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Erzats [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Erzats Zhystil // Silver Sprint

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Species: Changeling // Pegasus

Eye color: Emerald Green

Coat: Erzats lack fur or a proper 'Coat'. Featuring a black exoskeleton and green underside, smooth to the touch. // Light grey coat

Mane/Tail: Short-cut mane and tail, thin and featuring a blueish hue. // Grey hair with a white stripe, mane tied up in a ponytail while her tail is cut short.

Physique: Lithe, about the average height for a mare her age, featuring a horn and bug-like wings. // Average height with grey and white wings.

Residence: The outskirts of Ponyville

Occupation: N/A // Part-time mail pony

Cutie Mark: N/A // Hoofshoe with wings

Unique Traits: Erzats has the ability to shapeshift to alter her appearance to blend into situations, as well as the ability to fly thanks to her wings. However she is unable to use any other magic than to disguise herself, her horn utterly useless in her opinion. She also possesses an astute memory and is quick to action. // Silver is a proficient flyer, and not much is of note, to be honest.

History: Erzats was raised in the badlands by her fellow Changeling and Queen Chrysalis, or however 'raised' a drone could be afforded in such a massive hive, growing ever so curious about the world beyond their homeland. Her day would come when the simple drone could venture out on her own in the absence of the queen, possibly when Chrysalis was busy infiltrating Canterlot. She left for selfish reasons, wanting to know more about those she was taught, find out if all creatures outside of their borders were deserving of all the disgust and hatred her fellow Changeling harbored, and seek answers that she could possibly share with the rest of her kind. She used the visage of a mare she'd spotted along her way as a way to make getting around in broad daylight easier, feeling more comfortable taking the form of something that at least looked similar to herself. // Silver comes from up north, she has family in Griffonstone and has moved around quite a lot over the years, doing odd jobs and whatever she could to make some kind of a living for herself. 

Character Personality: Erzats is a very vigilant changeling, reserved, and relatively polite all things considered, she inherently lacks trust towards just about anyone who isn't a changeling at face value. Yet, her opinions could change over time, even if she's stubborn and has a hard time showing it. // Silver is a fairly keep-it-to-herself kind of mare that doesn't talk about herself a lot, but more often than not is seen with some form of a smile on her face and is kind to those she meets, always asking questions and seems to be a little unfamiliar with quite a lot some ponies would think is just about common knowledge/sense. 

Character Summary: Erzats Zhystil is a changeling with burning questions about the world beyond the Badlands filling her mind, she is untrusting and skeptical of just about every situation you would put her in. // Silver is simply a guise this changeling uses to interact with that outside world, gather information, and interpret it for herself, Her more vulnerable side is shown when she uses this disguise, expressing kindness and interest for a creature that she doesn't know what they'd do if it was aware of her true self.  

The idea I have is that this Changeling has a set disguise she'd prefer to use, something she could've practiced with and is comfortable using regularly. If that wouldn't be allowed I don't mind removing it. The disguise's info is separated by the //. I also apologize if this is a bit of a slog to get through because of all of the extra info. 

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