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[Peryton] Starbuck [Finished]


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Roleplay Type: Mane

Name: Starbuck

Nicknames: Starby

Sex: Male

Age: Indeterminant. Seems to be Young Adult-Adult Range

Species: Peryton (White Fallow)

Eye Color: Mocha (493D26)

Coat Color: Vanilla Cream (FCFBE3)

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Vanilla Cream (FCFBE3), No real 'style' really, more just tufting on his head.

Physique: Average, but slightly taller.

Origin/Residence: Whitetail Wood/Solstice Heights

Occupation: Barista/Cafe Owner

Motivation: To create a wonderful environment for everyone to just relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Likes: Espresso, the scent of vanilla, oranges and cream, calm quiet nights.

Dislikes: Bright lights, rude creatures, bears, fire.

Character Summary: A long time ago when the earth was gre...Wait wrong story. Quite a long time ago, but not so long for the long lived Perytons, Starbuck was born. A bright eyed bushy tailed fawn, Starbuck was raised as most Perytons were and enjoyed a peaceful calm life in Whitetail Woods. As he grew though, he experienced what few Perytons did, a wanderlust of sorts, the urge, the need to explore beyond the borders of the safe haven of their woodland home. Being young and having a bit of a mischievous streak, Starbuck snuck out from Whitetail one cool evening, just as the sun was being set. Wandering out and about the outskirts of the woods before taking his first tentative steps out, Starbuck felt rather confident, this was easy, he had thought to himself as he walked about, gazing at the wildlife bounding around.

With a smile on his face, the young Starbuck began roaming further away from the Woods than he had meant to, entierly unaware of what, if any, dangers lurked so far out. Stopping for but a moment to graze on some wild clover, the Peryton soon heard a loud roar, startling him greatly. Turning about, Starbuck came eye to eye with a large black bear, and a very angry looking one at that! With a loud squeal, Starby bolted away, running as fast as his little hooves could take him, all the while the angry beast giving chase. Thinking as fast as he could, Starbuck dove into a small alcove near a hill and crawled as far in as he could fit, the bear swatting in at him in an attempt to get to the scared Peryton. Bleating as loud as his little lungs could, Starbuck only hoped someone would hear his cries.

After what seemed like hours, the bear stopped swinging. Taking a cautious peek out of the cave, thinking it was safe, the peryton was nearly met with a large swipe from the beast, but ducked back into the cave. Crying softly, Starbuck had nearly resigned himself to his terrible fate when suddenly a large flash was seen from outside the cave, followed by the bear running off back from whence it came. Shaking like a leaf on a tree, little Starbuck peeked out once more, this time met with the friendly face of a small band of ponies, whom had been exploring the area. Their leader of sorts greeted the scared Peryton kindly, explaining that they had heard his cries for help, and rushed to the scene as soon as they could. The kind ponies then offered shelter for Starbuck for the night at their camp. Where they sat and enjoyed their evening, recanting tales of their previous adventures, who they were, how they got their marks and all sorts of grand stories of the outside world, with which Starbuck had became so enamoured.

After a wonderful night full of stories and tales, Starbuck was stirred from his slumber by a lovely scent. Stumbling to his feet, the young Peryton followed the scent out of the little tent, where the leader of the group was brewing something; something that he called coffee. Taking a small sip of the warm drink, Starbuck smiled, it was so smooth and delicious and invigorating. The lead pony smiled and talked with Starbuck about different kinds of coffees, his cutie mark being related to coffee making, though his true passion was exploration. Soon though, the group and Starbuck had to part ways, but not before they escorted their new friend back to the woods. With a heartfelt goodbye, the leader placed his favourite hat, a raspberry coloured beret, on Starby's head, telling him to be sure to follow his dreams. With a nod, Starbuck waved farewell to his friends and returned to the woods.

A few years later and a few years wiser, Starbuck once more left the woods, this time, not out of rebellious wanderlust, but to follow his friend words and chase his dream. After having tasted the drink that his friend brewed, and feeling how good it made him feel, the Peryton decided to spread that joy and try his luck at setting up a small shop, a cafe, in the Solstice Heights, north of Canterlot, south of the Starswirl River.

Starbuck overall is a sweet helpful Peryton, a lot less self reserved than some of his kin, but still shy at times. After the attack, Starbuck has a rather bad fear of bears, shuddering at the mention and cowering at the site of them. Never seen without his treasured beret, Starbuck is most at home serving up a nice latte or cappuccino.

Additional Status: Wears his beret near everywhere he goes.

Poison Joke Reaction: TBD

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