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  1. I saw your post about me in the inactivity thread. I'd just like to say this: I don't remember you, and probably never will, but you seem to be a good enough friend. Perhaps we'll meet again. Perhaps not. Only time will tell.

  2. I haven't been active all that much, so maybe this won't have all that much of an effect but I do wish to say that I will effectively be leaving Canterlot. I've been here for a while, sure, but I've got so may other forums, and so many other RPs, and Canterlot just doesn't catch my eye much anymore. So, that's my story. I know that a lot of you probably don't know me, or don't really care, because I'm inactive enough anyway, but I bid you all adieu. For the time I was here and active, it's been fun. See you all around, I guess. ~Hinata
  3. http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=6770636
  4. http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=6769240
  5. Hey you! We haven't talked in forever. Chat me up sometime!

  6. You have definitely peaked my interest, good sir. I may try my hoof at some of these roles.
  7. I know what's going on, but I just didn't add it, because I was worried that adding anything more would interfere with starting points.
  8. [colour=#282828]Your name: Fluttershy[/colour] [colour=#282828]Your species: Pegasus[/colour] [colour=#282828]Age: 15[/colour] [colour=#282828]Gender: Female [/colour] [colour=#282828]Height: 5'1''[/colour] [colour=#282828]Weight: 110 lbs[/colour] [colour=#282828]Eye colour: Moderate teal[/colour] [colour=#282828]Mane colour: Light rose[/colour] [colour=#282828]Description of your pony form: [/colour]Fluttershy is a light yellow pegasus pony with blue-green eyes and a pink mane and tail. [colour=#282828]Description of your human form: Somewhat pale skin, and her mane now covers one of her eyes most of the time, just adding to her shy look. She wears a [/colour][colour=#282828]light yellow short sleeve t-shirt, a pink skirt, and pink high heels.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Cutie Mark: Three butterflies with pink wings and blue antennae.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Backstory: Fluttershy, having, of course, been with Twilight and the others as the portal to another dimension happened, was dragged in along with them, kicking and yelping to no avail. She passed out as she was in the portal, mostly due to fear, and when she came to, she was in a place she didn't recognize.[/colour] [colour=#282828](Fluttttershhhhhhhhhy~)[/colour]
  9. Apple Fritter was trotting around her house, as she was, to put it simply, bored. She decided the mail should've come by now, so she walked outside to go see what she had gotten. Probably more bills or whatever. She opened her mailbox, taking out the few letters that were in there. [colour=#00ff00]"Lesse here..."[/colour] She said as she looked through her mail. [colour=#00ff00]"Bill, bill, letter from cousin Applejack, bill..."[/colour] She said before stopping herself and backing up. [colour=#00ff00]"Letter from Applejack?"[/colour] She said, taking the letter out of the envelope and reading it. She nodded a few times as she read it, and then let it drop from her hooves as she rushed inside to go get her saddlebag. The letter had asked her to help, and help she shall. She ran out after she was prepared, trying to find the shortest route possible to Ponyville. [colour=#00ff00]"Ah'm comin', cuz! Don't ya worry!"[/colour] She yelled, running off towards where she thought Ponyville would be.
  10. You are very welcome, darling~ By the way, cool avatar.
  11. In this board, yes, that's all you need~
  12. Ohoho, m'dear. This is the free RP section. Out there in the other RP boards, yes, you would have to create your own, but here, you can be anyone you want!
  13. Fantasia walked into the classroom, her hat covering her eyes. [colour=#00ffff]"Howdy, everypony! Ah'm here, don't worry!"[/colour] She said, pushing her hat out of her eyes. It just went back down into its original position, however, and she sighed, sitting down at her desk.
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