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  1. Switch was having a day off from travelling, resting calmly in his wagon, nestled just outside of the town of Ponyville, the wagon, although being somewhat large due to being a live in wagon, was hidden quite well between the trees that lined the pasture outside of town. The pony was wearing his chestplate and helmet as per usual, and was reading up on some of his favourite ancient stances, a tome he had received from a very nice book seller in town. If it wasn't for his armour he could pass for any other stallion; not being very big or muscled, or imposing in any way however it was not a problem to him; he was plenty friendly enough even in his armour. Ocellus was wandering happily around town; it being a weekend so there was no school. She was currently in her natural form, with her translucent pink 'mane' and ladybug like wing covers. She didn't know what to do really; her friends were not around to play with, but that didn't mean she couldn't make more friends, after all, sharing was an important friendship lesson, and a reformed changeling knew there was nothing more worthwhile sharing than friendship. She stopped by Sugar Cube Corner on her walk, getting a few pastries to have a nibble on before picking up another book to read from a charitable book seller who seemed to enjoy her company and so let her borrow books. As she was walking by the fountain she watched as a rather large pony with stature similar to Professor Applejack's brother set up a guitar and started to perform. Ocellus liked music; she was a good singer and sung a lot back at the hive, creativity after all was usual for the reformed Changelings. She sits down on a bench, listening to the music, the book set down in front of her with her bag of goodies as she gently sung along to the music, keeping moderately quiet but feeling the urge to sing along nonetheless; a habit she had picked up in the land of the ponies, where randomly joining somepony in non-choreographed musicals was just an everyday thing. "We'll walk in the fields of gold~" She sung happily, flipping a page in her book.
  2. "Ah yes of course. There's no easier prey for the rich to feast upon than themselves, the whole form over function thing which seems so prevalent in high society. Always confuses me really; a culture of spending more and more for the sake of spending. Makes me wonder how long your average rich pony stays rich really. But hey, this Mareage place sounds nice, actually, I think I've been there before, purely business sadly, but I liked the decor of the place; seemed comfy, went along well with the owner's personality." as Wind stands he nods "Of course." The other pony seems very calm about her talks and threats, almost too calm really; like everything she said was something he had hoped she would say. Unseen to Wind, Lens was shaking his head at the other stallion with a worried expression, the other stallion went to speak quietly "Don't wo-" he looks down at his drink then to Lens, giving the 'really' eyes. Lens shrugs with a smile. That was when the stallion got up and immediately walked into one of the back rooms, the sounds of things being thrown about were heard with a lot of voices before a trio of ponies were led out by the stallion, keeping them held with magic as he leaves. "Yeah I guess they won't." Lens says, ignoring the display of the ponies being led out by force "Well I mean, isn't the whole thing about dates that they are romantic? Have to be a pretty unlucky stallion to go on a platonic date." As Wind announces herself to be single Lens blushes somewhat "Erm... yeah, to the future and whatnot." he said, quickly raising his glass; he may be smooth and on top of things normally, but he was normally prepared; this time he was caught endjob by a pony who seemed to be on the chase.
  3. Ocellus was currently in a book induced reading coma, her nose stuck so far between the pages that she wouldn't realise anything was coming until it was already there; though that was one side effect of being a Changeling now; there were very few threats that were outright dangers to a Changeling, plus with her efforts to counter her nervous nature she had found reading as her ultimate getaway. It was her way of relaxing and shutting out the world for short periods of time, as well as brushing up on lesson material. It was due to this calm reading nature that Ripley was able to sneak up on Ocellus, the bark making her jump with a little "Eep!" as she promptly transformed into her pony form for safety before looking down at Ripley, gasping happily as her form then switched to a turquoise coloured dog with a pink collar, laughing happily as she trots up to the dog, letting out a few barks to let Ripley know that she was friendly.
  4. He was finally on his way; at this point Lens finally allowed himself to start listening to things after tuning out so much of what Jackpot had said for so long; although it was lucky he tuned in at the end because of a minor detail that Jackpot mentioned; the receptionist's odd reaction to the ensemble. Lens knew that Jackpot had acquired this outfit recently from the fact that he had never worn it himself; however the pony was trusting of just about anypony and so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch that this receptionist may have had ulterior motives, after all it was as the other detective had said; this fabric had apparently just been owned by the rival society to Rarity's. It was at that moment his brain went into overdrive considering the possibilities here; whether they were right or not, he had to speak to this receptionist, get to the bottom of the situation. Speaking of getting to the bottom, he was now in the elevator and ready to go down, when the attendant notices the suit; something he could use to his advantage here. "It is rather. Just won it in a game of cards. Hey, I'm just wondering, the receptionist here; what can you tell me about her? I'm curious about the mare." he asks, hoping to get some information before reaching the bottom, Lens was not one to enjoy wasting time, and so if he could get even one answer from this elevator ride it would be worth it.
  5. Ocellus was not a naturally brave changeling, but she was a friendly changeling, and to her that was well enough to start working on her shy personality. She was wondering around the streets of Ponyville, keeping near the School of Friendship so she didn't get lost in the winding streets. Currently she was relaxing near Sugar Cube Corner, just sat down on a bench in her changeling form, enjoying the warmth of the day, a few books open on the bench with her that she flicks through, enjoying the tales and stories that pony books had to offer. Her translucent pink 'mane' let the light shine through it, casting a few little pink beams of light on the bench in front of her as she reads, her similarly translucent wings flapping every so often to keep a cool breeze around her.
  6. Coltson was normally a happy pony; he kept pleasure in the simpler things such as a good book, or a nice antique. Or at least the Coltson most ponies knew was that; the humble Ponyville Bookstore owner. Quirky with a like for antiques, that was the only part which transferred over to the secret agent's true job as an agent of S.M.I.L.E. subdivision L.A.U.G.H. However at work the antiques normally were less idle and a lot more vocal about being handled; hence his duty to find and contain such items where nocreature could use them. However today took the pony a long way from home, finding himself in Long Kong and with quite a bit of time on his hooves until his contact arrived with the item, he looked for a place to lay low for a bit; he was fully aware of the organisations that prowled these streets, and even though he knew they weren't aware of him; it wouldn't take much to derail his mission. Spotting a decent looking place called 'The Howler's Den' he does up the buttons on his black business jacket, makes sure his dark sunglasses were sat well on his face, and wandered into the establishment; feeling the music of the place hit him; it certainly had an old school atmosphere to it. He wanders up to the bar counter, taking a seat beside a very interesting lineup, and waited for the bartender to finish the introductions to another newcomer while his eyes darted around the room from behind his shades.
  7. "Yeah I'm sure you were. However in my business there's no room for trust or friends unless they're on the payroll." he states matter of factly, still prepared for funny business to ensue. "I've played and won against some of the biggest cheats in the business, dirty play has never scared me when a job is on the line. Now let's hurry this up; I am still on the clock and no matter how appealing it would be, I can't justify paying by the hour if this goes on any longer." He quickly follows to the elevator, entering the space he keeps a careful eye on the attendant as the elevator rises to the top; he wasn't trusting of many ponies, and for good reason considering his line of work. Once they got to the room, Lens only afforded himself a quick glance around for any traps or dangers; the place seemed clean, in both senses of the word. Not only that but he could probably fit two of his workspaces into this one room; made him reflect on this job he was doing and the value this could have to his business. While Jackpot was in his room, Lens investigated the room further, considering relieving him of a bottle of cider, before deciding against it for now, going back to stand near the elevator. When Jackpot gave the garment to him, he took it using his magic, keeping the material levitating in front of him he shrugs "Yeah sure. No promises; if it comes to helping my client or costing you a trip to the laundry I know which one I'll be taking." he says, quickly going back to the elevator, keen to get out of this casino.
  8. "Trust me, nopony hates the red tape work more than me. And I am the one who will be filling in all the paperwork." Coltson says as he approaches the edge of the cave "I'll try and get a copy of modern affairs sent over to your abode so you can make sure you don't make any more mistakes like this again, I think the princess has a copy in her library so I'll send over mine and see if I can negotiate with her to trade another book for her copy." As they leave the cave into the gloom of the everfree, all of the changelings he had attacked before were all gone now, along with the other agents "Now we drop by the Princess, hopefully she'll be at her school at this time, she may see fit for community service as a punishment. I believe they have a reformed Changeling among the students at the school, so that could be a starting point for you to learn how far they have come as a race."
  9. Ocellus trots along behind the other changeling, going along to the castle with her, getting ready for the race; she was learning to be more competitive from Smolder so what was once a worrying prospect for her was something she felt a bit calmer about now. She watches as the other changeling uses a spell, something that she couldn't do, something for that matter, that she hadn't seen any of the reformed changelings being able to do, maybe some could but out of respect for the unity of the hive refrained from using it. Nonetheless she waits watching the ball as it changed colours, bracing herself, and then it went green. With a flash she transformed into a cheetah and sped off towards the finish location, using all the natural speed of this form to get the most out of it.
  10. The novelty was starting to wear off for Lens; something felt different about this time, for once he had a bad feeling about a case. A feeling like something was going terribly wrong. He thought back to the other detective he let roam, suddenly becoming nervous about what she was spending this time doing; it could be that she was on a payroll, in which case winning this game was needed as if he didn't get his side done, she could easily fabricate proof that Rarity was guilty. He couldn't allow that to happen, so he decided that if this game didn't end so well, he may just have to cheat to win. "I'm sure the hand is good." he replies bluntly, keeping his cards hidden for now. "Oh yeah. Close games are so much fun to play when everything is on the line for one party." he says sarcastically as the final cards were dealt. Lens looks at his hand, what was a three and an eight was now a three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and ten, meaning that he had a straight he could use. He lays down his hand onto the table "Straight. Beats your two pair. So I suppose that means I take the game." he says, standing up and brushing off his sleeve, not happy with all the time this endeavor wasted and the company he had to keep for it. He puts his sunglasses on "I'll take the prize and be on my way."
  11. "Well um... I don't know... I was hoping you would have something in mind." She says, sighing "I spent most of my time at the hive doing craft time and reading up on everything outside of it." she admits, thinking "Uhh... how about a race maybe?" she asks, realising she didn't know the area too well she glanced around for structures that would be easy to navigate from and to "From... the castle to... town hall?"
  12. "How long has it been since you were last at the hive... it must have been a long time if you didn't know that we look like this now. It's what happens when a Changeling let's love into their hearts, it means we don't have to feed on it anymore either." she explains, still feeling a bit nervous, but getting more comfortable now that this other Changeling seemed to perhaps be a deserter from Chrysalis' hive. Maybe she could help this one change; it would certainly be an impressive bit of extra-curricular work to tell to Counselor Starlight. When games and fun were proposed she nodded happily "Okay then. But I can't go too far from the School, otherwise my teachers may get worried about where I am."
  13. "But all Changelings looks like me, ever since Thorax defeated Chrysalis and taught Changelings to accept love into their hearts we've all looked like this." she says, starting to feel a bit nervous when the other Changeling revealed her nature; if this one didn't know what Changelings looked like now then it could mean this one didn't let love into its heart, and that scared the Changeling as she shrinks back slightly "Nice to meet y..you too."
  14. Coltson shakes his head with a sigh "Keep telling yourself that, kid. Same spiel I used to tell myself." he puts the amulet back into his saddlebag stopping the effect so his own magic power was back to normal. "You dragons always seem to mix up bravado with pride. Pride is about being more than just yourself." he looks down at the hunting license, picking it up and inspecting it "Actually this organisation was never a legal Equestrian organisation. It's more of a dragon-lands thing, I should know; my boss' grandfather was behind the creation of this when he was young. It's more than an update you've missed lad. And sadly ignorance is not an excuse; you committed a crime, whether you meant to or not sentences still must be discussed. And they are as sentient as dragons are, in fact there's quite a few Changelings in service to Equestria and her allies. One reason? Is that it. Well currently your crimes are crimes of passion at worst, crimes of accident at best. But if you run away from here; you are willingly admitting to intention of what you have done, and also will be trying to run from justice, which is a crime of itself. So go ahead, you step out this cave and become an enemy to Equestria."
  15. As Ocellus rounded a corner into the marketplace she looks around, smelling the scents of the air with a happy smile; this town was amazing, and so different to the hive back home. She did miss the Feelings Forum and craft time, but she kept herself busy with books and her friends normally. She was getting better with her shyness, in that she didn't immediately shift and run away now, instead cowering a bit or hiding without shifting. That was when the unicorn bounced up to her, happily introducing herself in a manner similar to how Professor Pinkie Pie did, the similarities made Ocellus a bit calmer as she smiles shyly, still standing with a front leg raised and resting on the other one for comfort "I'm Ocellus. I'm a Changeling." she says with her soft and quiet voice.
  16. The sun was beaming down upon Ponyville, showing the town in all its glory from the shadows cast by the charming thatched buildings to the reflected beams of light from the titanic crystal tree that was the home of the Princess of Friendship, however another building was now influencing the light, positioned on the other side of the lake that sat next to Twilight's castle was the School of Friendship, a charming building that took inspiration both from the quaint townhouses, and the bold colours and spires of the castle it shared a lake with. The school was bustling with activity as it always was on a school day when classes were starting to wrap up. Within the school, one of the more unique students was quickly walking towards the exit, not quite happy with being caught up in the crowd, it would be hard to know she was not a pony; she certainly looked like one at current, with yellow fur and a blueish mane with a ladybug cutie mark. However this pony was not as she seemed, for starters she was a changeling, the only changeling attending the school, having been sent there by Thorax to study friendship and it's values as a gesture of good faith to the princess running the school. Once outside again, Ocellus lets her guard down, changing back into her real form, with her teal body and translucent pink mane. She carefully wanders through town, exploring every little detail as she also keeps an eye out for any more book shops.
  17. Lens was starting to get annoyed; there were no shops which had what he wanted or rather what he needed; that was when it hit him; Discord was a being of chaos, so why would he hide things in places that were marked, perhaps these stores were red herrings instead of his prize tuna. That was when he noticed the pulling of the balloon that was with him, he looks to where it's head was, following the gaze over to the stallion, not one he knew well, but he knew the name of at least. He wanders over towards the stallion, waving to get his attention "Hey big red, over here! Don't suppose you've seen a bottle of wine laying about have you?"
  18. Roleplay Type: WoE- CastName: OcellusSex: FemaleAge: FillySpecies: ChangelingEye colour: TurqouiseCoat: Teal with a red and white spotted wing carapaceMane/Tail: Pink and translucent in colour, with flecks of white through itPhysique: Somewhat small for a changeling, most likely due to her age, standing at the normal height for a pony her age.Residence: Living quarters in Princess Twilight's School of FriendshipOccupation: No occupation, full time student enrolled at Princess Twilight's School of FriendshipCutie Mark: Not applicable Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the innate ability to transform into other creatures, seeming very adept at doing so, she has shown ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear and as small as a mouse, along with imitating different ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, however despite having a horn, does not appear to be able to use magic History: Ocellus was born or rather hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over and allowed the changelings to embrace love and let it into their hearts instead of feeding on it. In her hatchling years, she seemed to live life rather like Thorax did, seeming like an odd one out amongst the violent changelings, often picked on by the older and tougher ones she became rather shy and withdrawn around others. Once Thorax took over however the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, a place where the young changeling thrived, becoming rather close to Thorax mostly due to the leader of the changeling's ability to get along with others and make sure his hive was alright. Due to the nature of the hive community, Ocellus' parents would have just been drones in the hive, evident from the fact she is lacking the antlers that the leaders of the hive possess. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school, that changeling being Ocellus. Ocellus was naturally nervous of the choice, being moved so far away from home to be near creatures that she had only heard about in stories. However while at the school she made friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a close knit group. Even when school got boring, Ocellus didn't sleep through classes, putting her education in friendship first, and working hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her with the hopes of learning all about friendship and spreading the message of it across the hive and beyond, learning more about the creatures that shared their borders while she was at it. Character Personality: Ocellus is a shy changeling, often shapeshifting into other forms around other creatures so she can blend into the background better and be ignored by them. However while learning at the school of friendship she seems to be coming out of her shell, staying in her own form more often, changing forms as reflex reactions instead, such as transforming into a mouse when afraid or other small creatures to hide more easily, and when she is made too nervous around pony company has a habit of turning into her pony form to blend in better. However Ocellus is also one of the more learned amongst her group, paying attention in class more and reading up on subjects, having a penchant for books. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy and nervous, but kindhearted changeling with a penchant for shapeshifting out of sticky situations and reading up on what she can. She is a student at the School of Friendship and is already learning the basics of loyalty, kindness, generosity, laughter, honesty, and magic.
  19. He nods with a chuckle "Thought you wouldn't. I know who you do take orders from however, somepony who can keep you on an appropriate lead. And sadly, it's protocol with situations involving attacks on non native populations to call in the Princess of Friendship to oversee the arrest and incarceration of parties involved. Ignorance is not an excuse sadly." he briefs the dragon on a bit about the situation he was in, before laughing at the dragon "Stalemate? Come on now, you know as well as I do that practically everypony sees you as nothing more than a menace to society, a thief, and vandal, they'd think of you as a liar as well easily. Use your head for once, stop making trouble and work to create a solution. You have broken laws on lands non-native to yourself. This is something very serious, and the public would highly doubt something you say about a book seller being a secret agent. Also, once the Princess has briefed you on your future it is protocol for me to erase your memory of all parties involved. So um, yeah, sorry about this, but threatening an active agent has just moved you up the list of threats."
  20. "Purple wine bottle, brown label stock. Well at least he doesn't want the premier stock I suppose." Lens said to his balloon companion as they ran back to Ponyville, noticing the banners, Lens smiles a bit, starting to scout which buildings had banners, looking for any alcohol shops, grape based shops, or convenience stores. He was well aware of the quality of competition that was now in the game unfortunately, but he continued with his usual bravado nonetheless; after all, he had bested somepony better than him once before, so maybe he was better at this kind of stuff than he thought. Moving with the aid of his own ego he sprints through the streets, making mental notes of which shops had banners above and what kinds of items they vended, hoping that if he got his planning done first he would be set for finding more items past his first.
  21. Lens sighed, it was worth a try. "Well back to Ponyville we go I suppose." he says begrudgingly, grabbing his balloon assistant by its tail as he starts to run back towards the town; this was a competition after all; it'd be fun to win something for once that didn't set him back in finance ir sanity. As he runs into town he guides himself by his memory; remembering the fact that quite often when he came to Ponyville he preferred staying at places which offered alcohol.
  22. "Eh the world is alright once you get to know it, and once it gets to know you." he says as he adjusts his shades, smiling that soft inviting smile that could charm a Griffon. He chuckles at Sioux's reaction "I know right? I mean who looks at a portal like that?" he relaxes a bit more, Sioux having that effect on him. Platinum's response only made him laugh a little more "Hey, even if it wasn't you could have not vocalized it." "That's a strange thought." Coltson comments after Platinum's memory wipe, taking mild enjoyment at doing that spell, especially since Platinum seemed like the type of pony who would be dangerous if he knew too much; photographers were normally the enemy of all secret agents. "Yes I am here, thanks for noticing, I also have a rather cool name you could try using; I'm not the cat's father after all." he looks over to Sioux, his horn lighting up as his bag teleports away from him "Not right now, no. I suppose I can hang out for a bit. Haven't had a rewarding break in a long while. Although I'm not sure about junk food; I have to watch my figure after all, not everyone is blessed with slimness like you." he jokes with a smile, liking the mare's company, somepony who knew his little secret, and one of the few contacts he trusted outside of the agency. "Potions eh? Sure why not? I hope you are remembering to make the opposite potion to the one you want to make, yes?"
  23. "Everypony is fond of me. I'm lovely." he says as the spell starts to charge up to full power, the spell taking a lot more energy to erase smaller bits of time as it took focus on what bits you wanted to remove from the target. "Attagirl, Sioux. I knew you would, you do this every time for me after all, guess that provisional with the agency was warranted." he chuckles, rolling his eyes at Platinum's comment "Well it's an image that your filthy mind conjured up after all, for anypony else it would have just looked like a pony jumping through a window." he looks back to Sioux "Oh you know, the usual, finding dangerous artifacts, locking them up in my basement and oh, saved the world a few times, did some time travel, that was fun, and I think I got everything back on track, though if continuity seems flawed, leave it to settle a bit." then the spell flashed, wiping the conversation from Platinum's memory as Coltson says the replacement memory "You were enjoying a walk with Sioux, taking photos of her and I've just wandered up from my shop to chat to Sioux about her day."
  24. Coltson laughs, adjusting his somehow pristine jacket as he checks the bag at his side, a bright light bursting out of it. He nods happily, turning to Platinum with a smile "Fond of eh? Well that's a nice suggestion but most likely false. Anyway if you could focus your attention on me for a second, I just need to wipe the last thirty seconds from your memory. Sioux, usual agreement, the spell doesn't work on you, so no telling him what happened. This is like the third time I'm having to do this to the kid." he says, his horn igniting as he charges up the spell. "Ah yeah I getcha, they can be rather boring, but it's useful for my line of work of course. Just got another trinket actually, had to test out a portal spell I've been working on to get out of there, but it worked mostly so that's all good." he grins, the spell nearing the point where he could use it "There we go Platinum, just keep focusing on me."
  25. Most of Ponyville did seem to be upon a self imposed sit in to avoid the two it seemed, though there were a few shops open here and there the strangest thing was that the bookstore owned by a certain stallion appeared shut, and even stranger, appeared to have been shut for a while. Meanwhile across Equestria nearer Manehattan, Coltson was running, his saddlebag weighted down with an item that was being magically disabled as he ran, he tripped in the strange ruins, starting to slide down a slope, nearly vertical he looked down, seeing the slope did just become a cliff. Pulling up all his courage he charges up a portal spell, jumping forwards as his enemies closed in, he passes through the portal, travelling surprisingly quickly. Back in Ponyville, in front of the two odd friends it seemed space was tearing open, a swirling portal appearing in front of them, of course only one of them would be able to see it, but the sound was there. It sounded... almost like a voice... shouting... "Geronimo!" came through ahead of the suited pony's launch out of the portal, slamming into the ground in front of the two ponies as the portal shuts behind him, an arrow landing next to him, he shudders "Well that was close." he stands up, shaking his head with a wince "That one took a lot out of me." he turns around, smiling as he sees the ponies "Sioux, good to see you again; thought you moved shop."
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