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Scarlet Star (Unicorn)

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Roleplay Type: G4
Name: Scarlet Star
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye color: Light Blue
Coat: Baby pink and front right hoof and back left hoof having baby blue spots
Mane/Tail: Lilac Purple with Black streaks kept in two pigtails
Physique: Chubby and Tall
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Toy Maker
Cutie Mark: Light Brown bear holding a needle and thread
Unique Traits: Makes some of the best toys for filly's in Canterlot

History: Scarlet Star was born in the Crystal Empire, growing up was hard on her, because she had very little friends and was bullied for not earning her cutie mark as fast as some of her classmates. One day, Scarlet seen a little brown bear in a toy shop's window and when she asked her parents for it, they told her that they did not have the money for it and she was let down. She had very few toys as well growing up, which resulted in her making most of her own toys, at first her toys were not that good, but eventually she made some of the best toys even better than the toys that other Filly's had, that resulted in other Filly's asking Scarlet to make them toys. She eventually got her cutie mark after making a bear for a little zebra, when she was old enough she moved to Canterlot where she now resides and she makes toy's for Filly's, whether they pay her or not she just enjoys making toy's and knowing that she just made a Filly's day a little bit brighter.

Character Personality: Scarlet Star is a very shy pony only really talking, when she is talking to Filly's or their parents to see what kind of toy that they would like, she is also almost always happy, and she is a very kind pony.
Character Summary: Scarlet Star overall is just a sweet Pony to be around, and she loves a challenge when it comes to making toys, whether that meaning huge toys or as small as she can get the toys, she refuses to ever let a Filly down, just as she was let down.

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