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  1. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    The gate itself held nothing special, save for a thin lone of glowing light that peeked from between the gate and stinework around it. The filly herself looked back at the gate. Her eyes fearful of what was beyond it. She seemed scared of the glow. To Luna the glow was warm, inviting even. It almost seemed to becon the pair to let it in. As if it had something wonderful to show them. Caramel finally spoke, "I dont deserve to dream... I did something bad and now I don't deserve to dream anymore." At her words the glow pulsed brighter. It was as if it were trying to get through the gate but it couldn't.
  2. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    Caramel seemed to think a moment before speaking. "Not always here. Sometimes I go back to Canterlot where we used to live. However I do not dream of anything. Its always just where ever I live. This is Castle Cloud, my home now." She looked at the main gate and for a moment there was a look of terror in here eyes. But it seemed to pass as she looked away. Sipping her tea she levitates a small cake up, pausing to look at it. "I dont deserve to dream anymore," she said finally.
  3. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    Caramel happily poured a cup for Luna, setting upon a saucer. Fixing her a small plate if sweets as well, the filly set them out for Luna to enjoy at will. "I have seen no pony here before. If you are a dream and a real pony, does that mean you are a spirit?" Curiosity overcame the young pony, as she had not experienced this before. Her eyes focused on Luna for a bit before they came to the crown. Caramel tilted her head softly, "Are you a noble from Maretonia like Momma? She merts with them sometimes for business matters. They never spoke to me before." Caramel watched the princess a bit before returning to her tea. She was unaware who was before her.
  4. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    The princess's voice was loud enough, but it had no echo as it woukd have if it had been the real world. The sound was dead flat, no note or tone to her voice. Nonetheless, Caramel turned and looked at her. "Hello," she said cheerfully.. making extra space at her little tea party she pat a spot for Luna to sit. "Care for some tea ad cakes?" She asked. Caramel's own voice was the same as Luna's. Dead toned with almost no real life to it. No echo and certainly no character. As well it souned almost like a foal's voice. A few years too young. "Are you a dream?" Caramel asked, having never met or seen Luna before, she did not know who or what she was aside from being an allicorn. The filly poured a cup of tea, though it made no sound at all in doing so. A bird landed nearby, its beek moving as though it were singing. And yet, no sounds came.
  5. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    Stormstride nodded softly, understanding as she came to the bedside and looked over her daughter. Closing her eyes she let out a soft sigh and put her face in her hooves and tried to think clearly. Stormstride then moved to sit on one of the side beds and merely wait. She was quiet, calm, but visibly still nervous. She wanted this to be over so her daughter could be happy. The waiting was painful enough, but watching it was making her tremble at points. It was, after all, her baby girl. Inside Caramel's mind was a very quiet, peaceful patch of grass in what looked to be the inside courtyard of a small but well defended palace. The main gate was closed, the walls around the courtyard were easily five ponies high. There were flowers in the bushes that surrounded the courtyard. The filly herself sat there on the grass, having tea with her stuffed animal. Though in this image she was much younger, and her chubbiness was a bit more visible. She certainly liked her sweets. There was no sound here though, no birds signing nor any chatter of guards passing by. It was all absolute silent. Stormstride's own guards stood outside the room, all of them merely watched the door. They understood that Luna's night guard were there to protect her, but their duty was to their noble, and Stormstride was inside that room. They would not leave their spot until she came out.
  6. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    The two guards standing by CaramelCream both nodded. As they left the room, the younger turned and stood at attention in the hall. The older one trotted down the hall to find Stormstride. Though finding her was easy enough, as all her guards were given charms that let them home in on her family when needed. Caramel was still slumbering silently, though one could tell now that her face showed she had been disturbed in her rest. She had that look upon her face a pony would have when someone moved their pillow while they were sleeping. The guard returned after a moment, with Lady Stormstride in tow. The mare stood at the door, waiting her turn to be told to enter. It seemed that when her daughter was in question, Stormstide could become quite the lady indeed. The mare was showing her years at this late hour. Her make up could not hide the scars, and wrinkles of a long and hard fought life. Though one could clearly see the fire in her eyes now. This close to an answer, a bit of help for her daughter and she would not give in. Caramel made a soft moan and rolled over, her round tummy pulling the covers with her a bit. After a moment more, she settled back down and relaxed again. Her ears laying back as she settled down again. Stormstride had to resist rushing to her, though the desire to do so was clear on her face. Stormstride looked to Luna, hopeful and fearful at the same time. "You sent for me, your majesty?" She asked a calm, polite, and delicate tone.
  7. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    Stormstride followed, though she did not like leaving her daughter, she understood that sometimes things had to be done. Entering the room she looked around a moment before sighing and turning to them. She motioned her guards. They relaxed into an at ease position and took stance either side of the door inside the room. "I will remain here until called for." she said softly. She moved to he bed and sat silently. The guards carrying Caramel followed as instructed. Reacing the study, they gently set her down and stood back. One removed his helmet, and set it on the floor beside himself. He was very young, and still very bright eyed. The concern on his face was clear. He was only a bit older than CaramelCream. He glanced at Luna a moment before looking back at his charge. She was sound asleep, but the blankness of her expression was disturbing to him. The other guard with him nudged him and he nodded softly. Putting his helmet back on he whispered to himself softly.
  8. The Dreamless Slumber (Closed. Private)

    Stromstride sat and took a very deep breath. She muttered to her guards, and two of them rushed off at a full gallop. This left just one guard and the captain with Stormstride. The mare looked at her hooves a moment before leaning forward some. She closed her eyes as she put her front hooves on her face. The cold metal of her shoes pressing against the scars on her cheeks as she let out her breath in a long, low sigh. Her ears fell back into her braided, styled mane as she leaned forward a bit. After a moment she put her hooves on the floor with soft heavy clacks of metal on stone. Her tail twitched as she stood again and opened her eyes. Despite the heavy bags under her eyes, displaying her own lack of sleep, Stormstride's gaze was like emerald fire as she stared hard at Luna. She breathed in through her nose and her face set in a hard, tense look. The memories flashing in her eyes were either very enraging, or something else had angered the pony before the princess. Her own guards took a few soft steps away from her, as if expecting her to pitch a fit at any second. But when the mare spoke, her tone was calm, level, but filled with a near loathing hatred. "I do not know the exact cause. I suppose it could be many things. But I can tell you when this all started. CaramelCream, my daughter was born to me and my ex-wife. And she was always a vocal and happy foal. However she started to talk about not dreaming right after... Right after that... mare I married divorced me and abandoned our daughter at daycare while I was on patrol. I came home to the daycare owner at my house, knocking thinking I was home. Caramel was crying for her mother and that... That mare was no where to be found. She left divorce papers on the counter by the front door for me to find and a vague note about leaving Caramel at a local daycare. She had long lost the love of me. And that was fine, I was just another dumb grunt in the armor for the princess. But what she took was every picture of herself, every reminder she had ever lived there. She left NOTHING for our daughter to know her by. She didnt even leave the pictures Caramel doodled with crayons of us as a family. She took all of that and destroyed it so she would have no ties left to our daughter or me. And I...." Stormstride paused from speaking to bring her tone back down and calm herself again. "She left us for a Canterlot noble, became a frequent in Celestia's court and erased all ties to being married to a low class grunt and having a foal with some dumb soldier. That was when my daughter first said she wasnt dreaming. That was years ago and I thought it was because she was still such a young pony there. barely old enough to use full sentences. Still in pre-school, and her mother up and left her like that. For weeks after that she kept saying she couldn't dream. And then she stopped talking about it. Until recently I thought she was dreaming. It was last month she told me she still wasn't dreaming. I exhausted every ounce of energy and effort I could spare without bankrupting all of Maretonia to find out anything and everything I could. We consulted with every pony that had any hint of training in the area of psychology. I even sent out for mystics that might help. Nothing has helped. None of them could point toward a cause, and all of them could not help her. I think that mare That left us was the one that caused it. Intentionally no doubt. She resented Caramel from the moment she was born. That is the only explanation I have left to offer." Stormstride was practically shaking in rage at this point. The mare before Luna was obviously at her wits end, and the lack of sleep for herself had not helped that matter at all. There was the soft thump of hooves entering the throne room that drew Stormstride's attention. The two guards she had seen off were returning, baring something between them. It was a carry cot, the kind unconscious ponies were often carried on. On it was a unicorn filly. Her coat was a caramel color, smooth and thick, her mane was near white and fluffy. her rounded stumpy horn poked up just barely an inch out of her mane. She was sound asleep, covered lightly on the stretcher by a soft blanket. Stormstride moved to her and gently brushed her mane from her face. The filly slumbered on, totally unaware of what was happening around her. But her mind was near total blank. No dreams, no eyes or ear twitches to indicate anything. Nothing was happening at all.
  9. The Night Courts of Canterlot were an unusual place indeed. These proceedings were more subdued, calm, and held a certain peacefulness that made Stormstride feel more at ease. Though given her escort, the minor noble was likely one of the few ponies feeling at ease. Nobility often had their own private honor guard, which was nothing new. What did appear to be new was the fact that Stormstride's Honor Guard were wearing armor made of a black, non-reflective metal, and adorned with antlers, horns, and what looked likes claws and fangs of dangerous and wild beasts. There were even a few dragon claws attached to the helm of what was her captain. They were quiet, but their faces were hidden behind full helmets, their full bodies covered in chainmail, furs, pelts, leathers, and plated armor that made them look like walking amalgamations of monstrous magically crafted metal golems and wild animals combined. Clashing with that was the mare herself, in a simple white satin toga and golden crown made in the shape of lightning. Maretonian nobility by style and design, and the way she carried herself as well denoted that same are that Maretonian Unicorns carried. The self importance and pompousness many of them had was there, but to a much less degree. The only thing about her that stood out as strange were the shoes on her hooves. One could see the gleaming silver metal, and the mounting screws driven into her hooves, permanently mounting those shoes to her. On her neck hung a simple silver charm, cast with the family crest of her house. The mare's emerald green eyes stood apart from her mottled gray and dark gray mane. The silvery streaks blending in her mane twisted with the dark rolling grays, creating the look that her mane, tail and coat were made of rolling storm clouds, and beset with two gems for eyes. The deep and long scars on her chest, left cheek, and left front leg were visible. This mare was no stranger to combat. However it seemed she came not to pick a fight. Instead when it was her turn to speak she came forward, produced a scroll with her credential and then spoke in a tone of both respect and dignity. "Your highness, Princess Luna. I have come before you to request your advice and assistance on a matter dear to my family and our home. As many here are aware, I, Stormstride Cloud am not within good standing within Equestria. That being said, I hope that that will not taint the request I wish to place before you. My daughter has..." She paused, to glance around as if checking to see who was watching before continuing. "My daughter has stopped dreaming. In fact she has not had a dream in many years. I have tried my own magic to help, and sought the help of others in my own lands. However, this is something that we can not understand, nor can we treat. This lack of dreams has brought my daughter a lot of anguish as of late. She is of the age she wants to attend a more focused school. Centering around her talent in cooking. She has several selected here in Equestria and a few in Maretonia. But she has become depressed because she is very different." Stormstride took a step closer, and spoke in a whisper, "Please. I know Your sister loaths ponies like myself, but do not hold it against a filly barely out of her foalhood years. She's already deaf. She shouldn't have to suffer this too." Despite the looks and jeers of a few of the Canterlot nobility that knew of Stormstride's reputation and her previous deeds or misdeeds as they would refer to them, the mare before Luna was sincere in her request. She did not make a show, but she was almost begging for help. This was in honesty a mother seeking help for their child. And so it seemed Stormstride had no other choice but to come to Equestria to seek help.
  10. Darkest Deceptions Become Reality

    That.....would be a bit more than 500 gems. This is a well established crime family. Something like that, they would have to field the cost to acquire, transport, pay off guards and dock workers, find captain and crew that will keep a tight lip, get the right kind of ship, etc. but its an interesting idea to say the least. I'll definitely keep it in mind when I get ready to start these threads.
  11. Darkest Deceptions Become Reality

    As long as he has the coin they can probably pick up some things he might be wanting. They just need payment, items to get, and location to deliver. after that its a game of waiting and watching for the delivery.
  12. Head in the Sand (private)

    Firestorm sat on his flank in silence for what had to be at least four full minutes. He said nothing to the three of them, nor did he speak to the towns ponies. After a moment he turned and called out for one of them. A mare approached, her left cheek baring a heavy scar. "Did you write the full details or did you just put down the coordinates and tell them to come rescue me?" The mare looked at the ground. "My liege, please, hath heart and haken my words before passing strong judgement. Until your hooves trod through the sands, we had thought our town the last in all Equestria. Our ancestors had survived strife and change unrelenting, under what we were predisposed to knoweth as the truth. Please... begone hence with your own brethren and best forget we doth exist. Let out township fade from memory, as the days gone hath forgotten our ancestors as well." She turned and wandered back into the town. Leaving Firestorm to sit there in the burnt sands with the three. Turning to them he motioned them to bring their cart and follow him. He led them to his own, a larger, enclosed cart with a door. As he came to it, he reached up and pulled the blindfold from his face. Turning to look at them, he let them get a very good look at the eyes he had. Having lost all their color to the cloudiness, forever darkened and robbing him of all sight. The blindfold was not to impress others with his skills, but to hide a shameful fact, as the former commander, was now completely blind. "99% by now. If I had still been a commander some time back, I would have had access to a proper military surgical unit. Unfortunately, I was demoted from commander to sergeant By Celestia's personal order, my barracks broken up and scattered about. Last I heard several of them were dismissed from duty, though for what reason's I can not be certain. I was given the 'problem soldiers' as it were to begin with. They weren't much, but they were my troops. And while we were just a town barracks in a lower end of Canterlot, we did everything as best we could. Now then. As for the matter at hoof, It was not like I could read the letter she wrote and I heard the scribbling so I assumed she was actually writing after the coordinates were given. I had intended to inform the REA that there was a lost town of ponies here, detached from Equestria ages ago, roughly 400 years. They didn't know that Equestria had pioneered the lands around them, and that their ancestor's illusion spells were failing to hide them now. I heard the pleas for help, from a plateau not far away. a few hours at a hard gallop. What I see now is that these ponies do not know how things in Equestria have changed. They were under the impression that the princess was still as tight hoofed and had run the country into the ground. They knew nothing about the REA of today, and the engineer corps that can build proper roads to connect this town to the trade caravans. Get proper supplies, fortify some walls, and post a small group of guards. This town would be secure. You have to forgive them their distrust. Until I trotted into town, they hadn't seen another pony aside from their own kin for a long time." Turning back to his cart he opened the door and his magic reached inside, pulling out his saddle bags and digging out some dried fruit to offer them. "Now that you have my sob story and their's. Mind filing me in on your full orders? or was it literally just 'bring him back', because if it was, I will not resist."
  13. Head in the Sand (private)

    The ponies shoveling the dying embers looked strangely at the three that seemed to arrive, so suddenly and without any apparent guide. None of them spoke, but all looked spooked. Around these ponies, locked in place by the fusing of their sand bodies were various Sand Coyotes, as well as the charred remains of other larger and what could have been more menacing desert creatures. Finally, one of the ponies spoke, though his accent was much closer to an older dialect of Equestrian. "We hath lived in this place five generations hence, hearkening back neigh three hundred and twenty and one years. Our forefathers sought refuge in the desert from the strange and oft daft ways of what was the princess of that forgotten time. Tis here the only patch of land which provided a place to grow crops and provided a meager spring to draw forth water. For which is it thou hast come? To make war or peace?" The stallion speaking passed his look of wary confusion between the three. The ponies were slowly raising their shoves, as they inched away from the three new comers. The nearest town had been two days away, and no pony was able to see their town for the strange mirages that surrounded the outcropping. At least no pony before now. Had the mirages failed or had some pony dispelled them so that travelers could see? The only pony that would know would be... There was a crunch on the broken sands as the heat began to rise again. Though limping, A red and orange coated Stallion stepped toward them slowly, his horn glowing as he turned his head to and fro slowly. He wore a red blindfold that also acted as a tie to keep his mane in a tight but flowing ponytail. He said nothing as she slowly limped closer, just turning his ears to and fro. Then he canted one ear toward each of the three new comers in turn, before turning the other to the ponies that had been shoveling the burnt and ruined sands into the ditch. As he padded off, the temp began to lower back down again. His back leg wrapped in a tight bandage, looking like some dog had bit him hard. He was headed for an outcrop of rock with nothing under it but the heat shimmer of the burned sands distorting the view until he simply vanished from view. After a moment he came back, in his teeth he grasped a bucket of water which he brought to the ponies with shovels, setting it down for them to get a drink as he moved toward the three. "I asked for a battalion... and they sent us two ponies and one changeling. I must say, you are either the bravest three, or the most expendable three that the REA has to offer. perhaps my old Lieutenant was correct and there is no saving the system now, however good you are you should have brought more unless you were all that was assigned. To date I have detained roughly fourteen Sand dogs of some species, and successfully slain five larger creatures I believe they were possibly manticore of some sub species that lived out here in the desert. But I cant keep this up on my own, I'm not a soldier anymore. So what are the plans? is the REA going to send an engineer corp out here to build a proper road that we can defend or are you going to clear out the entire Frontier of everything that could ever threaten the town? If the second is the case, perhaps you have some magic or artifacts I was not privy to when I was a commander. If that is the case, then please by all means, feel free to begin. I will get the residents in the town to shelter down. Just don't bring that outcrop down on us please......" The way he spoke, he had no idea who was actually in front of him, and assumed they were there for the town. But the tattered blindfold covering his eyes was a dead give away. Even with the saddle bags covering his cutie mark, this was Flashfire to a T. From the color of his mane, tail, and coat to the measured militaristic way he spoke like he were still in command of a unit somewhere. "Is there something I should know?" He asked, suddenly feeling the unease of the towns ponies behind him.
  14. Darkest Deceptions Become Reality

    im hoping for a full variety of characters. not just good and bad characters. But like the common pony caught up in the mess. Maybe a pony for hire working as a PI looking into a missing pony case or perhaps investigating for a client that had somthing valuable stolen. Maybe a pony that has had enough and any time they see mafia activity they decide to try and take pot shots at them with spells or hurl rocks at them. Maybe a pegasus with a batman complex thinks they can do something about it all. This series is about variety, and the millions of ways even the most mundane pony or other can get swept up in it. maybe someone saw something they werent supposed too. Or they decided to pinch from a fleeing mobster while no pony saw them. Maybe some small time pickpocket gets in with the big boys. Its not just my imagination here. There are a thousand things that can happen.
  15. Darkest Deceptions Become Reality

    They are all part of the same series. They will tie together but not all at once. Like one thread will mention events from one or two of the others. Like the PD talking about a bank robbery from the previous thread, or the villains talking about seeing cops at some restaurant from two threads back. The threads will be planned in advance, and every player will be able to weigh in on what their characters can do. Im looking for all kinds of characters. Griffons, ponies, zebras, you name it. Several of my own ponies will be taking part in a few of these threads others I will have some of my lesser known OCs coming in. Its all about what you think they can offer.