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Ponyville - The Ponyville Pet Show


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It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville; the sun was shining, birds were singing, not a cloud in the sky. And of course the calm and peace spread out to the surrounding home and places of work such as the apple farm. But in one home, a cottage where calm and quiet were almost always part of it's charm, there was panic and stress. Fluttershy, a pale yellow Pegasus known for her soft spoken disposition was racing about her home trying desperately to catch up with one wayward and upset rabbit.

“Please Angel, we need to get you nice and clean,” she pleaded with the small white rabbit when it finally ducked down under her couch, too low for her to reach. “We don't want to be late. Today is the Ponyville Pet Show.”

There was an irritated thump in response and Fluttershy sighed quietly. “Oh, I know you aren't really a pet, Angel. But you are one of my dearest animal friends. And I just know it will be fun. Please...” she was basically on her stomach as she looked under the couch with her pleading eyes. She was sure he was just nervous. After all stage fright was very common.

Fluttershy had seen the poster in the town square a week before. A Pet Show, for ponies to bring their best animal companions. It sounded just so perfect. She loved animals, for one, and to be able to see other ponies with all their animal friends sounded like a fun day. She was sure Rarity would be there, and maybe even Applejack with their pets in tow. Pinkie would probably bring Gummy too. And in her mind not only would it be fun for the ponies, but for the animals too. Maybe they could all become friends.

The white rabbit finally gave in, with a less than please look on his face and Fluttershy scooped him up. “Oh thank you, Angel. Now, we need to get you all clean.”

Easier said than done. Sure, he came out of hiding but he was not going to let the primping and preening be done with easy. And poor Fluttershy found herself getting more of a bath than her rabbit. First she just tried the traditional approach, setting a bath and asking him to get in, a no go. Then she tried to lure him with the promise of an extra carrot later. All that got her was a turned up bunny nose. So as her last attempt she had picked him up and planned to just put him in the tub. Ah, but that was nothing more than a tangle of hooves, feet, wings and ears before, Fluttershy herself was the one sitting in the tub and Angel was smugly sitting off to the side.

“Oh... Angel... you are being so difficult,” she huffed a little in irritation but waited until he turned his head and wasn't looking before snatching him up and placing him in the tub as well. “There now... that's not so bad. We'll just take a bath together.”

Bath time only lasted a short while, after all they would need to be going soon; Fluttershy didn't want to be too late. And for once, Angel was not going to be reminding her of the time. She got herself dried and the rabbit as well and brushed his fur. At least that was one thing he sort of tolerated.

“Okay, there....” she smiled and set the brush to the side. “Don't you feel better being clean?” the stare she got in return was definitely a “no”. But she just gave a soft somewhat never laugh and turned to get something.

“Rarity was so nice to give me something for you to wear, Angel.” Fluttershy returned with a little blue bow tie. “Isn't it nice? Here, let me put it on you so we can see and- oof!” Angle hopped from the table she had him on, to her head and then bounded to make a break for it again.

That time Fluttershy was ready though. She had already pushed pillows under the couch to keep him from diving below it. And the door as well as windows, were locked. Angel was stuck and she trotted up behind him with the bow in her mouth. It turned to them wrestling about the floor a bit until the bow was finally tied around the neck of one upset bunny.

Fluttershy smiled. “There now, that looks so nice.” She returned to the table to fetch a small mirror, turning it so her rabbit could see. “Don't you look handsome? You're sure to make lots of new animal friends at the show now.”

She received another but a upturned nose, but she played it off. “Oh Angel, don't worry... stage fright is... well it's scary. But it'll be okay. I know it will.”

The clock in the town square sounded and Fluttershy looked to the window. “Oh dear, we're going to be late if we don't hurry,” she commented while grabbing a basket to carry Angel in. “Here, get in and we can go.” she got a head shake in return. “...Come on Angel... we need to get going.... please?” Another up turned nose. “Oh dear.”

She had to be a little sneaky, waiting until he was looking off before pouncing with the basket. But she did it and soon it was placed on her back so they could leave. “I just don't know what's gotten into you, Angel. But it's okay. I know as soon as we get there, you're going to have so much fun.”

And so off they went, of course trotting along with a bouncing basket on her back was not easy. Fluttershy huffed a bit of an annoyed breath before talking to herself, “it's okay, he's just nervous.” Or at least that's what she wanted to think.

In the middle of the town square a stage had been set and ponies were already gathering to watch. Off to the side was a sign in table and behind it, a tent were the other participants were waiting. But the crowds were a little thick and as she came up behind them, she knew she would have to squeeze through so she could sign in.

“Ah, excuse me but - … oh pardon me but I- oh dear... sir if you could just let me-” her quiet voice, per usual was hard to hear over the talking of the crowd. “Okay, Fluttershy... just be... assertive, like Rainbow Dash said.” She cleared her throat after her little pep talk and. “Excuse me, I would like to get through.... if... if that's okay with you.”

Well at least she was heard that time, and she scooted past the crowd up to the table. “Did you hear that, Angel... I was assertive.” No response from the basket, but she was proud of herself all the same. And with their names on the paper she walked toward the participant tent.

“Oh, are you excited, Angel? We're about to meet everypony who will be in the show as well. This is going to be so much fun.” She just got a thump from the basket that time. “Yes, let's go in.” Of course she knew that wasn't what the rabbit was saying but she just pushed on anyway.

“Okay, lets have a fun day,” Fluttershy smiled and trotted inside the tent, eager to meet some new animals and see who was participating in the show.

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It was a glorious sunny day on the Apple farm and the morning was crisp with dew.

Bark! Bark!

"Yeeeehaw! Get along, little doggie!"

Applejack swung her lasso around and made loops for Winona to jump through. Winona made the tricks look so easy and the orange pony and brown border collie moved in unison. Following that, Applejack and Winona finished a series of tricks that included several barrel rolls, kicks and spins. As they finished what looked like a rehearsed routine, Applejack puffed, "OK, Winona, hu, hu, we're done practicin'. Don't wanna over prepare for the pet show today."

After a satisfying breakfast and a long walk to town square, Applejack and Winona arrived early like the farm animals they were. Inside one of the tents, Applejack filled out several paperwork for the show and started accessorizing Winona with several medals she had won in the past while they waited for the event to being. She was very proud of the family dog.

When Fluttershy walked in, Applejack took notice right away. "Hay, Fluttershy! You come to show off one of your critters too? What's in the basket?"

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Fluttershy perked up when she heard her name. Looking over to her friend she smiled shyly. "Oh good morning Applejack...and Winona." She eyed the medals the dog had and smiled. "Oh you must have won a lot of contests. That's very impressive."

At the mention of the basket she set it down, finally and smiled. "Oh Angel had some stage fright and wasn't sure he wanted to come. So I brought him in this basket."

At the mention of his name, the annoyed rabbit pushed the lid of the basket off. He looked none to please to be there, and even tugged at the bow tie Fluttershy eventually managed to get on him. Unlike Winona, he really didn't want to partake in any contests.

"Oh are you still feelings upset?" Fluttershy was still trying to play off that it was just stage fright. After all to her, a show for animals seemed like so much fun.

"But our friends are here." She smiled again and turned her attention back to Applejack. "I think he's just nervous."

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"Are we there yet, Danton?" asked Frilly.

"Looks like it" replied Danton as he gazed upon the hoard of Ponies crowding the area just ahead.

Ronald, Danton's Raven, was perched atop Danton's head. His head was turning, back and forth, slowly scanning the crowd and the competition. The idea of entering this Pet Show was his idea. In fact if it wasn't for Ronald, Danton wouldn't leave his home for days, or even weeks, on end.

Ronald finished scanning the crowed, looked over at Frilly and gave out "Kaww".

Shortly after Ronald's "Kaww", a tiny dark red snake peered it's head out from Frilly's mane. The snake was Frilly's pet, Hissyfit, who she had found as an abandoned egg not too long ago. Hissyfit was afraid something like a hawk would swoop down and grab her.

After seeing it was safe, Hissyfit slithered out of Frilly's mane and onto her ear, where she proceeded to gnaw on it. Hissyfit loved to chew on anything warm and 'alive', especially her own tail. Normally this would bring great discomfort to anypony, specifically since Hissyfit was known as a very poisonous snake. However, Hissyfit was born without an teeth and thus not poisonous.

"I think we need to sign up somewhere" said Danton as he looked for a table or a line.

Frilly was impatient and wanted to get signed up as soon as possible, so she took it upon herself to ask somepony for help. Frilly saw a yellow Pegasus with a basket and a cute little bunny talking with an orange Earth Pony.

"Excuse me, miss. But where do we sign up?" asked Frilly as she lightly tapped the yellow Pegasus's back leg.

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"Ok listen Sparks, I want you to be on your best behaviour, alright?" Colton pleaded with his pet sparrow, to which the little brown and white creature nodded. "Good, now come on, we got a pet show to get to."

Colton and Sparks arrived at the pet show ecstatic, Sparks was so excited he was doing little acrobatic dances in the air, "Something tells me that your gonna enjoy the show eh Sparks." Colton said in a playful tone. The two looked around for where to sign up, confused on where to go as they were relatively new to Ponyville, Sparks tugged on Colton's ear, "Ouch Sparks, watch it!" Sparks then pointed towards two ponies and one filly. "Good idea Sparks, maybe they know what's going on."

Colton and Sparks approached the dark coated unicorn with blue hair cautiously, not wanting to make a bad first impression.

"Excuse me friend, uh, is this where we sign up?" Colton asked in a shy voice.

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Applejack saw some ponies coming to the participant's tent with their pets. Some of the pets were perched on the owners' flanks, some where wrapped around their owners' neck and mane. In all shapes and sizes, colors and types, animals friends were nearly equaling the number of ponies that they were with. All of the animals seemed to have a social connection of some sort with their respective ponies. However, it remained to be seen whether or not this same connection would be seen between the animals themselves.

Applejack saw an eager blue filly run up to Fluttershy with her pet snake. Applejack fawned at the young pegasus as she squeaked her request for information. Applejack knew Fluttershy wasn't too shy to talk to a young filly. After all, Applejack had heard that she's just as good with kids as she is with animals, and her care for animals in Ponyville is second to nopony. Regardless, Applejack couldn't hold her own excitement and addressed the filly her energy.

"Well, howdy there, youngin'! This must be your first time showin' off your pet at the annual pet show here at Ponyville's town center. Whatcha got there? A snake!" Applejack looked left and right. "Sure hope Twilight's not here, heh heh." Applejack pointed to the table inside the tent they were at. "Right here, lil' filly. Talk to that there pony behind the table and fill out a participant's form and presto," Applejack reared, "you're all set for the show. What kind of performance are ya doin'?"

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It seemed all sorts of ponies were showing up. And they all had such interesting pets. Fluttershy was so happy to see all the different animals that other ponies had made friends with. When the little Filly came up with the snake she was about to point her in the right direction but Applejack handled it instead.

"You have a very cute little snake." She commented before her attention was drawn back to the farm pony. "An act? You came up with an act? Oh dear... I didn't know that was part of the show. I don't have anything planned out with Angel." She bit her lower lip. How could she have missed that on the fliers? Now she had to come up with something.

"Ah here we go..." A voice picked up from the entrance though it was followed by a yawn. "Too bad this isn't later in the day." Willow Wisp, the Unicorn from Ponyville's so called "Haunted" house, entered the tent. Right after her a rather good sized fruit bat flew in and hung from a support in the tent. He didn't look like he was all too awake. Then again neither did she.

"Not everypony is up all night like you, Wisp." A young Earth Pony trotted in beside her. He had a clear box on his back and inside was a large spider. "Are you sure Scribe counts as a pet? I mean I think he is... but other ponies think spiders are just bugs..."

"It'll be fine, Grimmy." She reached out with her right front hoof and ruffled his mane. Her little cousin was always worrying. "Now let's see... Ah, there we go..." She moved over to the table to sign the two of them in. After that she finally took notice of the others in the tent. "Oh, hello Fluttershy. I should have guessed you'd be here."

"Oh...Willow Wisp...and Grim." Fluttershy looked at the two with a smile. She'd only met them briefly. Technically they were neighbors since her cottage was outside of town like Wisp's house. And Willow needed help with her bat, which is how they met. Fluttershy was still a little nervous about the creepy pony but she was trying to not let it show. "You brought Morty. He is a very interesting pet." Looking back to Applejack she whispered, "Have you met Willow Wisp? She's the pony in the haunted house."

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"We have to do a performance?" Frilly said nervously to herself. She wasn't so much afraid of doing a performance but she didn't know what Hissyfit could do.

"Thanks, miss!" Frilly said with a smile to the orange Earth Pony, trying not to show her concern. Frilly then walked back over to Danton, who was looking around after losing track of Frilly amongst the crowd of Ponies and pets.

"There you are" said Danton, "Did you find out where we need to go?"

"Yeah, over there" replied Frilly as she pointed to the table that the countrified pony pointed out.

"Did you know we had to do a 'performance'?" asked Frilly as she and Danton waited in line to get to the table.

Danton thought for a moment. It was true that he did not know, but he was not stressed as Frilly was about it.

"It'll be alright. I'm sure you'll come up with something" Danton replied.

Frilly was still very nervous, she didn't have any idea what she was to do. But Hissyfit pulled her head in front of Frilly's face and let out a quiet yawn. Frilly smiled at how adorable Hissyfit looked. Danton and Frilly signed in and were ready to do whatever was next.

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It seemed Colton couldn't find directions anywhere in the show, feeling confused and slightly claustrophobic the pegasus sat down at a nearby bench to try and determine the best course of action to proceed with. His pet sparrow sat beside him and also tried to contemplate what was going on.

But not long after they had sat down Colton was having his ear pulled by Sparks to draw his attention to something, "Seriously Sparks, you do that aga-" Colton was cut off by what he saw, through all the ponies that crowded the place he failed to notice a booth clearly labelled as 'Sign up here'. Colton both mentally and physically face-hoofed at his oblivious nature, he reluctantly turned to the sparrow who had a rather smug look on his face, "....Don't you say a word." The pegasus said as he got up from the bench and cautiously approached the booth.

As he did he tried to observe the ponies that were already at the booth, there seemed to be quite a lot enjoying some conversation. Not wanting to intrude or interrupt Colton waited for a good time to approach, and when that time came he once again cautiously approached the booth and spoke shyly to the pale yellow pegasus inside, "Uh..Excuse us Ma'am but...would this happen to be where we sign up?" Colton said as he mentally face-hoofed, it was obvious that this was the place to sign up but Colton didn't want to seem to formal, less he ruin a first impression on the surrounding group.

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Upon mentioning the implications of a performance in the pet show, Applejack could see the fear she assisted into Fluttershy's worrisome personality. "Oh, don't you worry none, Fluttershy, a performance should be easy for someone like Angel there." Applejack lowered her head and winked at Angel bunny, who was sitting up in his basket arms crossed still wearing a blue bow tie against his will.

"Have you met Willow Wisp? She's the pony in the haunted house."

Applejack stepped back a little with slight resistance. "Haunted house!?" You mean that creepy house on the edge of Ponyville!?" Unfortunately for Fluttershy, even Applejack wasn't content with the sinister appearances of dark and dank buildings. And as superstitious as Applejack was, a walk to that side of town was probably occurred seldom at best. Applejack trembled as she introduced herself. "Hi. I'm Applejack."

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