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  1. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind was happy to hear that Sky liked the idea of having the wedding in the park. He added that they would have to be careful though or it would turn into a much bigger wedding than they wanted it to. He also felt like using the park might be monopolizing it a bit. "It would kind of be, but it's not really any different than somepony using a ballroom for a wedding, or when they sell out the entire strip for a show. As far as it turning into a much larger crowd than we want, that's going to happen regardless of where we are. We're both celebrities, and that alone attracts a lot of attention. And the word is already out there," she said leaning in and giving him a kiss on his cheek. "We didn't exactly keep our proposals a secret from the world," she added with a giggled. When he mentioned that he would trust her judgement on Icy, she nodded. "I wouldn't say that I've known her longer really. She's only been in Las Pegasus for a couple years. I am curious to know what she's doing though," she said. She felt another couple of kicks and had to adjust a bit before snuggling into Sky and letting the sunlight wash over her. "That's for another time though. For now, laying here with you is perfect," she added with a smile.
  2. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe wasn't sure what entirely Rose meant by it would catch her, but she went with it. She listened as Rose told her that thyis was the third time that she'd been on a ketch herself. She said that she knew how to steer it because it's the basic model for a sailboat, and she talked about how a past life she only ever had eyes for her Luna's Rose. A part of her wished that she could see the vessel, but considering the words that were used, if she saw it now, it wouldn't be near as magnificent and probably on the bottom of the ocean some where. She also said something about it being called a Queen's Ketch where another changling queen had opened a brothel exchanging love for pleasure. Aloe wanted to say something, but when she thought about it, that was actually a very good idea, and wasn't entirely dissimilar to what she and her sister did for others to relieve stress in their clients when they paid for such services. Granted, they hadn't been doing that here much recently, things considered. "That's actually brilliant. It's similar to what Chrysalis did with that island. She set up a spa resort thing for couples to go. The changelings take care of the guests, and they are fed by the ambient love that is in the air around them. I'm not entirely sure why more hives aren't doing something similar to that. That seems like a much better way to get love and nourishment than trying to fight for it all the time," Aloe said. "That being said, what are the rest of the basics? I'm assuming that I have a lot more to learn because I can handle a kraken," Aloe smiled.
  3. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ No matter how many times it was explained to her, she was always caught off guard when Rose made one of the copy things. She told her what they were called several times as well but she couldn't remember it either. She thought about curriculum, but that was a school thing, not a copy-shapeshifty thing. Mostly is was just the sight of Two Roses next to each other that was a bit weird for her. She was starting to get more and more used to it, but she was always apprehensive about doppelgangers because of what happened when a swarm of Pinkie Pies took over Ponyville. She shuddered at the memory. That was not a fun day. They had so much cotton candy and taffy in their baths that they had to hire experts to come and de-sticky everything. About that time, she heard Rose say something about this being fun, well one of them did, and jumped into the water. There was a green flash before the other Rose said something as she felt the boat rock and pull. She had to steady her grip on the wheel to keep from losing it. When she gathered it, she heard Rose say that many ponies that sailed often mistook a giant squid for a kraken. She advised her that they latter were much bigger. She wasn't to sure that she liked the sound of that, but she did as instructed and tried to follow her. She was going to ask if Rose thought this was safe, before realizing that Rose was the one staging this, and Rose would never do anything to harm her, at least not intentionally, so if she was doing this, it had to have been deemed safe for them to be doing it. "Setting course to follow. But um... what are we supposed to do when we catch it?"
  4. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm listened to all of the suggestions that there were for the possibilities of a base camp. They mentioned of a clearing just past the treeline that would give them a better vantage points of exiting should they need to. They also mentioned a cave. Ice Storm initially liked the idea of the cave, but as she listened to the others speak up, they made some rather good points. Luna seemed to be on the same track as she was as well, speaking up that the cave only having one way in and one way out was both a blessing and a curse. She also noticed that Myth was starting to get more accustomed to the magic in the area and was speaking to Nira, who also gave her piece about the strategies. She added that since the clearing was inside the treeline, the canopy should keep the camp mostly covered, and that they had several ponies here trained in the mystical arts. Creating a base camp that would camouflage with the rest of the forest was well within their means. Raven also seemed to be leaning in favor of the clearing, adding that the clearing would need more watches, but it would be closer to their escpate route as well. "Then it's settled. Let us move forth and set up the base camp in the clearing. I would rather not disturb the land itself too much, so anything we gather should be items that have already fallen. I do not want to harm any of the trees or the wildlife here and give the magic of the land a reason to be angry with us. Let us take only what we need and nothing more. If need be, I can use my ice magic to give us some temporary structures that we can navigate around. Especially if we want this to be something that we can set up and fall back to later if things go array. We can also use it as a bearing point and establish landmarks and positions that can help lead us where we need to be, and then lead us back. And remember, we're in a foreign land here so be extra careful where you step and make sure to pay attention to every detail. We could easily get stuck wandering a forest here ad infinitum, and finally nopony ventures alone. Buddy systems at all times while on the island. And Myth that means an actual buddy, not an illusion," Ice Storm stated, turning to the Okami named Shironui. "Lead the way then. We will follow you to this clearing." ~~~Niradaña~~~ Nira listened to the options that had presented themselves as for the possible locations for the base camp. There was the mention of a cave with a singular entrance, though whether that was true or not was yet to be determined, and they didn't have the right kind of equipment to try to discern that on the fly and caves were naturally dangerous. One small mistake could kill everypony in the group. However, if the cave was sturdy, it would be a good fall back bunker in case something happened. "If I may, Commander. But I would also be leaning in favor of the clearing inside the treeline. With it being past the trees, the canopy overhead will protect us from most airborne threats and will also hamper their ability to spot us. The Imperial Legion would often use caves as well, but they also have a means of reinforcing the cave walls so that there isn't a collapse and ponies who's entire jobs were to navigate and map out the tunnels so we knew exactly where everything was. We don't have those kind of resources in this group, so the cave would be a liability at the moment. However, the cave would be a good fall-back point if something were to happen at the base camp," Nira stated. It was about then that Nira heard Myth speak up once more. She had told her that she was sorry, but was only vaguely aware that she had said something to her. Most probably would have taken that as a jab, but knowing a bit more about her condition now, and what it does, she knew that Myth was sincere. The magic in the lands in Neighpon was abundant and often times, chaotic. Especially when it's apparently on an island that's been housing an evil sorceress that's been feeding on souls for thousands of years. "I was asking to infer if you could see any major imbalances of magic here and if so what direction they were in. That could help guide us where we need to go," Nira repeated with a smile. The wing that Feather put over Myth made her smile widen and grow warmer as well. It was good to see such comradery between crew-mates. Something like this didn't exist in the palace, with the exception of Ishi, she didn't get along with a majority of them. And Ishi was her charge, though it remained to be seen for how much longer. She still cared for him deeply after spending so much time with him, but the desire to do more was taking it's toll on her. That was why she was out here to begin with. When the group would start to move towards the clearing, she would follow.
  5. ~~~Sugar Moonlight~~~ The apprehension was killing Sugar as she awaited Sunny's response. It had only been a couple seconds, but that could seconds felt like eternity as what felt like the weight of the world roll off of her. It would be a long while before she'd felt that she'd made up to Sunny, but hearing Sunny say that she never blamed her helped a lot. Sunny added that they were all raised to believe the lies that Canterlogic was spreading. That statement hit just a little closer to home than she woudl have liked, considering that she herself had played a role in propagating what they later found out as lies. That actually raised a major red flag for her too, almost as if she had just thought of something very important. what was Canterlogic going to do now that they didn't have to make questionable devices that may or may not actually do what they said they would do. If she was being honest, some of the items that might not be a bad thing. After all, the boots that were demonstrated in the event that Sunny crashed seemed like they were fastened to the ground. So yes, a pegasus could snatch you away, but you also couldn't move. She shook her head though. Today wasn't a day for such thoughts. These were important things that would need to be addressed, but today was about making new friends. She wasn't going to sully that by thinking about work at a time like this. When Sunny mentioned the friends that could fly around and float things, Sugar smiled. "I have to be honest here, I am still a teensy bit worried about that. Not from the ponies that you've brought here. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't expecting to find a pegasus with wings as amazing as hers," she said pointing to Pipp's wings. "But those slight fears of the bad ones that could do the things that we are scared about, are lessened by the hope that the ponies that are generous, kind, and friendly will help protect us from the mean ones, should they ever arise," Sugar said before turning to one of the other newcomers. This pony was an Earth Pony, but at the same time Sugar never remembered seeing him before. She heard him introduce himself to Sunny as Allegro. She vaguely recognized the name. Not because she thought that she might have known the pony, but she knew that she had heard that term somewhere before, but couldn't picture where right off the top of her head. He thanked Sunny for inviting him and went on to say that he wanted to check up on everypony cause the manifest at the harbor didn't say anything about a captain about the vessel, so he wanted to make sure everything was okay. Sugar was going to say something in response, before the mention of the lighthouse stopped her dead in her tracks. She shuddered instantly as she remembered the entirety of what had happened just a few days before and how absolutely terrified that Maretime Bay had lost probably the most caring pony in the city. It was Sunny after all, that extended the first hoof of friendship to the other races, and brought them back together. That alone is a testament to how much she cared about everypony. Of course, if Sugar felt this bad from just having watched the lighthouse fall, she knew it had to be a million times worse for Sunny. Not only was that her home, but she was inside of it when it fell. That did bring up something though that Sugar did want to bring up at some point. "The... Lighthouse probably isn't a good thing to bring up right now... Though, while we're on the... touchy subject..." Sugar Started. "If you need a place to stay while the lighthouse is being rebuilt, I have an extra room. It's the least that I can do to help," she said to Sunny, still shuddering a bit from the memories of the other day. It was at that point the Pegasus spoke up and she became fixated on her. She wasn't sure what it was, but there was definitely an alluring appeal to her. Okay, she was lying, she knew exactly what it was. Those wings were so fluffy! She couldn't help but imagine what one of them might feel like wrapped around her. She quickly shook her head though at the though. She thanked them all for coming, and at the risk of saying something that would be completely off or inappropriate, Sugar kept her mouth shut. One thing that she knew though, she was very much hoping to get to know the pegasus mare more. She watched her descend below deck. She wanted to follow her down but wasn't sure if she should yet. She decided to let the mare have a bit of space for now. This was going to be a long boat ride after all, so they'd have plenty of time to talk. She was also interested in the other unicorn that was with them that had been rather silent up to this point. That wasn't a bad thing though. After all, she wasn't exactly super talkative at the moment either, so she couldn't fault her for it. It did kinda feel like everypony was walking on Eggshells though, she started trying to think of a way that she could lighten the mood. Hopefully though somepony else would beat her to that.
  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled and nodded at the idea of finding somepony to tour with. It was true, it would be hard to find ponies that would be touring with a foal around the age of what Glimmer would be when they started, but there were all kinds of possibilities to meet others out there. A pony would never really know what they were getting into until they took that first leap. "I like that idea. Besides, as much as I would love to get out and tour and see Equestria and beyond, Las Pegasus is my home now, and I will always want to make sure that anything special that happens, happens here. In fact, I've been doing a bit of thinking, and... well... I can't really think of any other place for us to have our wedding than right here. Right under this tree where everything began. I think that would just be the perfect cherry on top, and we'll have all of our friends and family here! The moment will be absolutely amazing!" Wind Dancer smiled, noticing the sour mood from the other conversation. "I think she understands this, and I don't think we have much to worry about. She's a really nice pony, and more often than not I've seen her put many of others before herself. Plus anything that's ever happened at her casino she's been personally involved in making things right. From what I've heard from her workers on the few performances I've done there, she refuses to use lawyers for anything and handles everything like that herself. When she's in town to handle them that is. With that in mind, I can see her trying to include as few ponies as possible in things. Besides, if Princess Twilight trusts her, I do to," Wind smiled, wrapping her wing around Sky.
  7. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Wow, this was a lot of information to try to take in at once. Thankfully most of it seemed to be pretty straight forward. Sailing with the wind is always better than sailing into it, thought if that was the general rule that would make getting home trickery. And turning anything to quickly can cause it to roll, and rolling a boat just didn't seem like a good idea. Thankfully the two of them couldn't drown because of Rose's abilities and enchantments. They would just become seaponies and swim back to shore. Though she imagined there were a lot more predators out here than there were in the lakes at home, so it wasn't something that she was eager to do. "Don't turn the boat to fast, and said with the wind. Seems easy enough. That said, any idea where we are heading? Outside of North? I have no idea what's up here so..." Aloe asked before blushing a bit. She wanted to be knowledgeable for her marefriend, but there were some things that she just didn't know.
  8. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Indeed, I'm honestly a little bit worried about that already with Glimmer. There's going to be so many ponies already wanting our attention that I hope that I'll be able to make time for them without making too many other ponies upset. Especially while they are nursing. That's such an important part to a foal's development," Wind stated as Sky brought up being able to be there for the little one. "I also wanna make sure they have an opportunity to make friends and doesn't have to leave them all the time. I don't want Glimmer to grow up alone either. We're gonna have to try to find a balance of sorts," Wind finished. When the conversation shifted to Icy, she gave pause for a moment. "Honestly, I can't say for sure. I do know that Princess Twilight recently announced a new Branch to the armed forces of Equestria and I heard Ice's name dropped in the announcement. I think she might have her hooves in that as well. I definitely don't see her being tied to the mob. I see her being more of a pony that could destroy the mob if she wanted to. As far as what I think she'd do, I'm not sure, but whenever I get close to her, I can feel the magic radiating off of her. Like she's an alicorn trapped in a unicorns body or something."
  9. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind couldn't help but blush a small bit at the praise that she was getting yet again. It did feel kinda good though to be called the coolest pony in Las Pegasus. Though technically she thought that title would belong to Ice Storm. After all, she is almost literally an ice pony. She was pretty sure that mare could go into the Frozen North and be perfectly fine. Shoot she might even be able to control it and make it habitable for other ponies. She also couldn't hello but giggle a bit at Cloudy's excitement as she zipped out of the store with the candles, only to float back in to wait for the clerk to ring it up. "Don't feel bad," she told her with a smile. "It happens with the best of us." The clerk herself was about the call out the pony for leaving, but before she even had a chance to, she was already back inside and standing in front of her. Seeing the pony that she was with, the clerk couldn't blame her for being excited. It wasn't everyday a pony got to spend the day with one of the superstars of Las Pegasus. She wasn't really surprised either. Whole she didn't know Wind Dancer personally, she had friends that did, and she's knew a lot about the mare. One of the few good natured ponies that's left in this city. The clerk too the candies, weighed them and rang everything up. "Looks like the total comes to nine bits," the clerk said with a smile. Wind Dancer smiled and dropped a small bag of bits on the counter. "Here's a hundred. Used what's left over on the next orders until it's empty," she smiled, gently wrapping a wing around her friend. "Now, to the matches!"
  10. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe listened and nodded as the Kelpie explained that she was in fact made out of water, and that she didn't have any kind of allergies that she knew of. That was great! Though the evaporating part didn't sound like it was that much fun, but between the soaks that shouldn't be a problem. Ride seemed to be eyeing get as well. Knowing her, she was probably wanting to get a sample of hey body water to see if it was different and could be used for things. "Well, here at the Ponyville Day Spa, I can personally guarantee that you won't evaporate, and if at any point you feel a bit parched we'd be happy to get you something to drink. That said, I am kinda excited to see how vibrant you glow after our soaks. Usually they are designed to enhance coats, so I have no idea what will happen," Aloe smiled. "Oh... And I'm also not sure if the steam room would be a good idea. The entire point of that room is to well... Make water into stream," Aloe added. "If you'll follow me, we can begin."
  11. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe listened as Rose described the technical workings of the wheel and the rudder. She said something about starboard being right, and port being left. That seemed easy enough to remember. Though she wasn't sure why it wasn't just called right and left. She would have thought that would have been simpler. She supposed it might have been a perspective thing. In reality though, she just confirmed what she said. Turn wheel right, go right. Turn wheel left, go left. It was simple enough. She took hold of the wheel, following the warning that Rose gave her about the wheel being a bit stubborn at times. She couldn't help but smirk and raise an eyebrow when she said that she shouldn't have an issue with that though, being an easy pony. "Are you trying to tell me that I'm stubborn in a non direct way?" She asked poking her tongue out a bit. Truth be told the wheel was quite stiff, but it wasn't that bad. "What's our heading?" She said looking to the sky. The sun was to their left and it was still morning. "It looks like due North?" Aloe asked for confirmation.
  12. It had been a little bit since Rose and Aloe had been anywhere outside of Ponyville. Having a little bundle of joy made it harder to go out and do things, especially with the other eggs that were nest to her now. Thankfully Rose being what she was, had a copy of herself that could watch the little ones while they were out. Of course where they were now, was yet to be determined. Aloe knew that she was on the ocean, but that was about it. Trottingham wasn't landlocked by any means, but the body of water it was on was just a very large lake. She wasn't sure if that counted. Plus this was only the second time she'd actually been on a boat. Though even with the departure of the eggs, she still looked like a mare that was quite full, heading into the third trimester of the foal that was growing inside her as well. That was going to make things interesting as well. The third trimester is notoriously the worst of any part of pregnancy. The boat that they were on was apparently called a Ketch, and it was a two-masted sailboat with three sails. The hull of the ship was a gradient going from sky blue at the top to a dark sea-blue at the keel. When she heard Rose ask what she though, telling her that the ketch didn't have much experience on her, Aloe smiled back. "Well then, that makes two of us. With this adventure the total number of times I have been on a boat has officially been doubled, so... I literally have no idea what I'm doing. But, I know enough that turning the well left makes it go left, and turning right makes it go right," Aloe said with a giggle.
  13. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ That was an interesting take on something like that, and Wind Dancer had never thought of an explosion for the source. She definitely would and to be the rocket or something on the bad side of an explosion like that. She could see the analogy in it. "I suppose that's fair. I just hope that we can continue to make time for our smaller fan bases as well. LP is great, and I wouldn't be where I was without it, but performing in Ponyville really ignited something inside of me. Knowing that we got fans all over, it's not fair to them for me to only stay in one place, and force them to come to us. Once little Glimmer is born and is old enough for travel, we definitely need to start looking at doing a few tours." The next question actually gave Wind Dancer some pause. "It definitely would be like seeing a foal or someone close to you succeeding. Though to answer your other question... I... don't honestly know. I've never heard Golden talk about any of her foals, and I've never really asked. I mean, she'd a good bit older than I am. She was just barely an adult when she helped found Las Pegasus. IT would be odd if she didn't have any foals, although if she doesn't, that might be why she latched onto me so hard..." she said pausing in though. When Sky reminded Windy that this wasn't Icy's first enterprise, she nodded. "Yeah! She actually has one of those stores in her casino! It has the best Ice Cream in town! But I also see what you mean. Like she had bigger goals that she was trying to accomplish rather than running a casino. I'm not sure how much bigger a pony can shoot for, but who knows. She'd definitely a mare I wouldn't want upset with me, that's for sure."
  14. ~~~Sugar Moonlight~~~ This was it! Today was finally found to be her chance. It was going to be Sugar's chance to formally apologise for well, everything. She couldn't apologise for everypony in Maretime for how they treated her, but she could at least take ownership of her own actions. Besides, also having a chance to get to know the ones that Sunny had gone on an adventure with would be a plus, and with Sunny there, she felt surprisingly safe even if she didn't have the wings and horns she had a while ago. She still couldn't believe that and wondered if at someone she had just dreamt everything, but that would mean that she's been asleep for a long time now. She quickly presumed that wasn't the case. She made her way out of her home towards the docks. Sunny had rented a boat for today, and was going to take them around the bay. She has said that anypony was allowed to come, she just hopped that actually meant anypony. The could see the boat now and both Sunny and one of the pegasi she was with was already on board, as well as a unicorn that she didn't recognize. That's wasn't hard though. She doesn't recognize any Unicorns so there was that. She could only recognize the one that was here before because somepony pointed her out. Otherwise, she probably wouldn't recognize her either. Sugar started making her way towards the boat. She watched the pegasi and Sunny take a few pictures with her phone, and just happened to be in earshot then the unicorn introduced herself. "Good morning ladies... My name is Sugar Moonlight. I was hoping to join the lot of you on the boat trip? Try to come out of my shell a bit," she started. "I also wanted to apologise to you Sunny... For how I treated you before... I should have just been true to myself and not worried about what everypony else might think. I hope you can forgive me," she said to Sunny.
  15. Roleplay Type: A New Generation Name: Sugar Moonlight Gender: female Age: Adult mare Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Rose Red Coat: Silvery white Mane/Tail: Peppermint Swirl Physique: Lithe, very, very pretty Residence: Maretime Bay Occupation: Canterlogic Model Cutie Mark: A Red circle with silver moonrays glowing from it. Unique Traits: Sugar Moonlight has a stunning physique that most ponies would die for. She's got stunning eyes, a radiant mane and tail, and a silvery white coat that makes everything glow. She's also a pony that can keep her cool in most situations. She prides herself on being one of the few ponies that didn't run away from Izzy when she came to Maretime Bay. Nevermind the fact that she was already home when she came and didn't have to leave the house again that day, and she heard the screaming and just stayed inside, but hey. History: Sugar Moonlight was born several moons ago right here in Maretime Bay. Her mother was named Starry Moonlight, and her father was Solar Eclipse. Ever since she was little the was always among the brightest, and best looking among the class. She was always well behaved in school for the most part. Unlike that Sunny Starscout. She was always going on about how pegasi and unicorns were friendly. As much as she herself would love to believe that, there were to many ponies that were saying otherwise. The masses can't be wrong right? She would never admit it herself, but she always kinda hoped that Sunny would be right, but as the years went on, Sugar only got more and more confirmation of the opposite as Canterlogic became more and more prominent. She watched as most ponies accepted the way that things were, but Sunny started pressing the peace with Pegasus and unity with Unicorns movent even harder when her father died. Many thought that maybe, as horrible as his untimely death was, that Sunny would snap out of that thought process. Sugar felt bad for her. She'd been misguided so much that she couldn't see anything other than what her father had taught her. She couldn't be held accountable for improper teaching. She tried inviting her over a few times, but at the threat of being ostricised herself, she eventually stopped. Instead, Sugar started working at Canterlogic as a model for some of the new devices. It was decent pay, but the better perk was she got to keep what she was modeling. Some of those things got expensive fast, and not having to pay for one was like getting an extra paycheck. If she was being honest though... Without a unicorn or a Pegasus to test and of the stuff on, there wasn't a definitive answer whether this stuff actually did what was advertised. Still, she believed it had to at least help somewhat. She was also kind of confused as to why a device that was supposed to protect them from unicorns made them look like Unicorns. She just presumed that Phyllis knew what she was doing. All of that went out the window though one day when a unicorn straight up walked right into Maretime Bay. She was already home when she came, but she heard the screaming and saw the panic. Already being safe at home she locked her door and just stayed away from the windows. She heard that the unicorn had been captured, aand then promtly released by Sunny. She wanted to say that she was surprised, but Sunny had spent her entire life trying to bring the races together so it didn't surprise her in the least. Just kind of disappointed her. If it didn't work, Sunny had just gotten herself exiled, and there wasn't any place outside of Maretime Bay that was safe for earth ponies. After that apparently the sheriff had gone after Sunny and her and the unicorn fled. Also not surprising. What was surprising though, was that the momma's boy Sprout had been out in charge. He talked about the unicorns and pegasi could come back for them. He managed to get the entire town to believe that they were in danger. Herself included, but she couldn't help but feel that they were over selling things a bit. Hitch want taken, he went after Sunny, who helped the unicorn escape. The more she though about it, the less she understood. She understood even less when Canterlogic started working on something top secret by Sprout's orders. A lot of things didn't sound right, but everyone else was following him... Almost blindly. Over the course of about three days they went from scared to the brink of war. Like everypony else, Sugar fell in line and signed the official sprout act, and followed everypony to the square. She wasn't sure what to expect, but what followed next even surprised her. Both Hitch and Sunny came running back in and she heard Hitch of all ponies echoing what Sunny had been saying. She was completely shocked, and even moreso when he said that they didn't have any magic at all. If that was actually true... Then that changed everything that they knew about well... Everything. Sunny could be right! She started removing the anti-mindreading hat when Sprout says that it was the two of them that had been brainwashed. That they would be next otherwise. At this point... Sugar figured out what was going on. She was going to speak up herself before she watches Sprout hit a button and a giant robot tractor shaped like him came out of the ground. Sugar, not wanting to become splat on the bottom of those treads, said nothing, but she didn't want to participate in genocide either. Sure she was scared of Unicorns and pegasi, but that didn't mean that she wanted to kill them all. She watched Hitch and Sunny turn and run, and Sprout start chasing them. Sugar followed in case they needed her help. She might be scared, but she wasn't a killer and she didn't want anything like that associated with her. By the time she caught up she was frozen in her hooves. Sprout was right, but wrong at the same time. The unicorns and the pegasi both did come to Maretime Bay! They immediately said that they were not here to fight though, and she was relieved. That relief turned to disgust though as Sprout ordered them to attack anyway. This was definitely not what she signed up for, and watching everypony struggling to protect one another, all races included was proving Sunny more and more right. It was time for her to do her part. She helped get everypony that wasn't directly caught in the crossfire of that contraption away from the battle field. Next thing she knew she looked up and she saw the top of the lighthouse falling, and she could see Sunny and that unicorn still inside. She immediately ran back but had to stop when the dust settled. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes. For everything that Sunny had some, she didn't deserve that. She fell back into her haunches before seeing the dust settle a bit more and Sunny standing up from the rubble, as well as the unicorn. Sugar was filled with relief. She wasn't sure how those two survived, but she was more than glad they did. Besides, she kinda wanted to get to know that unicorn. If she was somepony that Sunny was willing to sacrifice her life for, then she had to be a good pony. What she saw next, too her breath away. Seeing the leader of the pegasi approaching Sunny, and then moving something. The unicorn did the same thing. He was a lot bigger than the others so she presumed he was their leader. He also moved something before Phyllis did the same. Then three weird glowy things started orbiting Sunny, lifting her up into the air. She watched Sunny, of all ponies, grow a pair of wings and a horn of light before a massive explosion swept across the land. Next thing she knew, the pegasi were flying again and the unicorns had magic again. All of a sudden, she wasn't sure if that was such a good idea. They had their magic back, and they had nothing to defend themselves with if they were mean... She supposed they would just have to hope that Sunny was right, and so far that's proving to be the case. Maybe these new friends won't be too bad. And if there are mean ones, the good ones will help them, right? Character Personality: Sugar Moonlight is fairly quiet, but quite outgoing and can be seen pretty much anywhere in Maretime Bay. From the theater district to the Canterlogic factory. She enjoys spending time with friends and has really gotten into the modeling business, expanding out a bit into fashion modeling since Canterlogic doesn't need to make defense products anymore. She's still a little apprehensive about pegasi and unicorns, but not so much that she won't interact with them. It just takes her a bit to warm up to them. Character Summary: Sugar Moonlight is a model that lives in Maretime Bay that as of the end of the movie only has a slight wariness about unicorns and pegasi, but will fade over time. Image:
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