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AoC: Blood and Metal (Private)


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The storm was much worse than when he had gone to bed... he could feel the rain falling down, and this "bed" was a lot less comfortable than it had been when he had laid down.


Once Silver had opened his eyes, one thing was certain, he had not laid down to sleep in a junkyard... and the storm clouds overhead, he'd be able to catch a few faint flashes of blue lightning, something wasn't right. a lot of the garbage around him also did not look normal, strange objects that he could never guess the use of, and the smell of dirty air from some city not far away.


A large shadow soon loomed over him, though, giving him a reprieve from the rain, but instead, a massive airship was now hovering directly above him, and from that ship leapt what appeared to be 4 ponies in amazingly form-fitting shiny metal armor.  they landed on all four sides of him and one raised a metallic "boot" which irised open threateningly as it spoke in a voice like the robots on the radio shows about science gone awry




but before it could finish another voice was heard from a speaker somewhere else on the "armored pony"s body, a voice that likely sounded familiar to the pegasus, but possibly not...


"Stop! I told you no violence! No! Violence! You hurt him and I'll turn you all into can-openers!" exclaimed a mare's voice.



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Silverbolt had gone to sleep in his own dwelling to the sounds of a storm the evening before. He hadn't minded too much, having been alerted of the weather schedule. In his normal day to day life, he was a mail-pony that traveled the realm. Never in one place for particularly long aside from his normal routes that had him stationed in Cloudsdale or Ponyville. It all really depended on where the Royal Mail Service needed him most. He had no idea what was to be in store for him after that evening. 


He would awaken to the sensation of heavy rain pelting him and something digging into his body. "Did the storm trash my home and leave me atop a pile of rubble? I will need to have a word with those in charge of the weather factory and the Princesses about this!", he'd think to himself while he stood up and took stock of his surroundings. He was now atop a pile of junk and refuse. He was now in a junkyard and none of the objects he could recognize.


The scent of dirty air was carried to him on the winds even as another surprise came rushing to meet him. A greater shadow loomed over him, further obscuring what he could see between flashes of lightning. Fluttering his wings, his cobalt frame shivered under the continued assault from the storm. He looked up and saw a massive airship overhead. "I'm definitely not where I am supposed to be... Is this some sort of prank or magical experiment run amok that I've been dragged into?", he'd mutter to himself as several unidentified objects emerged from the massive vessel.


The objects landed to surround him, and he could finally see what they were. They were ponies in armor that he had never seen before. One of them even raised a hoof and it opened up in a threatening fashion. The voice was robotic and made him think of comics and radio shows related to Sci-Fi. Things were getting stranger and stranger by the minute for the traveled Pegasus. 

The voice demanded that he come with them to someplace called the Prismatic or his life would be forfeit. Before he could respond and before the thing could count to 0, a potentially familiar voice spoke from somewhere and admonished the rather heavy handed pony. The mare's voice was enough to cow the thing and it repeated the request. This time in a more amicable fashion. At least in comparison to being killed or worse. 

Raising his magical mail prosthetic in response, Silverbolt would let out a soft sigh. "Don't have much choice in the matter and I'd rather not be standing out in this mess. Last time I got caught up in something like this, I was sick for a week.", he'd answer the squad that surrounded him. "Is the Prismatic the name of the thing above us?", he'd ask, his keen mind already going into overdrive.

He didn't have much else to go on and it certainly beat staying in this scrapheap. Perhaps he'd get some answers. At the least he could get out of the rain for a bit. Get a chance to catch his bearings. One thing was for sure, he wasn't in his own world anymore.

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The metal pony said nothing for a moment then knelt down "AFFIRMATIVE. PLEASE CLIMB ABOARD AND WE SHALL TRANSPORT YOU TO THE MAIN DECK"


Once Silver was sitting astride the other pony, perhaps a little confused since he had wings and could easily fly up, panels on the metal pony's side slid open and ejected a cylinder on each side, once it stood a large blue flame shot out, propelling it -and silver- upwards towards the massive airship at speeds the blue pegasus could never have dreamed of achieving in a direct vertical flight, pushing him down upon the cold metal back of the pony


As they flew, the jets changing direction slightly to fly over the ship to access the deck, Silver would catch a glimpse of the massive size of the junkyard - spreading out as far as the eye could see in every direction, and on the horizon, just large enough to make out some of the more obvious details, was a floating city. Even from here it was clear it was Cloudsdale, but it was clearly NOT the Cloudsdale that silver was familiar with... there were bright lights shining out in all directions, looking less like spotlights one might see trying to attract ponies to a tourist spot, and more like the spotlights of a prison, patrolling areas of the city - and what a city, while still made mostly of clouds it was far more modern with large skyscrapers and neon light barely visible at the distance and a constant stream of some kind of liquid flowing from a massive drainage pipe on its bottom, from the weird shape of the liquid, it clearly was being used to transport solid objects. It would not take a genius to realize this was the source of the junkyard - it was all waste from this new highly industrialized Cloudsdale.


All of this, however, was far off in the distance, only barely visible. Instead what would occupy the vision of those nearby was the frankly obscenely large airship. It was kept aloft by massive engines of some kind, based on the sound, though these were not conventional engines that silver would be familiar with, but instead rather large disks mounted to the sides of the ship that were emitting a blue energy, perhaps some form of antigravity or rocket propulsion, but it wasn't clear what, given the speed with which they passed these engines as they soon landed on the main deck.


If silver was not holding on tightly, the sudden landing would likely throw him off the metal pony's back and onto the deck of the ship unceremoniously. the deck was large, just like the rest of the ship, and before him were two massive doors seemingly made of clouds with large Roman columns and fountains that expelled liquid rainbows into small ponds, and emblazoned on these doors were the image of a cloud and tri-colored lightning bolt, no doubt a not-too-subtle clue who the owner of the Prismatic was...


"PLEASE FOLLOW ME" said the metal pony as it walked towards the doors, its heavy hoofbeats resonating through the deck as it walked. 


The massive doors opened with an exaggerated creaking sound to reveal a hallway of a pale blue with white carpeting, no doubt a representation of walking on clouds in the sky. The walls were lined with many doors, smaller fountains and pictures. All the pictures seemed to be of a certain Cerulean Pegaus - racing, posing, lounging... dozens of images, some of them were even animated, showing the wind blowing through her full-spectrum mane, or of the moment she won a race, or other activities. Once again, these "clues" were about as subtle as a chainsaw...


They eventually came to another set of double doors, these thankfully were of a more normal size, though the oak was still inlaid with gold. They opened these doors as well, entering and assuming silver would follow, not bothering to give him any instruction on the matter though.


Inside was a large living room, it was.... to call it tasteful would be inappropriate, but compared to the rest of the ship it was less gaudy. There were a couple tables with various games on them; taken from a nearby shelf that held likely close to a hundred different boardgames, a line of arcade cabinets at the back, and near the front was a large pale-blue couch in front of a massive screen, easily 200-inches in size - next to the couch was an end-table with multiple remotes, game controllers and even a couple cell-phones.


Sitting on the couch was a pony - she looked familiar, but something was different about her... familiar rainbow mane and tail, cerulean fur, pink eyes... but she appeared to lack wings! 


Upon the metal pony's entrance, Dash picked up a remote and turned off the massive TV, giving the metal pony her full attention


"ACQUISITION COMPLEATED, MISSION SUCCESSFUL" it stated in that cold mechanized voice


Dash sighed but nodded "Thank you, Fleet, you are dismissed"


"UNDERSTOOD" chimed the metal pony as it walked past with no heed for Silver


Dash sighed, speaking in a surprisingly quiet and calm tone "I'm sorry about the welcome party - This is a dangerous area, I don't dare show my face here" she explained "I'm Rainbow Dash, Dash for short" she said, far more polite than the pony silver would have known from his world "I hate to spring this on you as soon as you arrived... but I need your help - Your an unknown, you dont have any alliances here... You're the only pony I can trust"

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