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  1. Sorry! Had things ta do. Uhhh, can someone set us all up on a pm? Still gotta help Grand mama with moving.
  2. Well they were hidden there, because... why the heck would she look in her own castle for the items that would destroy her, right? Okay, So its been 25 hours, so we can get ourselves started! Imma get a pm situated, and we shall begin!
  3. well... In this universe lore, Princess Celestia was a paranoid ruler, having many enemies, who wouldnt be paranoid? She was mostly paranoid about her sister breaking from her prison on the moon, so she had weapons created for six warriors, making up a prophecy about you guys' characters, sending them to a secret room in the place Nightmare Moon was defeated by the elements. (dont know the official name for the place :/)
  4. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Stormchaser Honesty: Bronco Loyalty: AllScrewsLoose Generosity: Monokuma Magic: NamelessTrax Well, it looks like we have everyone! Unless, there were others who wanted to play rogue characters like Sven.
  5. Well! Time for rock paper scissors! Or you guys can make an agreement.
  6. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Monokuma Honesty: Bronco Loyalty: AllScrewsLoose Generosity: Magic: NamelessTrax
  7. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Monokuma Honesty: Bronco Loyalty: Generosity: Magic:
  8. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Monokuma Honesty: Loyalty: Generosity: Magic: We'll put you down for it right now. If no one else is a unicorn, we may have to make Sanar Magic. I mean, we don't need to use a unicorn for magic. We could have someone play a earth pony who's like... Way gifted with magic, idk.
  9. Laughter: smartbrony Kindness: Honesty: Loyalty: Generosity: Magic:
  10. While were here... What does everyone wanna be? I am not gonna be any of the element knights, so you don't have to worry about lil ol Sven.
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