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A Dark Journey OOC Thread

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Hey there guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Starting up a new little adventure thread of sorts with everyone's favourite super evil villain mildly annoying miscreant, Dark Core! The journey itself is a bit of a loose plan at the moment itself, with the destination/end result more solid, so the length of the thread itself will vary depending on actions, reactions, whim, where the moon is relative to Mars, who knows. I'll be posting the OP shortly after this, and the thread will be Open, though depending on how many people decide to jump in and how complex things do or don't get, I might cut it off to new additions eventually!

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Dark Core's misadventure sounds like a disaster in the making, and TT (in good conscience), simply can't let that happen.

So she'll help where she can.


Also curious as to what's going on, and roving equinologists are notoriously curious/nosy ...

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Will be working on a post semi soon uwu Just lovingly bothering someone into making a post too lol

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