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  1. ~~~Primrose~~~ Prim was stopped dead in her tracks when the pony in front of her instructed her to not pay. Was this a joke? Something that they could turn on STAR later? No... The look on Midnight's face was genuine. Still, she wasn't sure how Ice would react to that. She's expecting a mark on the ledger, and the lack of one would make it appear as though they hadn't stopped as instructed. "If that is what you wish, then we cannot force you to take payment. However, the commander is expecting to see record of the shop. If I could get a writ showing that you deferred payment, I would be most appreciative," she responded, listening as Midnight continued to say that she could help them load as well. She would nod when asked to be as quiet as possible to not disturb the other thestrals that were currently in the orchard eating. "We'll try to be as little of a distraction as possible," she finished, pointing to the fruit and then the boxes to silently give the order to begin the loading process.
  2. ~~~Primrose~~~ Primrose listened to the pony soak before returning to an at ease posture. She would nod as Midnight said that she was happy that she didn't hurt her trees. "Of course. We wouldn't Equestrian Protectors if we caused a burden to those we aimed to protect," the burgundy Thestral smiled. She then turned to one of her subordinates. "Lieutenant Flare, have the crew start gathering the crates that need filled. Jennings, now that we are on the ground, go to med bay and See if Field Medic Archwing needs any additional supplies and see if you can procure them from the local hospital, only if they can spare them. If not, we will rendezvous with another hospital in a future location, and Petty Officer Foresight... Make sure Cinnamon doesn't light the kitchen on fire... again..." Prim commanded as her crew moved to follow her orders now leaving her with the owner of the orchard. "I would be happy for whatever supplies you would be willing to sell to us. Mostly we just need to shore up our food supplies. Unless we need to press for medical supplies it's unlikely that we will be close to a village or a city for a while. Such is the life when you are on Equestrian Patrol most of the time. That being said," Prim gestured politely with a hoof. "I will follow you, Ms. Cloud. For it is you that knows where we need to go."
  3. ~~~Primrose~~~ From the time that it took for Prim and the rest of the crew to get from the bridge to the departure bay, they could already hear the aether powered engines powering down. As the ramp made contact with the ground, a rush of dust kicked up around them as they made their way out. In front of them now stood another Thestral. She had a pure white coat with a scattering of black spots, and a crescent moon as a cutie mark. There was more to it, but from there and that Prim was standing that was all that she could make out. When the Thestral spoke to them, she would move to attention and give the mare in front of them a salute by bringing her right hoof over her chest. "Greetings, fellow pony of the night. Midnight you say? Tis apparently a common name amongst us. I am Primrose Valkyria, of the Valkyria Clan, and the current captain of this fine vessel you see behind me. In fact, the vessel is why we are here. Normally Commander Storm has STAR vessels restocking through Sweet Apple Acres. Given that The Lunar Star operates entirely under Luna's moon, it is not possibly for us to resupply at that location and was directed to another orchard that also operated at night. We landed here hoping this was the correct one. We also did our best to keep the ship clear of the trees as to not damage them," she informed.
  4. ~~~Primrose~~~ The night was glorious. It always was aboard The Lunar Star. The ship sailed silently through the air, though the moon from The Nightmother didn't do it any favors as far as stealth goes. Of course, the wasn't too much of a need for stealth over mainland Equestria. Perhaps if their patrol route took them towards Equestrian borders, then maybe. As it was, this close to Canterlot and over Ponyville and around pretty populated areas, being too stealthy could turn into a bad thing. Luna's moon might be in the sky, but it wasn't late in the slightest, even by a day walker's standards. Because of this, Pegasi could still be in flight and with no height limits on flying, the ship needed to be burned to avoid pegasi from flying into it and crashing either on the ship, or more horrifically, on the ground. A crash on this ship would cause injuries to both crew and the pony that crashed, but a point that crashed into the ship and plummeted to the ground would almost certainly sustain life threatening injuries if they weren't caught. "Captain, we're approaching Ponyville, and Sweet Apple Acres. Should we begin our descent?" The Helmemare asked. Primrose nodded in affirmation. "Take us down, but not too Sweet Apple Acres. Commander Storm mentioned a new Orchard here in Ponyville that is open during the overnight hours. We will let the air family reset after what we likely a hard day's work for them." Primrose responded. "Aye, I have a visual on the second orchard as well. Beginning descent." "There, set it down outside of the treeline. We don't want to damage the property, and our destroyer is bigger than it seems." "Aye ma'am," the crew responded "Make sure the landing gear is down and locked. Specialist Jennings, keep an eye on the ground radar. Make sure where we're landing is free is ponies. Be prepared to lower the boarding path once we are in the ground. Divert per from the aether core to the bottom thrusters to slow or descent," Prim ordered, going through her basic landing procedures. The rest of the crew replied I'm kind and wouldn't a few minutes, they felt the familiar thud of the ship's supports touching the ground.
  5. (sorry for the delay on things, life got busy with a move) ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind couldn't help but smile a bit more when she heard the crystal pony, who was ironically named Crystal, said that she was a big fan of hers, and giggles a bit as she acknowledged her waffle joke. She also listened as Sky introduce himself, saying that they naturally worked together. Considering they were husband and wife, that was kind of a given. He also explained that they were taking a brief vacation while looking for a location for a possible show, and then asked what the pony did. From what she explained, she seemed to be a match maker pony. "Oh, you help ponies find their soulmates. That sounds, both fun and unnerving at the same time. I imagine you can tell by looking say a couple of they are meant to be. Something like that could pretty frustrating," she started "As far as a tour of the city, I was hoping a local would stop by and offer to do just that. Other than the giant spire castle in the center of the city... We... Kinda don't know where anything is at. We kinda followed our noses to get here " Wind laughed. "In return, next time you're in Las Pegasus, I can get your an all access pass to one of our shows," she smiled.
  6. ~~~Primrose~~~ "I wouldn't say that she only selects the best. One of the biggest things about STAR is its inclusiveness of everypony and that helps give it its strength," Prim replied to Luna. "I would say, however, that Commander Storm has the best training program that I have seen in any military force... Even yours... I don't mean that in a negative way, the Royal Guard is great training for making soldiers, and protecting the citizens of Equestria, but, not everypony is cut out to be a guard, and The Lunar Guard doesn't allow ponies with disabilities despite their possible strength because they are always looked down of as a liability," she explained. "For Commander Storm, she takes note of disabilities that are present, and does her best to keep everypony in positions where they can excel despite their condition. As in sure you're aware, Commander Storm has quite the condition herself, as well as most of her personal entourage. Commander Shadowfire has crack in her horn that sometimes makes her magic unpredictable, and Specialist Vision is legally blind, but is arguably the most important pony to have on missions that require locating, and either acquiring or destroying potentially dangerous magic because while she can't see objects, she can see magic. Which is also helpful against creatures that are disguised with illusions and changing magic. They can't get past her." "Others get trained for what they hope to accomplish within the organization, and are catered to their strengths. Many are perfectly happy getting a proper education and working/living in the casino. Commander Storm has the first three floors reserved specifically for ponies that work on the base, both underground and in the casino proper. And that is why I'm honored to be under her command. She sees Equestria differently than most ponies, and the fact that I am not treated any differently here despite what I am only further shows how inclusive STAR is. Even in the guard we were looked down on by anything that wasn't also a Thestral," Prim finished on that. She then paused for a bit while their orders were placed. Her eyes went wide as she watched the preparations. The hot dog put on the bun, and then smothered in the chili and the beans, and then further smothered in a very unhealthy, but delicious amount of cheese. The sight was enough for her to give into her racial nature and let out a squee in excitement. She loved the chili dogs here. It was one of the reasons why this was her favorite place in Las Pegasus. When she heard Luna ask if she would like to join herself and Midnight in her penthouse in Commander Storm's casino, her excitement squeaked through again, and she responded. "I would love to, once we finish eating of course. I usually come down here to unwind a bit. There are a lot of fun street acts down here under the archway. I'm actually surprised I don't see Blue Note here. He's usually playing his saxophone right down the road there," she said pointing off a bit. "But I have a weeks worth of leave before The Lunar Star is finished with her maintenance order and resupply, so I have plenty of time to come back here. It's not every night somepony gets invited by The Nightmother," Prim smiled.
  7. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Still enjoying their breakfast, and with the words from Sky. Wind Dancer be waved to the pony that had been looking over to them and beckoned for the mare to join them. She made sure to swallow the bite of her waffle before speaking up. "Hey there! Cafe to join us for dinner breakfast? I promise that we don't bite," she smiled before bringing a feather over to her face to look like she was in thought. "Unless you're partially made of waffles... Then I can't promise anything," she laughed a bit. Right now everything was sky high for her and she was excited to be here with Sky. She hoped that they could come to agreement to do a show here. It would be an amazing sight for sure.
  8. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm listened, sipping at her cider while she listened to Blizzard talk. He apologized to get about what happened to get parents, and added who's to say that they couldn't enjoy every day. She heard his chuckle when he says that many foals want to grow up right away, and some don't grow up at all. The light elbow in her ribs didn't go unnoticed, and in fact got a few giggles out of her as he hit one of her ticklish areas seemingly by accident. She then took another drink to try to calm her giggles down while Blizzard woke of his experience in school. He loved all the knowledge that he gained from it, but because he was so young, he didn't have much in social skills. In fact, the Liberty he stayed at the school, the more anti-social he became. "Honestly, I can't really say that I blame you. I mean, some of my good friends went there, but none of them was there when I was. When I was in the school, I only had one goal, and that was the bee the best version of me possible. If a pony decided they didn't want to like me because I wasn't from Canterlot, then that was their problem. Problem was, a lot of the fillies and colts I classed with were snobs," she started. "As far as Nightmare Night goes, would you believe that I actually never celebrated it until I moved to Ponyville? I could never afford a costume, and it's not like I had anything to make one out of. Though I could totally see you rocking Nightmare Moon," she's said taking another drink, feeling the alcohol starting to get to get a bit. "Though... If we're being honest. Luna's pretty hot as she is, but come on... Pure black with that dark blue cutie mark? She was smoking, and that flank... Celestia have mercy," she laughed a bit more, leaning back on the bed, belly up. When Blizzard asked about going together this nightmare night, she smiled warmly. "I think I would like that," she added, noticing his stagger. "Why don't you stay here with me tonight? Plenty of room for two in this bed. Plus, it would be nice to have someone too snuggle with while I'm here," she finished, patting the bed next to her.
  9. ~~~Primrose~~~ Primrose stood up proper once she was instructed to do so. The Nightmother... Requested that Prim simply refer to her as Luna. This startled her a bit. She was also shocked that she... Appeared as laid back as she was. Sure. She'd never gotten assigned to her during her time in the guard, so their paths rarely crossed. Usually only in passing and never close enough to see the Princess doing anything other than her job. She introduced the other pony with her. Another Thestral, Luna said his mama was Midnight Oil. One of the few remaining Lunar Guards since her retirement. This caught Prim's attention. When Luna asked her name, bringing her back to now. "Oh, right. My name is Primrose Valkyria, of the Valkyria Clan. Stalwart Protectors of the night. I served in the Lunar Guard myself, but turned to STAR to continue protecting Equestria after the Lunar Guard was disbanded." Prim answered, even more surprised when Luna offered to pay for her chili dog. "Oh, a chili dog with extra cheese..." She smiled.
  10. ~~~Primrose~~~ As Prim made her way over to the line, she could already smell the messy deliciousness in front of her. The savory chili sauce, hopefully with a bit of a kick, the beans, the cheese... All of the cheese, and then whatever it was hot dogs were actually made out of. There were rumors that they were meat based, but Prim didn't buy them. Meat didn't come in a paste that you could shape into a tube! Besides, most of the packages of them she got from the market said plant based, and nothing ever said otherwise. None of that mattered right now though. The only thing that did, was her grumbling stomach and the fact that there were more only two ponies in front of her in line. All of her thoughts though stopped, when she heard a voice behind her. No, not a voice... the voice. There were only a couple of ponies that Prim knew she could recognize on sound alone. The commander, ponies of the commander's herd, the was usually always at least one with her all the time, and the pony that was now behind her. She turned around instantly to see The Nightmother herself behind her and immediately kneeled in respect. "All hail The Nightmother, praise be onto thee," she spoke solemnly.
  11. ~~~Primrose~~~ Maremont Street. It was one of the many places in Las Pegasus that never stopped. Between The 4 Queens, The Golden Horseshoe, The Maremont, and The Golden Nugget, the casinos always had the place going for tourists and locals alike. There was plenty of reason to browse the street during the day, but the time that Maremont truly shined was at night. That fact alone was what made Primrose fall in love with the place, and why she was now standing just under the glorious archway that was spanning the course of the entire street, and ran along the roofs from the Maremont and The 4 Queens, all the way down across Wing Street past the end of The Golden Horseshoe, and the Golden Nugget... seriously, why they decided to put those two casinos right next to each other confused the heck out of Prim, but she wasn't the city designer. She just figured it would lead to confusion and them taking business from each other because of it. Both appeared highly successful though, so that apparently wasn't a problem. Celestia's sun had set well below the horizon by now to the point where twilight had given way to full night, and this was a bright early morning for Prim. Over head, the archway that was white during the day was now plastered with an array of dancing lights along artificial black-light that lined it. As she looked down the street, she watched it come alive, as street performers came out with all of their neon glowy lights for whatever act that they were planning on using for their acts that night. Not to mention all of the food stalls, street market stands, and storefronts that lined the street. Every single one of them were open for the long night ahead, which wasn't a problem because almost every pony here at this point were ponies that were like her. Maybe not thestrals, but they were nocturnal ponies. She took in a long sniff from the vendor carts smelling all of the spices at work and she couldn't wait to sink her teeth into a chilidog. A smile spread across the deep red bat's face as she started making her way towards the line.
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Primrose Valkyria Gender: Mare Age: Young adult Species: Thestral Eye colour: Emerald green Coat: Dark Burgundy, though Prim's wings are two tone. The main arms and the splines are the same color as her coat. The membranes of her wings are burnt tan Mane/Tail: Being military, Prim's mane is very well kept with a slight natural curl. Her color is a gradient green, going from Emerald green to a Much lighter emerald color along the top and then down the length that runs along her neck. Though this is only shown when she's not in uniform. Depending on the circumstances, this is either dress whites, dress blues, or her STAR armor that replaced her Lunar Guard armor. Physique: Primrose is a highly trained military pony originally destined to join the Lunar Guard before it was disbanded to form the Twilight Guard, leading her to become an officer of STAR. As such, Prim is in her prime and is very lithe and agile, especially when she needs to fight. Residence: Primrose has two primary residences, depending on if she is on leave or if she is on active duty. When she’s on leave, Primrose Lives in Las Pegasus not far from the STAR headquarters. Being one of the admirals, she knows that she’s always on call if there is an emergency so she stays close to the base. Primrose’s second residence is her ship that she is in command of, the DD-191, STR-Lunar Star. A powerful aeronautical destroyer with advanced Aethercore technology. More on the ship in her backstory. Occupation: Captain of the STR-Lunar Star in the Severe Threat & Action Response Force. When on leave, she likes to frequent Maremont Street, and enjoys theater performances such as Pony Fantastique, and the Masquerade. Cutie Mark: Prim's cutie mark is two highly polished scimitars crossing blades at the brass hilts. A treatment to her desire to protect others and her skills with said swords. None shall pass on her watch. Unique Traits: ---Nocturnal: Primrose, like most thestrals, is completely nocturnal, making Las Pegasus The perfect city for her when she's on leave. As such, all the ponies under her command are also nocturnal, and the STR Lunar Star is the primary ship assigned to night runs. ---Two-Leg Stance: Prim has a very unique fighting style when she's in combat. Unlike most ponies, she will stand on her hind legs and use her wings to maintain balance, allowing her to dual-weild her scimitars. History: Primrose was born twenty-seven years ago into the Valkyria Clan. A family of mighty and noble warriors that all served in the Lunar guard. Her mother was Starfang, and her father was Crimson Blade, and like her parents, the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree. Prim, as she was usually called by her family and friends, though a select few that were close got to call her Rose. A mistake you only made once if she didn’t give you expressed permission to use, and like almost all of her family, she was purely nocturnal She began her own training to join the Lunar Guard at a very young age. As soon as she was physically capable of holding even a wooden practice blade, she was training. She had a reputation to uphold within her family after all, Every member of her family had served dutifully in the Lunar Guard, and helped protect all citizens of Equestria from any possible dangers of the night. She was not going to be the one that would disappoint their family. Her deftness with blades came with alarming ease, and she was easily outclassing most of the others in her age category as she was moving up through the ranks even within the family, let alone through the other clans or the rest of Equestria. However, her defining moment was when she earned her cutie mark. She was ten years old, and was going through her usual training regiment, trying to push herself as hard as she could and make it further every time. She was nearly flawless with a single blade, but after disarming her opponent, she wondered what it would be like if she picked up her opponent’s blade as well as her own. She hadn’t tried to fight like this before, as it required her to be perfectly balanced on her hind hooves, and tactically would open her up to attack… but when she picked it up, something just felt… right. She felt even more comfortable with the second blade than she did with just the one and she noted that everything felt more fluid on its own, but she would need live sparring in order to accurately determine its viability. What occurred next was the one of the swiftest defeats she’d ever administered. The sparring match was over before it even started on just about every attempt. Especially if she didn’t make the first move. The blades danced effortlessly around her, and her balance, despite the unusual stance, was impeccable. So much so that during that very training session she defeated her father in the final sparring match of the day. As soon as her father admitted defeat, her cutie mark appeared. It showed two beautifully polished scimitars crossing each other with the blades resting on the hoof guards. On that day, her fate was sealed, and she only needed to come of age before she could be allowed into the guards. Alas, one of the biggest moments of her life happened on her first night as part of the Lunar Guard. She was put on Castle patrol, which was unheard of for a rookie, but no pony could argue it based on her near perfect score during her evaluation. During her rounds, she passed by the royal dining area. A part of the castle that is almost always supposed to be empty this time of night, as usually the only ponies that were awake were guards like her. Tonight, however, she could hear voices coming from inside, and they weren’t exactly quiet. As she got closer, she could make out voices of other guards speaking about a case that was brought up earlier in the day. She overheard them mention that a Thestral had gotten lost and accidentally wondered into a restricted area, and recorded the maximum punishment, for the most severe form of trespassing. She overheard one of them say that they were glad they weren't a bat themselves, or they might get the same kind of treatment for a simple accident. Primrose did not stay to hear the rest of the conversation. She had heard enough. If that was how others wanted to be, then fine. Let them be the poor example of how to act around others. Prim knew better, and she would be the better pony. She also now completely understood why so many other ponies had so little correct information about their race. Why they had so many judgemental thoughts and always tried to get a rouse out of them. For trying to spread harmony, the ponies of Equestria sure loved making sure that everypony knew that they were the ones in charge. Thankfully, it wasn’t too much longer after that, that the two princesses retired and Twilight took the throne in Canterlot. With the retirement of The Nightmother, that meant that the Lunar Guard was coming to an end. Twilight herself confirmed this. That members could conform to the Twilight Guard where they would be welcomed, or they could retire with full pensions paid. Primrose didn’t want to retire, but she also didn’t want to spend the rest of her days serving the protege of the sun. Sure, Twilight was the poster pony for unity and friendship, but that didn’t change the fact that she was certain that Celestia had left a bit of herself inside with her influence. No, instead of serving in the Twilight Guard, Primrose brought up a third alternative. She had heard of a military force out in Las Pegasus led by a pony that The Nightmother was close to. How close, she didn't know, but she knew that at least there, she could put her training to better use than just monitoring empty halls all night. STAR was the the best alternative for her, and at the very least, she knew that Commander Ice Storm usually had a sound head on her shoulders for the most part. The mare could use a few lessons in puns… as in lessons on when not to say them, like ever. Once she joined the ranks of STAR, Primrose had to leave Canterlot, and away from the only place she knew to Las Pegasus. Once she had gotten there, Primrose only needed to know one thing. How she had not heard of this place before. From the moment she landed, there were lights everywhere. In fact, it would be considered rather late by most as she flew in by night, and the city was still lively and upbeat. In fact one of the first things she saw was the tail end of a pegasus dancer doing quite some amazing aerobatics over a large pool that occasionally had bits of fire shooting out of it. As she got into the base, however, Primrose immediately knew that things were going to be different. She was led though the doors of a casino, which caught her off guard at first, and then at second when they got to the elevator and there were three stories below the grown level that they were on. The biggest thing that caught her attention though, was the airships. That’s exactly what they were. Airships. Not skiffs, these vehicles did not use air bladders of any kind for buoyancy. It was quite a marvel to look at and it made them much more defendable. Her experience within the Lunar Guard and the military nature of her family made it easier for her, but it still took her time to learn the different naval strategies and tactics at play. She had to learn how the ships worked, what they were strong at and what they were weak against. At the moment they didn’t appear to have many weaknesses, but there also didn’t seem to be many enemies of Equestria that were keen on testing to find out exactly what those were. So mostly Prim relied on training exercises to see everything in motion. Again, just like within the Lunar Guard it didn’t take her long to figure things out and move up through the ranks, impressing her superiors quite a bit. Enough so that after a few years of being within the ranks of STAR, she was promoted to Captain, and had been put in command of the DD-191 STR Lunar Star. A top-tier aether-class destroyer. The ship was designed to blend in with the night sky, which made it stick out like a sore hoof during the day, but she was fast and great for reconnaissance. She also carried more than enough payload to defend herself if needed, but she definitely wouldn’t be taking down an enemy fleet on her own. Sure it wasn’t as much direct combat potential as there was in the Lunar Guard, since they were in a time of peace… but let’s be honest. Outside of the hyjinx between Twilight and Shining Armor that one time, there hasn’t been hardly anything that even remotely posed a threat to Canterlot. Not while most of Valkyria were still there. Character Personality: Primrose has two different personalities. Captain Mode, and Civilian Mode, regardless of which mode she is in, Primrose is almost entirely Nocturnal. As such, most of her crew is Nocturnal as well, though not all are threstrals. When Primrose is in Captain Mode, she is very serious, very down to earth, and every decision is calculated because she knows that there are lives at stake. When she’s in admiral mode, when she gives a command, she expects it to be followed immediately. She has immense knowledge of naval strategies and tactics that would apply in three-dimensional airspace. Still, during times of peace, she still tries to be kind and polite while remaining professional. This comes from when she was stationed in Canterlot. More on that in her backstory When she’s in civilian mode, she’s a completely different pony. She loves taking in the limelight of Las Pegasus. The city is a nocturnal pony’s dream because there was always something to do there, even at the wee hours of the night. Soundproofing spells and the like had made theaters that allow performances at all hours so long as they were booked in advance. This also meant that the crowds were a bit smaller, but that was okay for her. That meant less ponies that she would converse with that would have negative or false opinions about her because of what she was, rather than who she was. Unlike other thestrals though, she didn’t get mad or upset at the other races for this when they had questions or made their remarks. She also never got upset when a pony came up to her and asked about their culture. She loved talking about their history, where they came from, and the formation of the New Lunar Republic. Any chance she got to educate others that truly wanted to know more about them and didn’t just cast them off as freaks or monsters because they had fangs and their wings were different. Loves: Pomegranates, Mangoes, The Nightmother, Commander Ice Storm (In a respectful, professional way that is purely platonic.) Emeralds, Rubies, full moons, anything sweet, anything with the color red, bad puns, and fillies and colts. They are all so adorable to her! Likes: Helping others, her occupation, her co-workers, they don’t judge her like others do, cool temperatures, new moons (the rest of the stars glow that much brighter), Topaz, Quartz, any clear gem, Sapphires, Spicy foods, long flights at night, Twilight Sparkle. One of the only Alicorns other than The Nightmother and Daughter of Frost that is pushing for unity and fair treatment among not only all pony kinds, but all creatures of Equestria in general. Dislikes: Sour foods, the sun, overbearing heat, A very specific time of year, Racism of her kind, bad puns, and strong odors. Hates: There are very few things that Primrose hates, but the things she does, she hates with a burning passion. --Celestia: the pony that ignited the racism between ponies and thestrals. As long as she continues to issue punishments that outweigh crimes and hold thestrals to a much, much higher standard than everypony else, then racism will never die. --Anything Bitter: Primrose absolutely despises bitter foods, and is the quickest way for a pony to upset her. Especially if it was a pony that knows her. Bitter foods will in fact make Primrose a very bitter pony for whomever is around her for the rest of the evening, and possibly later until they apologize. However, Primrose will not lash out at those who don’t know any better, but that won’t stop her from gagging on the item and then explaining that she has a severe distaste for bitter food and drinks. --Ponies who abuse their power: Much like the commanding officer and founder of STAR, Primrose clothes ponies who use their power to abuse and take advantage of others. If she ever caught a pony bullying others or using their status to bully them into doing something for them, they would be lucky if she reported them to Commander Storm rather than dealing with them herself. While she doesn’t like how many ponies react and treat thestrals, it does make standing up for others a bit easier when you can scare a pony half to death just by existing Character Summary: Primrose is this ship captain of the STR Lunar Star. She's a stalwart protector of the night and is completely nocturnal. If she's awake during the day, there is An Equestrian Emergency that is needing to be dealt with as soon as possible. She hates racism, but would Rather take the moment to teach those who want to learn rather than give into the angry and prove there ponies right making the nasty comments. Once you earn her trust though, she is a loyal friend who only bites a little bit.
  13. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Actually," Ice started. "You met me because of your ability to feel my raw emotion from Celestia knows how far away when there very ponies I was trying to protect called me a traitor. Or at least one did, which sent me down the hole of thinking others did as well. I still haven't forgiven Swift for that... But I get what you mean," Ice added, nuzzling her marefriend. The travel to the hotel was uneventful, but there were definitely signs that the old pony from the train was getting the truth. The tide markers on the pier were clearly visible, and they were well below the flood stage. Infact, seeing the difference in height first hoof was alarming. The hotel clearly has had a flood, as the entrance was wet, and had standing water in it in places and the host was filling papers as she dried them. She noticed and greeted them before introducing herself as Key Hole, the owner she presumed is the Loch and Key. "We would like a room," Ice Storm started. "I know the sign says they're are limited rooms, but we had a reservation under Storm? Though given recent events we understand if that room isn't available." "Wait... You're Ice Storm?" Key Hole asked, surprised. "Huh... Thought you'd be bigger... N.. Not that I'm judging!!! Some age slower than others!!!" The mare said... "But yes, unfortunately all the rooms on the first and second floors are unavailable. We were just barely able to get to everypony that was trapped when the suddenly flooded with no warning. It was the craziest thing I ever did see. No rain, and nothing around but the water just rose about twelve hoof-lengths in a matter of seconds."
  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm's face first grew a look of concern when he mentioned magical phenomenons occurring at the lake. He mentioned that his house flooded, and it had never done that, even back when his grandfather built it. That was a bit concerning, but hardly any proof that anything magical was going on. Lakes flooded all the time. It was one of the dangers of living next to one. Just like in Las pegasus comes with the danger of excessive heat, or Canterlot excessive cold with it being on a mountain. Perhaps the flooding was just worse than normal this year. Still, flooding was a problem and one that was worth looking into to see if there was a better way of protecting the citizens here. The only downside was, this was supposed to be a vacation. Hearing Myth speak up, saying magical phenomenon were their specialty, Icy smiled, but also rolled her eyes a bit. She was right though, strange magical mishaps were kind of their thing. As well as tracking down some of the most heinous criminal in Equestrian History. After all, the scariest monsters in Equestria never came from the outer reaches of a forest, but the inner workings of a city. Her face went flat though when she heard the stallion about Myth's little one getting caught up in the action. That you never knew what could happen with magic, and then he commented about her being blind. Ice was just about to give this stallion an earful when she heard Myth tell him that while they didn't look like it, they were more than capable. At that, Ice was content to just give the stallion a death glare before sighing. Figure I'll have to get used to ponies thinking like that now. Ice thought to herself. Unless they know me personally, very few are ever going to see me as an adult again until I can prove otherwise... besides... in any other circumstances, his advice would be good advice. I know if I was a mother I wouldn't want my young anywhere anything that could be dangerous. her thoughts concluded. As it was, she remained until they moved away from the stallion. "I guess we should go check in at the hotel? We have even more reason to check into the beach-side resort now," Ice suggested.
  15. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice rolled her smaller eyes. "Because this would be a massively elaborate illusion, even for you. Don't get me wrong, you could probably do it, but sustaining it for a week would use enough magic that they you wouldn't be too do anything else for a week once it's over," she responded. Her ears flicked as she heard the conductor announce that their stop was approaching. When she heard Myth ask about the hotel, she laughed for a second and shrugged her shoulders. Before she could reply, she heard another stallion speak up, saying to avoid the coast. "Honestly, whatever you want to do is fine. No pony around here is going to know us... I don't think... And I already look like a foal. So, if I stay quiet, they they have no reason not to believe whatever you say, though why should we avoid the coast?" She asked. "Part of the reason we can't here was to have fun at the lake. It's even printed in the brochure!" She added, unfolding hers and pointing at the lake.
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