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  1. She sighs. "Excuse me, where are we?" "Dodge Junction, Princess Ce....." "Just Catherine, I'm not a princess." "But you have..... nevermind." Cat looks over. "Well, we're at our next destination, Lullaby. So did you have any good dreams?"
  2. Cat woke up when she felt the train jolt to a stop. She looked around and then nudged her cousin. "I think we're here, Lullaby." She looks at her. "But I don't think we hit our destination."
  3. Spirit sighs and looks around. "Hmmm.... so Twilight didn't arrange things.... I mean Princess Twilight, sorry. Did my mother arrange it?" He asks. Rainbow Dash trots in smiling. "No, I didn't arrange anything. However I do have an idea. Did you receive a letter?" Spirit shakes his head. "No. I had a feeling from the moment I woke up." Rainbow Dash smiled. "Then it's simple. Princess Luna. That is if you all had the same feeling." She chuckled. "Hey Twilight. It's been awhile, hasn't it?"
  4. Spirit looked at Marvelous Surprise and smiled. "What's up?" He says. "You wouldn't know who set this up would you?"
  5. Spirit shrugged. "I don't know. Mom said I was to meet you guys. Something about us becoming friends." She looks at Twilight. "You don't have anything to do with this, do you?" He asks her.
  6. Spirit stood up and bowed politely to Twilight. "Greetings, Princess, will you be joining us?" He smiled. "And I presume, judging by his look, is the son of Princess Luna. I performed for her a time or two. Though locations get blurry when you perform all over Equestria. Now we are waiting for just one more but... I don't know if he or she will be coming. Anyway it seems most everypony is here. Though I'm not even sure why. I mean there hasn't been any trouble in a good many years, courtesy of our parents and you, Princess."
  7. He nodded. "Sorry, I've yet to meet anypony that mom knows. I've been busy. I do have a picture of the five of us together... but it's too old and well.... none of our parents are in it. I did get to meet Twilight a few times. But that was growing up." He looked over. "Not a bad place. Mom did tell me to meet everypony here. I really didn't want to leave my show though." He looks out the window then over. "I enjoy putting on shows for ponies in the hospital. Though my foal sitter was Uncle Rumble." He chuckled. "Sorry, I get quite random with speaking sometimes." He looked in the reflection of the tin. "And I forget how this suit messes with one's mane." He says taking his hooves to brush his mane back. "Can't stop looking cool for any reason." He says. "And I've heard a lot about you all, though.... being busy makes it easy to get you fitted with the wrong parents." He looks. "Though the way you were bouncing I could've sworn.... I met Pinkie for a short time when I went to put on a show for her sisters. Hard to put them and her in the same family though." He looks around. "So do you have any idea what to expect from the others we're to meet up with?"
  8. Rainbow Spirit shook his head. "No not yet. I hope they'll arrive soon." He takes a cloth and wipes his goggles down. "And yes, I am Rainbow Spirit. RS or Spirit works just fine." He says to him. "And well met, Bolt. Judging by your personality I would say your mother is Mrs. Pinkamena Diane Pie. Am I correct?" He asks him. "No doubt you can tell who mine is. Captain Rainbow Dash. Of the Wonderbolts. And before you ask, no I don't aim to join them. I am doing pretty well solo." He chuckled. "You know what they say. If it's not broke, don't fix it. I just got done in Filydelphia. It's home to me." He says leaning back as he takes a bite of his hayfries. "Oh you got a bit of black on ya." He grabs the tin for the napkins and hands it over. "Here."
  9. Long ago, in the distant land of Equestria, land of friendship, love, and of course the three races of Ponies, the strong Earth Ponies, built mostly for farming; the majestic and wise Unicorn Ponies, filled with magical abilities to help defend our home on the ground; the fast and quick Pegasus Ponies, those that control the weather and help in many more ways. It would be a lie to say all is perfect in Equestria, but it isn't all sunshine's and rainbows. Equestria has been attacked by the likes of Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek, and even things as small as Parasprites. But thanks to the protectors of Equestria: Rainbow Dash, representing the element of loyalty; Rarity, element of generosity; Applejack, element of honesty; Fluttershy, element of kindness; Pinkie Pie, element of laughter; and Princess Twilight Sparkle, element of magic; and let's not forget the princess's number one assistant Spike. However the time came when those elements had to return to the Tree of Harmony. Now years have passed and Equestria faces a new threat. However, the ponies who wielded the elements before cannot anymore. It is to be passed down to the next generation. Who will these ponies be? Only time will tell..... One of the ponies, Rainbow Spirit, would be seen flying overhead Filydelphia, much like his mother he was quite a show off, however the difference was that he preferred solo acts as opposed to being in groups like the Wonderbolts. He was putting on a show for a big crowd. A big crowd of sick little foals to cheer them up. After the show as a grand finale he took off at a fast speed in the direction of Ponyville. Landing in town square he takes a gander around and trots to a restaurant. Inside he orders himself some hayfries as he relaxes and waits to meet up with those ponies his mother's friends children. He took off his hood and goggles laying them down aside. The outfit was made out of latex, much like the Wonderbolts' outfits. The color was different. It was the colors of the rainbow, his cutie mark was the logo on the flank of the outfit, which was that of a cloud in the colorations of a rainbow. He waited for everypony to arrive as he ate his lunch.
  10. Still after one more element, one connected with Applejack, for the new Elements of Harmony. If we get that then we can get the story going. Others are also welcome to join in and play as other ponies too, you do not have to be an element.

  11. Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwhich: Marvelous Surprise - Female Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane: Rainbow Spirit - Male Princess Luna and Darky: Moom Warden - Male Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps: Finespun - Male Rarity and Fancy Pants; Bolted Tinkerer - Male Applejack and ?: ?-? There, heh, now all we need is Applejack. ^^
  12. Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwhich: Marvelous Surprise - Female Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane: Rainbow Spirit - Male Princess Luna and Darky: Moom Warden - Male Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps: Finespun - Male Rarity and Fancy Pants; Bolted Tinkerer - Male Applejack and ?: ?-?
  13. I haven't thought of a plot, I seem to have better luck with just winging it.
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