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Conor Colton

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okay so since you've already been critiqued I'll try to give advice on some of the more obscure things. When you sing it sounds a bit forced at times. To remedy this try using more air. I know that may sound odd how does one use more air right? Basically for you right now that means sing louder and your intonation will get better, never be afraid to belt it out :-o. then it sounds like you ran out of breath a few time (correct me if Im wrong) it ok to skip a word or two if you feel like you're about to pass out. I actually did in the middle of a solo at a choir concert and still achieved a "Superior" rating for it. So while when recording a song you may want it to sound seamless and being able to go for a long time is useful, when you get down to it these days its why we have editing software ;-)

one last thing to help with intonation. the tilt of your head can make a lot of difference when singing at different pitches. when singing high tilt your head up when you are sing low tilt it down some. just a little though, too much in either direction can put strain on your vocal chords.

hope this helps :halo:

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