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    I enjoy many things, I enjoy anime, all things paranormal, roleplaying, friends, cars, just talk with me and get to know me.

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  1. Astroneer too me is like a space version of mine craft. But its not bad i think they have a demo if you wanna try it out.
  2. Have any of you tried Astroneer? Its not a bad game though its still in alpha i think so its not completely done from what ive seen. Has a few bugs to work out, and honestly i wish they had more flying stuff instead of just a space ship to jump to other planets.
  3. thought id say hello! Not that many active people on here much, kinda stink but im still looking about! n.n

    1. Pretzelparty


      A lot are hanging out more on discord lately. XD I'm still trying to keep a rpesence ont eh site but it can be kind tough with all the real life stuff going on lately. 


      It's nice to meet you though :)

    2. CallosSombra


      hahah heard that i go on discord sometimes though i do enjoy the site a bit more for rp though i guess if i wanted to start one on discord all id have to do is add them and pm them xD


      And ty n.n

  4. I know there are still a few people left here just wondering how many, most of you are most likely using discord which is why this site is slowly dying it seems. Anyways if your still using the site just leave a message, just interested n.n
  5. Looks like it might be awhile.. lol
  6. Im new here but wb and good luck with everything, be nice to meet more active people n.n
  7. Don't have a picture but leave it to say im a just a chubber who is a nice guy. n.n
  8. Mine was just a base i found and edited to my needs.
  9. Hmm not much really, honestly im not sure if i even consider myself one now but maybe when i watched the show more a year or more back maybe. i still collect things from time to time but right now i just enjoy the role play more then the show, That or fan fics. If anything what i hate about people who called them selves bronies are not tolerant to others that or are really two faced to others.
  10. Thanks for the follow.

    1. auroraran12


      thanks hey seen the siren and the seamare on youtube if you haven't listen to it its amazing

    2. CallosSombra


      have to check it out. n.n

    3. auroraran12


      here the link 


  11. Good to see another face, if you wanna say hey leave me a message n.n
  12. Well if you do i can give you a recipe on how to make ice cream using just bananas as a base
  13. Undertail was fun be nice to see a show made from it.
  14. Hello there its nice to meet ya, im still new myself, still trying to find people who are active. seems a bit slow but thought id say hi and how do you do. Not much to me i enjoy roleplay, art, music, fan fiction, and games. Want to know more just ask. n.n
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