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Roleplay Type: G4
Name: Crystal Rain
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Ice Blue
Coat:  Peach with some white spots
Mane/Tail: Light Brown with Light Blue Streaks
Physique: Confident
Residence: The crystal empire
Occupation: Cupid 
Cutie Mark: Purple Heart with a pastel rainbow coming out of it
Unique Traits: Helps other pony's find love in their life even though she doesn't have a love interest yet! :) 

History: Crystal Rain was born in the crystal empire to Cloud thunder (her father) and Bubble wind (her mother.) She was popular in school and as she was growing up she always helped her friends and other people find their love and that's how she earned her cutie mark.

When she got to be a mare she decided that she would try and find her love interest while she was helping other ponies find their love interests.

She still has yet to find that one special Pony, but she always tells herself that she will never give up trying to find them.

By the Way Crystal Rain Is Pan! :) 

Crystal Rain is Patient when it comes to listening to other ponies!

Character Personality: Crystal Rain's personality is kind, funny, loving, affectionate, understanding, protective, sweet, and patient! :) 
Character Summary: Crystal Rain overall is just a good pony and loves every pony she meets but also hardly ever gets mad at any pony she also never gives up she isn't a quitter and she knows that!  ;) 

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