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Flame Trotter [Final]


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Roleplay Type: Mane RP

Name: Flame Trotter (Formally Flame Trotter the IV (Part of the Trotter Family)

Sex: Male

Age: Colt

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Purple

Coat Color: His coat is a shiny yet dull orange.

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane is is colored red. While spiky at the ends, it is still long and beautiful. He also has a single yellow stripe going down his tail and mane.

Physique: while an average sized long with no muscle to speak of, he's still strong and tough, able to take a hit and lift things several times his own weight.

Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is that of a large flame! With a small yellow core and a large red flame surrounding it. Quite simple.

Origin/Residence: Flame Trotter was born and raised in a quiet life among the tranquil gardens and woods of Solstice Heights. He was born into one of the side branches of the Trotter family. While not the most recognizable bunch being a side family they make a living off of growing a plentiful amount of crops and selling them in nearby places.

Occupation: He doesn't have a job to speak of. But he does have several hobbies and chores he us tasked with to help his family survive, such as changing the weather patterns to help crops grow quicker and healthier. Because of this, he has a very extensive knowledge of crops, weather patterns in a multitude of places (which he learned of from books in his father's library, who used to be a traveler), as well as wild crops.

Motivation: His motivation comes from his strive to keep his family healthy and alive. Growing good food for them is one way he keeps them all happy and full of energy to do there jobs. He understands that because he is the one who grows crops he is the one his family relies on for strength, and a full stomach!

Likes: Growing crops, lazing about on a cloud (preferable a storm cloud), rainy days, his family (especially his little sister whose very clingy to him.)

Dislikes: When his sister or family is sad, fighting unnessesarily, bad guys (those he deems bad), the main branch family.

Character Summary:

History – Flame Trotter was born is the tranquil forest of Solstice Heights. With no one else around to befriend his only source of compary was his family. From an early age Flame Trotter has had a very strong sense of duty, taking after his father who has been a huge influence and role model to him. He also acquired quite the cocky attitude as well! When it comes to certain things (mainly crops, cultivation and the like), Flame Trotter knows (or at least likes to think) that's he's second to none. This method of thinking has always been his motivation to study harder and learn more about the types of plants and the way weather patterns can be changed to make a more plentiful and nutritious harvest.

Parents – Flame Trotters parents are a comedy duo of sorts, showing their love for each other through hilarious wise-cracks and knee slapping jokes. Nonetheless they ate very loving parents seeming to crack down harder on Flame Trotter than the other two members of the family. They have high hopes for Flame Trotter and hope that one day he will leave the quite sanctuary of his home in Solstice Heights to live and thrive on new experiences and friends in a new location.

Flame Trotter's sister, Land Trotter the III, is acaring and very clingy foal pegasus. She's always looking for adventure, but most of the time she gets in over her head.

Last but certainly not least is Flame Trotter's little brother, Aqua Trotter the VII. Aqua Trotter is always in competition with his older brother and always seems to have the constant thought in his head that their mother and father have higher hopes for Flame Trotter than himself (which is true), and thus in an attempt to gain the same position in the family as Flame Trotter, he has become a sort of rival with his brother.

Cutie Mark Story - Flame Trotter's cutie mark is the exact opposite of his occupation. While his cutie mark to some symbolizes his love for speed, and also his personality as a hot blooded (and at times, hot-headed) Pegasus. In reality it symbolizes his intense love for all plants, so in some sense he would be considered a herbalist. He earned his cutie mark by discovering his knack for herbs and other plants. As stated before, Flame Trotter was motivated by his intense feelings to keep his family safe, healthy and secure. By finding a talent in being a herbalist, he finally found a sure-fire way that he could achieve such a goal, thus, gaining his cutie mark.

Flaws - Flame Trotter is quite the character when it comes to his flaws! He tries to be oblivious to them, but they are obvious to others and they are nonchalantly pointed out which makes him extremely angry. His main flaw is how terrible a flyer he is. Since he did not attend a flight school nor did he actually learn to use his wings beyond hovering or slow flying he doesn't know how to use them to their greatest extent. To overcome this he walks just about everywhere. When bored, Flame Trotter will begin randomly saying facts about crops to pass the time. Its sort of a habit and can happen anywhere at anytime, usually starting with his favorite fruit, apples. There are plenty other flaws that Flame Trotter has, from being socially awkward around otherpony's (otherponies?), to his scrap books full of plants and crops which he is always seen carrying around. While a strange pegasus, his flaws always seem to bring around interesting adventures and even more interesting ponies.

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