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Roleplay Type:  Generation 5 Cast
Name:  Zephyrina "Zipp" Storm
Gender:  Female
Age:  Young mare
Species:  Pegasus
Eye color:  Light blue
Coat:  White (Pink Hue); wings are white, light blue, purple and pink
Mane/Tail:  Pompadour mane, regular medium-length tail mostly straight, both mane and tail pink with light blue streak.
Physique:  Athletic, agile, strong, average height
Residence:  Originally from Queen Haven's palace, lives in the Crystal Brighthouse with her friends in Maretime Bay.
Cutie Mark:  Pink and blue lightning bolt with a crown.
Unique Traits:  Zipp sees everything through a skeptical lens. She seeks truth in many things, is loyal to what she believes is true, and her conviction is solidified by her personal experience.



Zipp is the first born daughter of Queen Haven, current leader of Zephyr Heights. This makes Zipp a princess, and heir to the throne. She gained a little sister, Pipp Petals, who displays more of a celebrity role in the royal family. Zipp was and is far less in the limelight and aspired to do things beyond the confines of her royal roll in Zephyr Heights. While her and her sister were still young, Zipp enjoyed a relatively normal fillyhood, albeit with the privilege that comes with being a member of a royal family. Despite her personality differences with her sister, she had a bond with Pipp that was stronger than she normally shared in public.


As she got older, Zipp's rebellious youthful phase pushed her to take the contrary path away from the rest of the members of her family. Queen Haven, to her credit, allowed Zipp the space to explore different avenues in order to give her the freedom to explore her true self, something Zipp is still doing to this day. As a result, Zipp's relationship with her mother is distanced at times, but never severed. Her bond with Pipp, while also never failing, has shown more tension as the two live together away from the pegasus capitol. Despite the rift that developed between Zipp and Pipp as a result of the royals being found to be flightless, their residence in Maretime Bay has become proof of the sisters' resilience to uphold the responsibility the have as the future leaders of the pegasus kind.


After pony unification, Zipp and her sister made the choice to live in Maretime Bay, primarily because they wanted to be with their friends they made during the most altering time in their pony lives. Living at the Crystal Brighthouse, Zipp expanded her talents to investigate mysteries, learn about how friendships are made and challenged, and check the health and safety of pegasus ponies living in the bay city that are trying to get used to their new magic. Because of her physical ability and willingness to be flexible, she was able to help champion the training of pegasus ponies learning to hone their skills in flying. The source of magic, the unification crystals and friendship that powers it, is something that has fascinated Zipp ever since moving to Maretime Bay. Whenever something concerning the crystals is going on, she is usually the first one to notice.

Today, Zipp is constantly learning about ponies and what makes them special in the new magical world they live in. She knows her place is in the pegasus city as a Princess and future Queen, but she wonders what more it will entail now that Equestria has unified ponies wielding magic.



Zipp is sporty, but not cocky. Though she seems primed for athletic ability, she is not that competitive. She is loyal to those she cares about, but skeptical of new information. She doesn't trust others perspectives very well, and prefers to see things for herself. She can sometimes jump to conclusions and lacks patience to see things through. She enjoys being by herself, but acknowledges the importance of having good close friends she can trust. She would rather have ponies resent her for the truth, than for ponies to respect her for a lie.



Princess Zipp Storm is an exciting young mare who is exploring the world living with ponies of different kinds, something the previous generation of pegasus ponies never did. While living with her close friends in Maretime Bay, she learns what it takes to be a representative of the power of friendship, and how to use her thrill-seeking attitude to improve the lives of the ponies around her. And if she gets to play detective while doing so, all the better!



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