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  1. Sure. Just drop me a message whenever you're ready. ^^
  2. Well, I haven't actually had the chance to start RPing yet. So far everything looks real nice though. =P
  3. Hey there. I'm only a few days older on this site than you, but welcome. ^^
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Passion Pure Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: White Mane/Tail: Big is in style this season. Passion's blonde mane and tail are both as full and fluffy as they can possibly be without adding in such things as obnoxious curls. Physique: Sleek and athletic is the way to be for Passion. She exercises constantly to keep her body in the best shape possible, never allowing even a single pinch of flab to form on her flank. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Matchmaker/Relationship Coach Cutie Mark: Passion's cutie mark is one large pink heart with two smaller pink hearts to the right of the larger one. Unique Traits: Passion has the uncanny ability to find love, even if only fleeting, for everypony but herself. History: Much of Passion's life has remained painfully uneventful. She took up her strict regimen of self-care from a young age and her parents assumed that she'd eventually find her way to working in or perhaps even owning a salon or a gym of some creation. What actually happened was incredibly surprising to all who knew her other than Passion herself. As her parents' marriage began to crumble destructively around the family, a willingness to bind her family closer welled up from within Passion slowly over time. One fateful night, as her parents neared the end, Passion had finally had enough and used her voice in an attempt to make her parents realize how much they really loved each other. Her words, though she was still young, rang true and the relationship was mended and saved little by little. It was then that she got her cutie mark and her love for what would become her future profession. Nowadays she works on the fly, randomly matching ponies on the street she thinks would be perfect for one another while also taking requests to find that perfect pony by those lonely few. If she's not browsing the market or looking for that next perfect match, she's probably at home exercising her fool head off or getting a good mane styling session in. Character Personality: Mildly self-centered, it would be difficult to come up with any way to convince Passion to get herself dirty or to mar her flawless mane and coat in any way outside of life or death emergencies. She can also be incredibly brave or ridiculously cowardly depending on just how threatened she's feeling and if there's somepony she wants to impress involved. Passion is a firm believer in the idea that love is an even stronger power than friendship, but she lacks the motivation or actual know-how to prove her theories as anything more than the occasional grandstanding speech. That doesn't really stop her from voicing her opinion. When it actually comes to real friendships, however, Passion keeps her bonds strong. There isn't anything that can convince her to give up on a friend once made. She wouldn't be much of a love pony if she wasn't fiercely loyal, after all. Character Summary: Passion is all about realizing the true power of a true and passionate love and will do almost anything to find it. At first glance it may seem as though Passion puts herself before all else... and perhaps sometimes that's true, but when push comes to shove she can be the friendliest and most loyal pony in the entire world. Just... don't touch her mane or her tail, alright? Image:
  5. Passion's profile was hanging at just needing a history for the longest time there because I discovered that Let it Die released on Steam. That ate up my attention till the novelty began to wear off a bit. That time is now! Thanks for the welcomes, guys. ^^ I'm on episode 6 now. I'm noticing that thus far they haven't really put a lot of time into world building, which is a bit disappointing, but they probably had no idea the show would take off like it did yet.
  6. It's me. 'Sup? Let's be friends n' stuff, yeah? If you want to know more about me: I'm a rainy day nerd and full time awesome person. I've been forum RPing for some ungodly long unspecific amount of time (Longer than you) and eventually the lot of you will fall in line and worship me as your goddess. They all do (Sometimes (Maybe never)). Aside from writing like crazy, I also like video gaming like crazy. The library of games that I enjoy is long and varied, with only the FPS genre really falling outside my area of expertise. I'm far too big of a klutz for any game that requires quick reactions, lightning reflexes and a good aim. I mostly just end up firing all around and outside my enemy's hit box. I'm probably extremely strange for being here as I'm not actually a really big fan of MLP. I just watched the first two episodes yesterday when I signed up for this site and the series is like... how many years old now? For some reason, MLP roleplay just sounds super cool to me and I'd like to get in on that action right about now when the MLP brony hype has largely died down into a low murmur. Being totally ignorant to a large portion of lore obviously means I'm going to try to stay away from it as I slowly watch more and more of the series over time (Probably). If I'm RPing with you and I mess something up or you feel like lore needs to be shared so that I can better play a scene, don't hesitate to inform me. I am totally ignorant to the lore atm if it's outside the very basics. Of all the things, I've actually been listening to and enjoying the fan music for ages. To me, that's by far the best thing that came out of the huge brony boom when the series was first discovered by people too old to be watching a children's program without any children in the room. A lot of the stuff by The Living Tombstone is just absolutely the best. Vinyl Scratch/Octavia are best ever thanks to my really, really enjoying Epic Wub Time, which I watched forever ago when it first came out on Youtube. I can't really think of anything else interesting to write so uh... yeah! Hey, guys. I'll be hanging with you for awhile unless you all decide you hate me or something (totally not likely). It's nice to meet whoever decides to post here. I'll be working on my character sometime later today when I get the time. I promise it'll happen. I already have the floor plan laid out in my head. I just need to get the writing down.
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