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River Wisp [READY]


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Name: River wisp
Gender: Male
Age: Colt
Species: Kirin
Eye colour: Blood orange
Coat: Light blue, orange spots and scales?
Mane/Tail: Dark blue/ Navy
Physique: Tall, Sturdy
Residence: Kirin village
Occupation: N/A
Cutie Mark: N/A
Unique Traits: Can write with magic instead of talking, as he never learned to speak proper Equestrian. He enjoys acting, though mime had to be his go-to form for obvious reasons.

History: Was born during the great silence of the Kirin village, so he never learned to speak. He can talk now but prefers to write as he isn't very good. Not many fillies lived in the kirin village when he was young, but is good friends with a couple kirins who eventually learned to speak well. Was ok at school, though he exceeded at Written Equestrian. Has 2 adoptive mums called Star Lily and Dawn Dewdrop.


Character Personality: Energetic, and enjoys climbing trees. Blunt, and not scared to write his mind. Graceful, Poetic, Will always *say* the right thing. Doesn't care about learning to speak. Campaigns against illiteracy. Wants to bury the Kirin and Nirik history, and wants everycreature to forget about when they turned into them, he doesn't see the good side to them.

Character Summary: He loves the river, and will constantly fall into the stream of silence. He can hardly speak, but that makes him able to think before he responds and less capable to get into fights. Good at kirin magic and is getting the hang of controlling his Nirik self. He can understand ponies talking, but can’t talk back due to underdevelopment of his vocal chords. 

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Mmm, nice to see a kirin in the works!  Only bit of feedback is that in-universe, the language is called Equestrian rather than English.  Do PM me when you finish it so I can approve!

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