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Sunrise Beach

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Name: Sunrise Beach

Gender: Female

Age: Foal (around the same age as the CMC)

Species: Unicorn pony

Pelt Color: Turquoise (Hex: #24dbb6)

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Light Goldenrod (Hex: #f8d85c), Light pale yellow (Hex: #fdf5b5), pink (Hex: #f88f9a)

Eye Color: Royal Blue (Hex: #3579de)

Cutie Mark: A beach ball

Physique: Athletic and lean, otherwise typical foal like.

Residence: Currently she spends most of her time at the home of her mother's friend, Tea Cozy, in ponyville. On the weekends and during the summer, she stays with her mother, Martini Paradise, in Roughrider Ridge.

Occupation: School student, assistant at Tea Cozy's nursery

Motivation: To make her mother proud, and somehow make good bits in a pony sports activity someday so she can make sure her and her mother are never poor again.

Likes: Exploring on her own, Hoof ball, roller derby, running, the beach, bugs and other creepy crawlies, pony beach volleyball, taffy, swimming, watching the sun rise

Dislikes: Bullies, the cold, standing or sitting still too long, jellyfish, being inside too long, rainy days

Character Summary: Sunrise Beach was born on the Gallopocous Islands to a single mother who was just a filly herself, never knowing her father or even anything about him. Spending her formative years with her less than responsible grandparents and a working teen mother who was still growing up herself, still learning how to be responsible. She was often alone, when her mother was working, left to herself at a much too young age. Out of this, Sunrise started growing a fierce independent streak and curiosity to explore.

One day while her mom was at work, and she was with her grandparents at the beach, Sunrise was attacked by a jellyfish while swimming and nearly drowned. Martini nearly paniced when she found out, and it became an epiphany for Martini. She realized that she needed to not just earn for her daughter, but be there for her. As a result, Sunrise and her mother moved away from the islands they each spent their whol lives in, that they loved so much. The two of them moved from town to town, as Martini searched for a steady job and home that would let her spend more time with her daughter.

Sunrise was incredibly saddened to leave the beautiful white beaches and warm blue waters of the islands and didn't really understand at the time why they always had to move. Despite these less than ideal circumstances, she did bond much more closely with her mother, who doted on and spent all her free time with her. Still, things were tough, and schooling was sporadic, which often meant having to stay indoors behind a locked door "for her safety" while mom worked.

The independently minded and mischievous foal would use every opportunity to sneak out and explore the many areas they moved through, often getting herself in trouble. One day, as a solution, Martini had Sunrise signed up the local community outdoors programs for foals. It was this program and the sports it offered that started Sunrise down the road towards her love of outdoor sports. Sunrise quickly became both quite good and very passionate about the sports she participated in, and after one particular close tournament game of volleyball where she managed the winning score for her team, her cutie mark appeared, that of a beach ball.

The most recent home for the duo is the dusty western town of Roughrider, which has no school or organized sports. Her mom, worried for her education, and concerned about Sunrise sneaking out in such a dangerous location, searched for some sort of boarding arrangement where Sunrise could get a real education and start down the path of being a responsible pony. It was through a kind Pegasus named Tea Cozy who ran a nursery that a place was found for Sunrise. With many tears, Sunrise was sent to Ponyville to go school full time and do some chores for Tea Cozy part time as a ward. For Sunrise, it was an opportunity to find some way to get back into competitive sports, and maybe even earn bits so she could make sure both she and her mother are never poor anymore and they can live together again.


Sunrise's mom Martini:


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