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Tin Soldier [Final]


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Roleplay Type: Mane

Name: Tin Solider

Nicknames: Sir Tin, Hero of Equestria!

Sex: Male

Age: Colt (10)

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Electric Blue (7DF9FF)

Coat Color: Platinum (E5E4E2)

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Long Shaggy Gold (D4AF37) mane, medium length shaggy tail.

Physique: Average Height, Slightly Muscled.

Cutie Mark: Silver Ring Sitting At A Slight Angle

Origin/Residence: Hoofenheim

Occupation: Jeweler's Son, Aspiring Hero

Motivation: To become the greatest hero the world has ever known.

Likes: Adventure, Excitement, Parks, Sapphires, Butter Tarts.

Dislikes: Confinement, 'Evil Creatures', Brussel Sprouts.

Character Summary: Born to a jeweler and a baker in the Germane city of Hoofenheim, Tin was a privileged foal. His family was well to do enough to provide for him, but still down to earth enough to know that money was not all there was to life. Tin's father, Zillion, was so proud to have a strong healthy son who would be able to help him in his craft and his mother, Quiche Lorraine was also quite proud, she was certain her son would grow up with a kind soul to match her husband's.

As Tin grew up, however, his parents found he was a bit more than they bargained for. At a young age, he was already a swift and rambunctious foal. Running to and fro fighting off the evil beasts that dwell under the stairs, or in the trees, or the trees themselves. It was near impossible to get him to sit still for his school studies, let alone teach him the trade of which his father was so proud. But if a jeweler has one thing in life, it's patience. And over time, Tin learned. He learned to craft simple things at first, rings, wire necklaces, and pretty little baubles. As time went on it became clear he was rather skilled in the craft. That is when anyone could get him to sit still long enough to show it.

A couple years down the road, during one such rare event where his father had his attention, Zillion challenged his son. A drawing of a beautiful necklace, laced with tiny etched dragons with sapphire eyes, and a carved flame ruby pendent was shown to him. He said to Tin, if he could make this, and make it well, he would get him a large gift, whatever the colt chose. Thinking on all the possibilities, Tin eagerly agreed! Ignoring the large beasts and damsels in distress that called from his window, foregoing the battles with evil knights and viscous gremlins, Tin sat down at the work bench, and worked. And worked. The time spent away from the work was spent eating, sleeping, or other needs. The colt had a drive, he wanted that gift.

After weeks and weeks of work, the colt smiled brightly. It was done. It was finally at long last done! Looking the necklace over one last time, Tin was completely unaware of the new silver ring that adorned his flank. Gifted to him as he sat the last stone in the piece. Presenting the work to his father, he grinned. He knew he got it right. And his father did too. The stallion's eyes welled up with pride at not only the work his son was able to do, but his newly acquired cutie mark. True to his word, Zillion took Tin out the next day to get him his gift. Deciding against any mundane gift, the colt KNEW just what he needed to help defend. Dragging his father through the market, Tin finally arrived at his destination. A weapon smith's shop. As Tin pointed at a lance up on the shelf, Zillion scratched his head. He thought about it for a time before speaking to the smith. The smith glanced at the colt and nodded at the child's father. Walking into the back room, the owner brought out a child sized padded lance. One used for games.

The colt's eyes lit up! It was a perfect golden lance! The way it gleamed in the light, it was sure to smite down evil where it stood! Zillion smiled down at Tin, purchasing the lance for the child. Though part of him thought it a bad idea, he knew his son wouldn't be a child forever, let him grow out of it, he decided.

Tin is a happy colt by nature, friend to all, foe to evil! Though the evil he fights is mostly in his head. Be it a crooked tree that to him is a great dragon, or a craggy rock that's a growling troll. Tin is determined to be the greatest defender of Equestria. While he is a kind colt, he sometimes is a little full of himself, stating his glorious 'adventures' as pure fact, often introducing himself as Sir Tin, Hero of Equestria. While he thinks himself a great hero, Tin is still a kid when it gets down to it, leaving him prone to weaknesses and faults that all ponies his age have. Such as their physical strength, energy reserves, and worst of all. Bedtimes. Despite the hard time of keeping him on his studies, Tin seems to learn just as well as anyone else, if not better. Often finishing his work before others, just so he can go to play.

Poison Joke Reaction: Becomes frightened easily and loses nearly all his courage, the things he sees become scary and possibly horrific to him.


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Oh I know lol, I put it there for my own and other's reference. Sure we can say, Foal, or Colt, or what have you, but it's good to have a general idea of around what age they would be human wise x3

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