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  1. Anwir got into character with a cackle and watched the chaos as Midnight was illusioned into a vampire pony. At the question, Anwir will make a show of an elegant bow. (At least as elegant as somepony with a limp could) "Of course my Princess of Nightmares! A gift from you is of highest honor!" Anwir said in character watching some of the younger ponies run away in fear. With a flash of green she teleported a few treats in front of them.
  2. Anwir watched the young mares talking to Star Crusader and listened to the one dressed as a merchant talk about her wares. Some herself she found rather intriguing. At the sight of the old Alicorn amulet, her smile wavered just a moment. It looked similar to an old artifact of her ancestors. At the sight of the rendition of the Staff of Sameness her smile did drop for a moment. From what she heard, it wasn't anything like what she had witnessed with her own scouting ventures. She put her smile back on in an instant. She cackles at the ponies in front of Star. "My my! What magical wares do you have young one!" She exclaims and with a pull of her magic she brings forth two treats shrouded with the toxic green glow of her magic,then swirls them around the two ponies and then hovers them in front of the younger mares. "How about another addition?" Anwir then turns to Moonlight Glitter, "And something sweet to balance out such spice?"
  3. Anwir would bow to Celestia then join Luna on her left. Anwir goes with the music, she happens to know this one by heart. Her hometown did it when she was younger. It was the song that played and she sang that caused her cutie mark to appear... +++ She looked to the cake and then to Luna. "I believe I will take chocolate if that is fine." Anwir says. She says it quietly.
  4. General Crothor nods. "I believe another dance won't hurt. Vesper? Ezrats?" He wanted to make sure they too were fine with it. Vesper nods energetically, his hyper energy coming back. ___________________________________ When the disco song comes to a close, Anwir nods to the Lieutenant in thanks. "Thank you, for the dance. I enjoyed it." Anwir says. She sees that the band are preparing to play the last song of the evening where Celestia joins them. She knows after the song, Luna will lower the moon and Celestia will raise the sun. Anwir knows that she is the guest of honor, and from what Celestia told her, she will be standing by them as they do so. After that every pony will head off to their respective homes. At least, she believes they do. She never got the chance to stay the entire time during a ball.
  5. Anwir used her magic and in a flash of green she was at her post, scaring a few ponies and fillies. She gets into character immediately. "Come, little fillies and ponies. Come get your sweets before thy princess finds you!" She cackles in a low voice as she raises the sweets with her magic and swirl them around her. She is glad that she gets a time to relax before her next scouting mission. She hasn't been in the know of what has been happening in canterlot. She knows that Luna and Celestia finally retired. She knows Luna went back to doing something, she isn't sure what. She keeps hearing rumors of something called STAR, but she doesn't know what it is. She mentally shakes those thoughts away as she focuses on her task.
  6. Anwir was greatful for the princess choosing a rather easy song to dance to. She could feel the joits in her injured leg starting to ache. She is glad that after the little skirmish with the changelings everything evened out. The cutting of the cake most likely will be soon. Anwir is sure that Princess Luna will most likely cut it before Celestia stirs from her slumber. Anwir knows well of the eldest princess' love for the dessert. She continues to dance to the beat with the lieutenant.
  7. "Yes. But I beleive Alliances can be broken. Hopefully with time it becomes a friendship." Anwir says with a small smile. She watches her go to ask the captain as the lunar Lieutenant comes over to ask her for a dance. "Of course." Anwir says as she lifts her injured hoof to his outstretched one.
  8. Crothor smiled as Ezrats joined the guard to dance. The changeling general would choose to sit down at this time, he started to admire the celestial craftsmanship of the night princess. He wonders how long it took her to perfect the constellations many ponies use as a guide. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Vesper nods in understanding, immediately shooting down the question he was going to ask the Duke. "Of course, enjoy the rest of the ball." Vesper would move off the the other refreshments and snacks, just to look. ---------------------------------------- "A drink would be nice, thank you. But, um, I would stay away from the punch. From the look of the Duke, " she says nodding towards his direction where he and Vesper were, "it seems to have been spiked." Anwir notices the Lunar Lieutenant going to dance with Ezrats, one of the younger changelings. She believes Ezrats was the one who had mouthed off earlier. Anwir understood that sometimes words in your head come out of your mouth by accident. It's happened plenty of times to herself when she was younger. But her father- no Bedlam... forced that out of her in a sense. She mentally shook the thoughts and memories away of him. Her ever present sadness in her eyes becomes more prominent and it seems to leak into the air enough that some of the other guests start to notice and move away from her to avoid it.
  9. Anwir for her part was fluid with her dancing besides a few jerking movements went her limp got in the way. For the most part, she kept up with the Captain. ________________________ Vesper looked guilty at the Duke's words. "Well... It had to due with their allies outside of Equestria. It was very important." He said. "If I thought you would back down I would have. But, I know a honorable Duke when I see one." Maybe flattery will help Vesper. ----------- Crothor nods. "If Ezrats is fine with it, I will not disagree." He says to the Guard.
  10. Crothor looked to her in understanding. "I am not one to judge on such matters. Be aware that it's okay to feel like that. I know the reason they do look at us is because of our looks. I'd suggest reminding yourself that you are an uncommon beauty. I've been told that by a pony before everything went to chaos." Crothor says, he puts his permanently injured good on Ezrats' shoulder. "But, I do know that if you truly feel like you are more comfortable as a pony... I'd say transform into your true self. I've been told it's easier to hold a pony form like that. But I'm not trying to push you away by telling you this. I know some changelings live among ponies in their transformation. I know they have learned to adapt to it and it doesn't take much as long as you pay attention to your health." Crothor looked into this. He himself was thinking of running away from the hive and live among the ponies. He decided against in the end, he would have been leaving Vesper behind.
  11. Crothor comes to a stop beside her. His face is more stoic as he surveys the garden sensing the once Queen's faint presence. "I do wish you would be honest, but I can understand being around strangers you do not trust is a reason to hide your truth." Crothor says turning to her. "How are you actually fairing? No more lies. I promise it's just you and I at the moment. Keeping everything bottled up can cause many incidents." Crothor doesn't wish to pry, but the way Ezrats was acting. She was anxious and it showed. He wants to make sure she is alright.
  12. "I've not been able to make many friends in my line of work. Those that I were have sadly passed on or have moved onto early retirement." Anwir says in a solemn tone. The everlasting sadness in her eyes becoming more prominent. Anwir smiles at The Captain. She understood that many forget that some of the guard are mares and are just seen as a stallion. "I can say that I do enjoy dancing as well, I'm glad I get to use all of my practice I did back then again." __________________________________________________ "Um, yes. I have come to apologize for ruining your night. Please believe me when I say that if it wasn't dire, I wouldn't have done such an act." Vesper says and does a small bow. Is he supposed to bow for a Duke? He isn't sure.
  13. Crothor nods at Ezrats words, he doesn't believe her excuse but doesn't call her out. Crothor understood that sometimes keeping what you're feeling to yourself is better than telling, especially at a ball. "I can say that I am a little bit worn out, but I have been transforming longer than you have. Therefore, I'm able to handle longer transformations." Crothor says. ___________________________________________________ "I am just coming off of leave, but... If I ever do take another, I will look into it." Anwir says, She's been to Las Pegasus before, but that was for a scouting trip when there were rumors about changeling sightings. It just ended up being a little unicorn filly with a black mane and coat who happened to have green magic and eyes. The little one was very sweet when Anwir met her.
  14. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to take candy duty." Anwir says. Luna's words confuse her for a moment until she caught sight if the fake fangs... Oh. Anwir felt guilt consume her slightly. She understood that it was just a simple illusion just like with her own costume. At her laugh and her comment, Anwir smiles. She still feels the guilt from what her ancestors had done... "It looks very convincing, Princess Luna. We will keep an eye out." Anwir says then her eyes widen for a moment. "Oh! I almost forgot! General Crothor was hoping to join in the festivities, but wanted me to ask you."
  15. Anwir smiles at the Lieutenant. "It's not too bad, you just have to know what to look for on the lay of the land." Anwir says. "I'm currently getting out of my leave of absence, though I've been told that I should see it as a vacation. If what I've had to do was vacation, I'd prefer to always be working." Anwir looks to the capitain as she speaks. "I would love a dance, though I have to warn you. My limp isn't kind to me." Anwir says as she lifts her injured hoof up to make her point. _______________________________________________ Crothor looks to Vesper. "I think now would be the time to talk to the Duke." he says and points to the stallion who is emptying the punch bowl quite quickly. Vesper nods and heads towards the Duke as Crothor stays behind waiting for Ezrats. Vesper walks up to him and clears his throat. "Excuse me sir?" Vesper says hoping for a response.
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