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About Time....I mean R.I.P.




Before anyone asks, I didn't lose a family member. I have been on-and-off due to the recent death of my beloved DINOSAUR computer. It was made when Windows 2000 was the main Operating System and it had been running Windows XP for some time. I have owned it for four years, and prior to that it was an ex's for--he never said. He received it from his father whom had received it from his boss. It was a loyal, dedicated computer, albeit slow as frozen molasses in December. My son now has a new toy to play with, as he loved to smack the ever-loving daylights out of this tower. So, I bid farewell to my old-as-dirt Dell Desktop...and eagerly await the arrival of a high-end laptop for my husband so I may have the lightning-fast Windows 7 running Lenovo tower. I will NOT miss fighting my computer.



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Well, upside; going from XP to Win 7, you won't have to hassle with it too much since 7 was a lot like XP with a bit few new touches here and there. You'll love it!

((Also, sorry for such a late reply. >.< ))

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