Neighpon... I myself will be on this mission. I will need a team to accompany me in this. In the mean time. Do either you remember anyone or anything from your time before joining STAR about a sorceress named Hou Shurgan? This is a very dangerous pony and needs to be stopped as soon as possible," she said looking both to Myth and Feather on the hopefully, yet doubtful chance that they had any information on her whereabouts.
  9. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm nodded as Sombra mentioned that he was also an ancient creature by most regards and that he has never made any artifacts like this, so the likely hood that this was made by her seemed unlikely. He also mentioned that it probably wouldn't do her a while lot of good it it just stored her memories. The other two effects though would be devastating in her hooves. "Well, that would depend on what the device considers it's owner. Is it the creature of the artifact, or a pony that possesses it for any length of time? However I see your point. It's highly unlikely that she's the one that made it," she said shuddering when he mentioned dreading to know the permanent implications of such a thing. It was easy to present that unless the hold was broken or re-altered... That would likely be very permanent. Then Sombra mentioned about getting to Saddle Arabia as soon as possible to try to figure out anything that's going on there. He asked hey what the quickest means would be to get there. "Honestly, the quickest way would probably to be to board one of my airships. It can cover more ground in less time without extra stops. I can probably have a ship fueled and ready to go in a couple hours. Probably going to have to get one ready for myself as well for Neighpon. I don't want to use the Battleship for a recon mission. Not to mention she's not due to dock from testing until three days from now, and they'll have their final tests to run to make sure everyone functioned properly. I did get to see it's primary Aether cannons fire... That was a glorious sight..." She said with a smile.
  10. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ It didn't take too long for the two of them to descend. The elevator to the basement moving a lot faster than the elevator that was for the casino. She had it specifically designed that way in case she needed to get to the base quickly in an emergency situation. She could teleport to her office and hit the elevator. As it was, she could see that Myth was barely able to contain her excitement. She looked like she was a filly in a candy store that just got a huge batch of her favorite candy freshly finished. It made Ice Storm happy to see her that excited. She then remembers something. "You'll probably want to put these on before we get down there," she said giving her a pair of sunglasses. "With your Aether Vision, my security check point might blind you otherwise..." she said in warning as the door opened up. The checkpoint wasn't much but there was a lot of magic in the air around it. Several unicorns working in unison with an anti-illusionary shield. "We have this level of security to prevent changlings from other organizations or that are potentially enemies of Equestria from sneaking in disguised. This spell automatically reverts everything back to it's natural form," she said as she moved forward. "Please state your name and rank for our vocal recognition spell," a unicorn spoke. "Commander Ice Storm, Reporting in with a new recruit," she replied. The unicorn looked to another who nodded and opened the door. "Recruit, step forward," the unicorn said giving pause for her to follow the order. "For the record and for Vocal identification registration, please state your full name and your full rank," She told her. At this point Ice Storm leaned over and whispered to Myth. "The name of your full rank is Sergeant Specialist. Say your rank first and then your name. I know they ask for it in reverse but that's also part of their testing," she explained.
  11. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice listened as she and Sombra both began looking through the books that she had on magical artifacts. She didn't find anything under 'R' or 'S' herself about it. She found a couple stones of power that were rumored to hold some power, but nothing that would be considered dangerous. Or at least, not that she would consider dangerous. The other was just a rare kind of rock that was magically infused so that it was super strong. Neither of which were anything that they were looking for. She got an idea and went to the O section which was just a few aisles over. "Obscure... Obscure... Obscure... Aha!" she said levitating the book out of the shelf and then blew it off. "Obscure and potentially powerful amulets and artifacts," she said before briefly looking down at the book and saw Volume II H-P "Oh, oops, not that one, that's Volume II. That one only goes to P," she said as she put that book away and got the one that was next to it out. There were actually more names under the letter 'Q' than she thought there would be. It was more than none, but all of them were neigh unpronounceable to her. What in Tartartus even was a Quigglelaselupeginia and how did they come up with that name? She sifted through the pages until she finally got to R. "Aha! Here we go, The Remembrance Stone... Hmm... there's not a lot here... only about a half a page and then a picture..." she started. "The Remembrance Stone was a powerful artifact which date of creation, and primary purposed was lost with time. It was discovered in an ancient temple by archeologists, but even their dating techniques were not able to pinpoint it's creation date. It is said that this stone has the ability to store the memories of it's own on a near permanent level..." she started with a shudder. "I already don't care for it... I have enough of my own memories I'm trying to forget, let alone have somepony else's on top of that..." she added before continuing. "It is believed that this stone houses other effects that deal with memories as well, such as altering or even implanting memories that never existed to begin with. These effects are hypothesized but are not proven. It's last known location was the Canterlot Royal Archives for Dangerous Artifacts. No further knowledge is available on this artifact..." Ice Storm read aloud. "Hmm... that raises a lot of questions in of itself. What's more concerning... is that every record of Hou that I've seen as being ancient... it's entirely possible she was around when this was made... It's also entirely possible she might be the one that made the stone, and if that's the case, it can be immensely more dangerous in her hooves. This is a major problem and one that we don't have a lot to go off of in trying to fight or solve... What do you think?" she asked Sombra. This was her first time dealing with a potential enemy of this magnitude. It was going to take a lot of strategic planning or there is going to be a lot of needless casualties. There's also always a possibility that no matter what path that they choose to take they could be walking right into a trap... What if she already had the stone and she is already manipulating things from afar? She needed more information, and she needed it now...
  12. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm listened as Sombra corrected her, and thankful that he did. She was a lot less concerned about Canterlot now knowing that there wasn't an evil mage there, at least for the moment. Celestia knew they had enough evil nobility to make up for that, but her and Blueblood were working on that. As it was, she listened. Whitetail Woods... That face them another lead, though if Sombra fought her there before she'd be stupid to go back. Unfortunately it seemed that Sombra only knew slightly more than what she did. Her archives might help a little bit. She followed him up the stairs to where the cases were. When he said that they should divide their efforts. If this creature was a threat to Sombra, was going after her alone really a good idea? Well... He'd fight her once and gotten away, and if Tongue Twister was around her at all that could put him in danger... What Sombra said made sense and Ice nodded. "Then that is what we will do once we're finished here. You go to Saddle Arabia and find Hou if possible, otherwise see if Tongue Twister has any more information. I will lead a team to Neighpon. In the off chance that she is there, I personally would much rather not have to try to fight her on my own," she told him as she stated sifting through the books to try to find mentions of this stone.
  13. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice smiled at the mention of stairs. "Indeed, but stairs are not efficient. I can move ten times the amount of supplies with elevators and cranes than I can with a couple ponies and a set of stairs," she commented. Still, she supposed a set of stairs for ponies that would rather use them would be acceptable. She did have to have at least three stairwells in the casino to be fire code compliant after all. Having one that goes to the base would probably be okay as well. She remained quiet on the matter until they we in the data room, which was a massive library that had a copy of every public record ever created, and a good number of non-public ones that she'd gotten access to from EPIC. In the center of the room, was a console that had several buttons on it. It wasn't fancy but it would cut down time it would take to find what sections they'd need. Not to mention there were already some files out. "The fact that you've already come across her, in Canterlot of all places... Is a problem. Rememberance Stone... Rememberance Stone... I don't remember seeing anything on that one..." She says as she pushed a few of the buttons and then a specifics section of the library glowed in an aquamarine color. "Everything that Equestria has on that artifact would be in that section there. Magical artifacts under R and S." "My records on Hou herself is limited. She is not equestrian, so there's very little records of her. The most I know if her name and that she's from an island around Neighpon... Any information you can provide of her and what she might be after can help me decide how to go after her. Otherwise, a trip to Neighpon might be in order," she told him.
  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "It's actually a security protocol," Ice Storm told Sombra as he commented on the elevator. "Ponies actually can't teleport or use magic to get into the base. It has a protection shield around it. Once inside magic works at normal and it will let magic out, but not in. It's too keep ones from accidently teleporting somewhere they aren't supposed to when they first learn the spell," she said as the elevator dropped. This one much faster than the one that was for the casino. "Now, the name you mention in the letter sounds familiar. Her file had come across my desk a couple of times before while in EPIC, but she hadn't yet done anything to warrant intervention. Since you are here in front of my now seeking her, I presume that this is no longer the case," she told him. "Coincidentally, no sooner did you bring this to my attention, I got this letter from an agent I have in the field in Saddle Arabia... Attn : Black IceFrom : Private Lowest Class Tongue TwisterSubj : Alicorn Level Threat Ho Shuren presently in Saddle Arabia. Do you know why she would be there? Or would this be a rouse to get us off of her trail? Would she even know anyone is looking for her yet?" She asked as the elevator opened up into the base. "Commander on deck!" "At ease, carry on," she replied as they passed through.
  15. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm nodded and followed as Myth recited the Oath of STAR, and further adding a bit of her own loyalty to herself and Raven. She said that she couldn't help herself and Ice smiled. "That's fine, and yes. It did. You are officially a sworn in member of STAR now and all the benefits that come with it," she said with a smile. Ice Storm did have a bit of a raised eyebrow look though when Myth asked almost with shock that she was getting paid. "Well... Yeah... all STAR agents get paid no matter the job. Only some kind of monster would make a pony work out so research on potentially dangerous objects and expect them to do it for free. That said, pay day is on Friday. Now that we have all the paperwork out of the way, we can move on to the tour. Which is a lot more fun," she said with a smile, opening the elevator that lead down into the base.
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