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The Moon Rises


I forgot to upload this, cause the first time I tried the file was too big and I had been too lazy to resize it XD

Directly inspired by the amazing song

DA: http://kudalyn.deviantart.com/art/The-Moon-Rises-288110372

Tumblr: http://kudalyn.tumblr.com/post/18592416065

From the album:

Kuda's Art

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Yay for cast shadows. :) I like how her tail is its own light source, which is all the more noticeable with the shadows. (if you don't mind a small critique, perhaps distorting the shadows a bit so they perspective towards the edges ((yes I just verbed perspective)) would help increase the illusion that they're being cast by the light of the moon? Unless you're going for a specular highlight effect, at which point you might want to have more vertical bleed across the shadow cast by the rail? Just some thoughts... don't mind them too much.)

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This is so lovely. The way you did her mane and tail is fabulous, this picture looks like the mane and tail with start waving and dancing at any moment <3

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Everything you did with this is beautiful! The tail, the shadows, the gradient of colors in the background. It's all so pretty!

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