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  1. Coltson was normally a happy pony; he kept pleasure in the simpler things such as a good book, or a nice antique. Or at least the Coltson most ponies knew was that; the humble Ponyville Bookstore owner. Quirky with a like for antiques, that was the only part which transferred over to the secret agent's true job as an agent of S.M.I.L.E. subdivision L.A.U.G.H. However at work the antiques normally were less idle and a lot more vocal about being handled; hence his duty to find and contain such items where nocreature could use them. However today took the pony a long way from home, finding himself in Long Kong and with quite a bit of time on his hooves until his contact arrived with the item, he looked for a place to lay low for a bit; he was fully aware of the organisations that prowled these streets, and even though he knew they weren't aware of him; it wouldn't take much to derail his mission. Spotting a decent looking place called 'The Howler's Den' he does up the buttons on his black business jacket, makes sure his dark sunglasses were sat well on his face, and wandered into the establishment; feeling the music of the place hit him; it certainly had an old school atmosphere to it. He wanders up to the bar counter, taking a seat beside a very interesting lineup, and waited for the bartender to finish the introductions to another newcomer while his eyes darted around the room from behind his shades.
  2. Coltson tries to get Naj's attention as the other mare starts to mumble to herself; he knew this EPIC lot were as well trained to lip read as he was, and what the mare was saying worried him; it meant that she was very near stumbling across a world that was not supposed to exist to civilians. He then wanders forwards "We spoke about what we needed to, Naj here is a fellow purveyor of antiques, although her business often goes across into items instead of books, her employer is after a certain piece that I stumbled across and on the possibility to franchise our operations to cover a larger area. It's all quite boring I assure you. Anyway, look at the time, we're nearing your stop I believe." He smiles that usual warm shopkeeper smile as the train starts to slow down "So this mare, whatever you said her name was, is a bit of a loose bookcover? Just slowly falling more and more off the rails? If so then perhaps we should try and get to your parents at a time when she is not around."




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  4. Although he hid it well, Coltson was actually very nervous about the sending of one of EPIC's agents to deal with SMILE affairs, even more with the fact that this was midway through a possible mission; he knew that EPIC agents tended to get a bit too hoofs on in some situations, as were the old wave of EPIC agents, cover could all too easily be blown here, and the possible recruitment mission would be hard to explain to the changeling in this situation. As he worried about the scenario he had found himself in he realised he had been quiet for a very long time, so long in fact that the pony he was travelling with seemed to be quite oddly rude all of a sudden. He shook his head in bewilderment, watching her move off into the next carriage, he looks over to Naj "So erm... was that me? Or was that you?"
  5. Can't get over that Cartoon heroes Pic. 

  6. What to do, who to be, why to be it, and what can you change? Questions asked by both rpers and great minds alike, maybe there is a bit of a link to be found there?

  7. Coltson nods his head "Indeed, I must say I'm hoping my negotiation skills will not be needed as long as we can deliver this book for your antagoniser. Especially since that will then give me enough time just to look around; I love exploring cities and seeing what things I can pick up about it." he said casually, the ending of his line having a double meaning in it, one that Naj would understand hopefully, just as a sort of confirmation that there was something possible underway, and the other meaning something that Twister would hopefully get to keep her off his trail, at least for now. He looks over to Naj quickly, giving her a split second glance for her to not talk about that type of thing in public. "Oh, not really searching for anything in particular; just heard this one's father was in a spot of bother, and I thought it would be best if I accompanied as a neutral party. And then have a nose around his antique store, you know how I am. Love collecting old and weird things for my collection. I suppose you are here wanting to have a look at the safe, yes?" he asks her, asking the specific questions while trying to just make it sound like a standard conversation. "If you accompany me back afterwards I shall show you the safe so our friend can rest a bit easier knowing that our collection is still there."
  8. Coltson nods carefully "I see, well if it is just location based prejudice it should probably be quite easy to remedy. Hopefully we'll have your problem done with enough time for me to browse your father's wares." he smiles, excited at the chance to see if there was an item here. Naj then spoke up, getting his attention. Immediately he recognized her from the files he had acquired on his fellow organizations "Well of course you may follow along. I get the feeling this is going to be epic, don't you?" he asks her with a smile.
  9. He chuckles, shaking his head "I have no need to. I have two other copies in Prench, and at least three in other languages as well. I wouldn't have sold it if it was the only one after all." he says as he leans his head back against the seat, idly playing with his sunglasses, the lenses looking rather strange, it would be hard to figure out what exactly, but something seemed off about them. The train starts to slowly chug along to its destination, moving with the usual pace "So this Double Deal, did she turn up at the same time as your father got any interesting new trinkets?" he asks carefully, not wanting to come off as too curious about her family.
  10. "Oh no, don't worry, nothing is going on at all. I'm just interested to see a few more good antiques before the day goes by. Also I don't like wasting time, so I really want to catch this train." he lies casually, lying being one thing he was particularly skilled at. He watches her argue with her rats, being somewhat confused about the behaviour, but also knowing better than to second guess the inhabitants of Equestria. After all, he had seen items that were designed as hairbrushes being created quite so awfully that they absorbed hair from ponies. In fact that was currently under lock up in B-sector. "I am sure." He comments as they get to the platform, the train being sat on the rails ready to depart just like he had planned, stepping quickly onto the train he beckons her on as well, finding a seat and sitting down.
  11. She really knew her stuff about these tribal dialects; it was very impressive, taking such a leap out of nothing but intrigue and a hunch, but that was just the kind of behaviour that he liked, and needed at a time like this. Even better, she had her schedules known and planned, and she was at least moderately on board with this, he looks up at his clock with a frown "Station is probably about that long, we best get going now then, come on." he jogs out his shop, reasonably spry for a book seller, yet another surprising feature of this thoroughly unusual case. "Don't forget to shut the door behind yourself; the sign is already the right way around so don't bother with that one!"
  12. So this one was quite obviously a very keen linguist, something that could perhaps come in handy to him. But he would have to be careful about this; she was a civilian after all. "I see, so you are following the paper trail to see what text goes the furthest back on the subject you are interested in, then see if that has any truth when compared to the languages the tribes actually speak now? Interesting." he comments calmly as he listens to her talk about her passion, then slowly move into the topic of her father. It seemed to Coltson that this pony's father had certainly found himself in quite the spot of bother due to poor choice of words in an advert, he tilts his head as he listens, knowing full well that this other pony could more be wanting the shop for the items hidden within it, and any anomalous items, perhaps a rival collector of sorts like himself, only the opposite, it was at this point that this slight interaction became the most important moment of his day. He quickly vanished into a back room, coming out with a grey bodysuit underneath his suit jacket as he put on his sunglasses "The name is Coltson, anyway, shall we head off and see if we can't help your father out then?" he says as he locks the door he came out of. "I have quite an interest in strange items myself, so I can get two things done in this trip, three if I am lucky." he straightens himself up. "So miss Twister, care to lead on?"
  13. "I think I probably have the largest collection of rare and exclusive texts in Equestria. I always aim to complete a collection; so if I have a book written in a dead language, then I collect all the reference guides and dictionaries for that language that I can, never caught out that way. And you'll find the key to all of this is to be the first one to find the text, or find the text in the hooves of one who does not recognise the worth of what they own." He leans against the wall as he looks over all his books with a smile. "So what is it that you do, ma'am? It's not very normal to meet a pony who has need of ancient dialects, or travel books written in a foreign language." he comments, quite curious about this mare.
  14. He takes the bits and puts them in the chest on the counter. "Still worth going to every so often; Prance is a lovely place." he comments casually. "Actually this shop is very recently opened. Just moved back here to be closer to friends and family. Few books from my pa, some found around Ponyville, and others painstakingly collected from my private collection." he laughs at her statement "I can promise you that no university library has this collection; anywhere else and the books would be stolen." He waves off the comment about his filing system "It works for what it needs to do. Means ponies have to interact with me, making those usually so burrowed in books have to look up at the world." At the next request he grits his teeth, thinking for a moment before saying "Come with me." as he opens a door to the rest of the private rooms of the store, most likely living spaces, through the door there was a room with one wall lined with evidently ancient books, and a floor safe off center near the middle of the room, he levitates down a few smaller books.
  15. Coltson was currently just thinking on the latest books he had read, reliving those moments in his mind with a calm smile, enjoying the mild nature of the day today; nothing could go wrong on a day like today. He then heard hoofsteps going from the stone path outside, onto the wooden floor of his shop, he slides the comic book on his counter under it quickly, putting on his professional face, nearly losing it when he hears a mare cheering, always glad that others appreciated the look of his store, however it also meant that he would probably have to part with a book today. Not many ponies realised it, but book sellers live off the promise that so few ponies actually buy books compared to getting them from libraries, that you could just describe most book sellers as glorified collectors, selling a repeat or two to make ends meet occasionally. "First edition? Let me check." his horn lights up as all the writing on the spines of the books start to light up with the same colour, some fading until only five were left, before three of them fade as well "Aha, yes we do seem to have one." he levitates one with the still lit spine off the shelf, laying it on the counter, the book making a dull thud as it landed, he looks it over "Yes this is all still seems to be in order. That will be seventy bits, please."
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