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Verdant Forest [Ready]


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Name: Verdant Forest

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Pegasus (tinge of Earth Pony in his appearance, see history)

Eye Color: Light brown

Character Color: A medium green, like moss but a little lighter. Almost a stereotypical leaf color.

Mane and Tail: Mane and tail are a gradient green from light to dark, lighter towards his body, darker radiating out. The hairy fetlocks he inherited from his Draft Horse mother also follow this trend. Mane reaches all the way down and almost flows like a wave, with a curve over his forehead. Tail has no particular style. Keeps himself clean-shaven as an older colt

Physique: Average for his age, a little muscular in the legs from lots of walking in the woods, but couldn't really be described as "muscular"

Residence: Ponyville, but he wants to leave to explore

Occupation: As an older colt/stallion he works in an animal salon and daycare. He spends most of his free time in the Everfree Forest, and loves going there with friends, provided they also respect nature.

Cutiemark: As a stallion/older colt, his cutie mark is three brown pawprints going left, right, left. This symbolizes his close connection to animals - he got his cutie mark as a colt after saving an injured deer from a young timberwolf, which was one of the pivotal points of his life and helped him gain confidence in himself.

Unique Traits: Verdant is quite skilled at soothing animals - he cannot talk to them, like Fluttershy, but has carefully learned some specific noises which he uses in the salon and daycare to solve disagreements and make sure everyone is happy.

History: Verdant Forest was born to a pegasus father and an earth pony mother, both of whom also lived in Ponyville. While he did end up inheriting his mother's hairy fetlocks, he has inherited no other earth pony traits and any plants he tries to nuture almost certainly wilt. He definitely considers himself as almost fully pegasus, with fully developed wings and a passive love for flying. His parents had no other children, so they were able to devote a lot of attention to him as a very young foal, though both had busy careers. Unfortunately, his mother passed away from natural causes when he was a foal and his father ended up seeking a career with a show-pegasus team which led him away from Ponyville when Verdant was an older colt. Verdant still loves them both and his father comes back to visit frequently. Verdant did well in school and had a few close friends. However, what he really wants is to go out into the world and see all new species of other creatures and animals!

Personality: Verdant Forest likes to be funny - he wasn't exactly a class clown, but he enjoys seeing his friends smile and laugh, so he knows how to crack a couple jokes. He's an extrovert, but not in the same way as, say, Pinkie Pie - he just likes being around other ponies, even if it's in silence. He's generally kind, though he has trouble with being too honest, even when it might hurt another pony's feelings - though he never intentionally wants to hurt others. Verdant's main source of happiness comes from animals, and he loves to share animal facts with everypony who will listen him. He has two parakeets in his apartment as a stallion and a cat named Buddy.

Character Summary: Verdant Forest is an open, funny pegasus who loves animals and other ponies' company. His main color scheme is different shades of green, and he enjoys exploring Everfree Forest, though he wishes he could head out further. He is always looking for new friends and new experiences, even as a foal.

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Some feedback: We would prefer that each app have a 'canon' age; you can host time-skip threads where a colt is grown up, or a throw-back thread to where a stallion is young, but we do try to keep continuity as consistent as possible across threads, since one of the main joys of a shared RP space are shared storylines and character development.



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