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Hey I need a good voice plus instrument


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So being the creative colt that I am I came up with an idea.(Oh god)Now it's a bit late for Hearts and Hooves day but whatever.I've decided to make love songs (my mind is dying).I've got the RD one done.And by done all the bad lyrics wrte in my notebook.And after talking to Ashton I hope that my Pinkie Pie one will be better.I might have different themes like the RD one is a colt trying to get Rainbow back and the Pinkie Pie one will probably be the love from afar one.Like when you have a crush on a girl but is too shy to talk to.But that's a maybe.Thought voulenteers to try if I get voulenteers I will post the RD one and the one that is WIP.

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I can guitar for you I play acoustic sytle and electric :)

yeah, do you have any tune along with the lyrics? :3 is that what the video is?

I do not have a tune and I need a guys voice.FYI.

Next time I get on I will put them on.

And I like Danny's idea.It is your idea to put the toon.Just wait.

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oh, I'm a girl. Never mind.

I'm soooo sorry It's just that it would be wierd if a mare was singing a love song about a another mare.Because that's what these are Didn't I mention that.Again I'm sorry if I ever make a song and it can be unisex I'll PM you I promiss.

Anyway with that resolved(sorry) here are all four(I gave up on the unicorns):


I met a mare

Who had some flair

We flew through the air

Chorus:She was Rainbow Dash

Our friendship didn't need any cash

We did amazing tricks and would never crash

But good things never last

She was gone like a flash

and we'll never meet again

it really was the end

but it still could turn a bend

If I could only send her a lettah

and tell her that I love ha

Then maybe she can fly like a featha

and live happily ever aftah


My heart is really broken

because she was really a token

something dorment is now awoken

now I'm depressed

I can't even rest

she really was the best


Now I'm going to Cloudsdale

I can never fail

Our love will never lack

I'm going to get her back


Now I'm a classy

guy and won't be shy

She is very flashy

She's my little dashie

Next time I'll put up pinkie's

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I do not have a tune and I need a guys voice.FYI. Next time I get on I will put them on. And I like Danny's idea.It is your idea to put the toon.Just wait.

Wait... What's my idea? also, the lyrics kinda threw me off when it says chorus is that returning to the chorus? or is it a new chorus?

I'm sorry, I'm big on asking a bunch of questions

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Anyway, I think I get it...

So it's:

verse 1


verse 2


verse 3


verse 4


verse 5 (or outro?)

the chorus is kinda repeated a lot you usually want to avoid that in a song... and did I mistake one of the verses for the bridge? or is there no bridge?

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Bridge?oh i'm sorry It's just I'm new to this stuff and I do think I have too much of the chorus on each song(considering those are the only lines I mezmerized).

okay, most songs follow this pattern: Intro(if it has one), Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, and then a strong ending chorus usually played two times. Some people use different patterns but it's rare to hear a song with a different pattern in the top 40 or something like that (I don't think Skrillex or metal bands follow that pattern). you could try merging the verses (if they work like that) or rewrite the verses so they are twice as long as they currently are. that way people won't be sick of the chorus by the end of the song :)

that's why so many people hate "Chocolate Rain" it's one verse played repetitively, the same chords and same melody made it really annoying.

Me either...but if that's what he wants :)

I pretty much live around horses/ponies and I've never seen any in a relationship with the same gender. If they feel that way about another, I wouldn't know, They usually don't talk to me about those kind of things.

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Decided to follow this topic because it's quite interesting. I'm really curious about the outcome, since I'm wondering how would it end.

Also, I'm glad Danny pulled out words out of my mind and posted them here. Didn't have to move a hoof this way, and still achieved the results. *Friendly salute towards Danny ;]* I'm talking about song styles nowadays of course.

Now, good voice is quite... subjective statement. For example, I consider myself a fair singer. Most of my friends confirm that, often being surprised by my voice, so I believe that they might just be right. But, there are always some who dislike it, as simple as it is, and would just say "Stop singing" with annoyed voice :)

So I guess, you'd need to gain samples simply :)

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