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A bit of "advice" or "help" would be appreciated. :P


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Alrighty guys!

I'm working on 6 PMVs right now ,taking my time with each one. I keep brainstorming, but I always come across a song I thin kwould fit very nicely to ponies. It happens to the best of us. :P

The song I'm going to (hopefully) PMV next, is "Not Afraid" by Eminem. Now, mind you I did make a "Remember The Name" PMV, whic hwas my first journey into rap PMVs. I'm interested in doing another.

The thing is? I've got clip ideas for all of the Mane 6, but I don't know who should "sing" the PMV. I won't make the WHOLE THING lip-syncing, but I need a "Star" of this particular PMV.

Warning: Some explicit language, semi-NSFW.

I can't think of who should "Sing" Eminem's part. Rainbow Dash was the main "Star" in "Remember The Name" followed by Scootaloo. Should this one be another Rainbow Dash? Or would FLuttershy, Twilight, or Rarity, OR even Applejack be a good or better idea? I don't think Pinkie Pie is a very good idea for this particular song, BUT if you think os, just let me know.

Anyways guys, PLEASE share any of your ideas as to how I should make this. I'd REALLY appreciate it!

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Listening to the song and examining the lyrics, to me, this song is totally Applejack, especially in the verses.

A lot of the lyrics just seem to reflect her proud, assured and ready for anything attitude. And while that might also work for Dash, then there's the reflective stuff, the stuff about not wanting to let down his fans again and the final verse which stresses family, all of which together says AJ over Dash to me.

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