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  1. I would love to commission you! Thats such a nice art style!
  2. Hello. Im looking to do a particular RP. Its a little cringy in my mind, so I was debating on if I should post it. But, might as well, since if I never try, I wont know if anyone else would be into it. While listening to the song Jekyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch, I have come up with an idea based around a couple of their songs!Its basically like this: My character has gone insane, with a sort of Jekyll and Hyde complex. He is calm and normal when he is "Jekyll" and out for blood, always looking to kill something as "Hyde." He is sent to a mental hospital where he is treated poorly after biting a doctor's ear off. Sent to a padded cell, it looks like things are just gonna get worse for him. Until, your character, a doctor in the asylum, finds his case and feels sorry for him. You decide its time someone tried to help him, and secretly go off and do just that, after being denied permission to help him. I will be playing multiple characters in this, not just my OC. So, you dont have to worry about playing more than one character. Sooo.. Just give me a pm if you wanna do this!
  3. So, I came with this idea a while ago, and began to write a fan fic about it. I wanna sort of play it out in a roleplay! Now, the idea here is that the mane six are old, and feeble. They can no longer protect the land from trouble, and their enemies know this. Darkness threatens the existence of all Equestria, and it seems nopony can stop it from happening... Until...One day, a group of five friends have wandered to the vary spot Nightmare Moon was defeated by the elements of harmony. The band of ponies, unknowingly awaken a power within that vary place, that can save all Equestria from the dark forces that come... Lightning strikes, and opens an ancient doorway to the Armory of The Elements! It is said, that when the six ponies who embody the Elements of Harmony eventually grow old, and incapable of defending the world, that the Knights of The Elements shall be chosen, and Darkness will tremble before them!I need 5 others for this. I will play another knight, whom is in the Armory, called Sven, or metal head as the hero's will call him. (Actually, its name is open to change, Im still making him. :P) This is going to be race open, you can play as anything you wanna be! This will be feral, so... yup!
  4. After looking around the forums, I came across an old RP that went by the same title. It looked pretty good! And it ended so shortly... I think I wanna do something rather similar to it. If you take a look in the RP its about the old times of Equestria, how the three pony races were all fighting. Well, in here, the ponies all go to war. A unicorn couple decide that enough is enough and decide to join the fight! But! They cant find a foal sitter... Then, the father remembers, his secret brother, an earth pony. They reluctantly go to forbidden territory, risking everything to make sure their son is safe. Soooo... Yeah, Just let me know if any of you are up to doing this Idea with me. All credit for the nice idea, go to the original poster "BassCleff"
  5. Hey, everyone! My name is Mr Cry, and I have come here from a... *ahem* different roleplay site. I think a change needs to be done, and Imma just come here now! So, if anyone wants to chat or RP, I am always open!