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[Dragon] Ignus


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[ Creature Related Character ]

Name: Ignus

Nicknames: Iggy, Slim

Gender: Male

Age: 'Teen'

Species: Dragon

Eye Color: Lust Red (#E62020)

Physique & Colors:Slim and tall (a bit shorter than Big Mac) especially for his age, white with an onyx black (#0F0F0F) marking starting at the ridges on his head going down to the top of the snout then splitting going under in a line and around each eye, onyx black (#0F0F0F) ridges, black wings.

Residence: Canterlot/Solstice Heights

Occupation: Personal Assistant to Royal Flush

Likes: Gemstones (Specifically Jets (tastes of bittersweet chocolate) and Onyx (tastes of milk chocolate), Ice Cream, Money, Showing off his fire, sleeping on heated rocks, saunas, techno and pop music

Dislikes: Frivolous spending, beds that are too soft, cheaters and hustlers, snobs, sheep, cold days, those who can't take a joke, being thought of as greedy.

Character Summary: Ignus was hatched during an entrance exam to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, after a few years of putting up with a snooty, stuck up, bossy pony, he decided he had enough and left him. Traveling from job to job in Canterlot, Iggy couldn't find the right one for him, it seemed like he'd always have to get a different job every week, that is until he saw an opening for a job at Royal Flush's casino as a personal assistant. Now working as Royal's 'Personal Assistant', Ignus has the daunting task of not only keeping her budget in line, but also making sure she doesn't run the business into the ground on a spurt of upgrades to it. While he himself is rather laid back too, he can't help but be a bit overwhelmed at Royal's sometimes foal-like nature. The term, 'Personal Assistant' turned out to be rather catchall, not only does Ignus send letters and balance Royal's budget, he also sometimes deals game, acts as a bartender, cook AND bouncer. Despite all the work that's thrown at him, he still loves the job and his boss, despite them butting heads on where to spend money, when and how much quite often. Beneath the surface though, Ignus has a heavy heart, as his longevity has suffered unto him the loss of many friends, and thus he finds it horribly hard to lose those close to him, and thus tries his best to make his friends lives as joy filled as he can while he can.

Additional Status: Breathes Black Flames that 'burn cold'. Carries a messenger style bag with lots of pockets filled with papers, notes, bits and GEMS, mmm~.

Reaction To Poison Joke: Becomes a shopaholic.

Font Colour: #480607


Art by Buxy


Royal Flush: "Hey boss, now, you may get on my nerves sometimes, and we may argue, but never doubt that you're one of the best friends I've had. And I mean that."

Tourmaline: "Sup little guy, it was nice getting to meet you at the Gala, if you're ever around Canterlot again, try to find me, we'll hang out."

Rose Madder: "Ahh the lovely Rose. It was a shame our meeting at the Gala was cut so short, I'll be sure to see you again sometime though."

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