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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Dubstep

Nicknames: Dub, Dubby, Dubbley, Dubster, Dublicious, Bard, DJ Neighsay

Gender: Male

Age: Colt (19, around the mane cast's age-ish)

Species: Unicorn

Pelt Color: Electric Yellow

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Orange and Black Striped Mane in sort of a Mullet, Solid Black Tail

Eye Color: Brown with a Red Heterochromia in the left eye

Cutie Mark: Green Equalizer Bars

Physique: Fit

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Musician/DJ

Motivation: To someday play for the Princesses at the Grand Galloping Gala

Likes: Music, The Moon, Passion Fruit, Parties, Sweets

Dislikes: Prolonged Silence, Bullies, Broken Guitar Stings, Parasprites

Character Summary: Dubstep was born in Fillydelphia, where his parents, a musician and a florist, taught him the value of nature and sound, they also tried to teach him how to not get lost everywhere he went, but that didn't work out so well, with a slightly short attention span and a horrible sense of direction Dub often ends up getting lost for hours, but as long as he has his music, it doesn't bother him. After the recent Parasprite invasion, he finally decided to take the steps to making his dreams a reality and started hoofing it to Ponyville. Despite playing in quiet a few clubs in Fillydelphia, Dubstep is kind of oblivious to his growing popularity. Dub releases his albums from his own personal record label 'Panik Attack Records' and hopes one day to open up his own club, 'The Turnstable'.

Additional Info: Born with Synesthesia (Sees colour when he hears music), skates most places.

Reaction To Poison Joke: Can't speak over a whisper without his voice cracking

Mother: Shinedown, Pegasus Pony, Light Yellow Pelt, Light Orange Mane and Tail, Flower Shop Owner/Florist

Father: Fadeout, Unicorn Pony, Midnight Blue Pelt, Black Mane and Tail, Retired Famous Traveling Musician

Brother: Nightshade Trance, Pegasus, Midnight Blue Pelt, Meteor Orange Mane and tail, Botanist, age 15, has dreadlocks, one blue eye and one green eye

Font Colour: #FF8F00


Knightly: "Bro! Thanks again for showing me around Ponyville when I got to town, that's a really groovy thing to do."

Nightshade Trance: "Dude! My brother! Love you man, you're gonna go far kid."

Glitzen Glamour: "GG! Yo, thanks SO much for that suit, it turned out amazing, fit perfect and everything, you've got a real touch you know?"

Whatnot: "Bit of an odd one ain't ya? But that's alright eh, you're cool in my book and welcome to swing by anytime!"

Vinyl Scratch: "Man, THE DJ P-0N3. One of my idols! It was such an honour to get to chill with you at the Battle Royale. Hope we can hang again sometime!"

Clutch Vibrafang: "DJ SOUNDBYT3, eh, you might be a bit cocky at times, but you seem like you could be a chill dude, you're cool by me."

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