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General Crothor


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Crothor

Gender:  Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Changeling

Eye colour: a red autumn color

Coat: Dark, deep green/ looks black

Mane/Tail:  black

Physique: lean and tall

Residence: Changeling camp

Occupation: Remaining "unreformed" General

Cutie Mark: n/a

Unique Traits:  He is littered with battle scars. He has a deep, healed gash on his front right leg that results in a limp. 

History:  He was one of the Queen's Head generals for many moons. He had no choice in it as he was born into the world as an unreformed changeling. He was forced to work for the queen and even had a hand in kidnapping princess cadence and putting her in the mines beneath the castle. He refused to transform like Thorax and therefore was cast out with the remaining few who had agreed with Crothor's sentiment. He has been leading them ever since. 

Character Personality: He is stoic. He is always genuine with his words. He has empathy for all creatures, but doesn't usually show it. He likes muted colors, bright ones hurt his eyes. 

Character Summary: General Crothor is a changeling with autumn red eyes and a deep green coat that looks almost black. He's taller than average for a changeling. He's the general of the "unreformed" changeling camp. He has a great deal of scars. The most prominent is a gash on his front right led that causes him to limp. He was the head general for the queen, when she ran off he refuses to transform. Due to that, Thorax took that as Crothor was still evil along with the other changelings who didn't change appearances. 


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