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  1. Ocellus was already wide awake, hearing all the commotion from outside her bed. She was tucked in snuggly, her pillows extra fluffy and soft, just the way she liked it. The little changeling liked the feeling of safety and protection, which her bed arrangement did serve. After everything she went through growing up, being the odd one out for being so shy and generous, she wanted to feel comfortable. Her bed did make her feel that, not necessary when her friends were walking about, seeming to be quiet. The blue bug could hear everything though, since she's been awake for a while. Before then, she was off with her family. Ocellus missed her family dearly, and needed to see them. She honestly wanted to tell all the things she learned from all her professors. She was very knowledgeable in random facts about Equestria's history. Like in the bonding of the three pony tribes, Ocellus learned that Princess Platinum wasn't wearing a purple gown, it was actually more blue to make her eyes pop more. That made the little play the ponies made a little off in their costume design, but that was just a little fact she read in the book 'The Bonds Within the Three Tribes', which was something Professor Twilight recommended to her. She read that book in a day, which was probably the best decision she could've made. Anyhow, the young changeling came back to the dorms an hour ago, right when every creature was already asleep. She knew her friends didn't know she was there, as they didn't bother waking her up. She knew at least Smolder would smother her into waking up. Since she didn't, Ocellus slowly got up herself, squinting at any light that was pouring out from the door. Rubbing her unadjusted eyes, she slowly crawled off her bunk, letting her hooves land on the ground with light taps. She followed close to the door, opening it slightly so glance down the hall. Ocellus got a little nervous, as she saw the almost empty hallway stand quietly before her. She didn't know why every creature was so prone on checking things out, they were just too curious she guessed. Normally she would just stay snuggled in her bed and wait for it to get light outside, just in case she wouldn't get too scared. She was a little braver now, knowing Gallus was up. Only from his softer steps from his paws. She could also hear more heavier steps, which she could define as Smolder's. She didn't hear Yona awake yet, though. Those would be even heavier steps. The changeling felt herself overthinking and standing there. Getting more and more nervous. What if there was a big monster? What if something was invading the school? Was there security even at the school? Was she safe enough to venture out? She took a deep breath, remembering she wasn't alone. She's dealt with bigger things than this before. She was going to be okay. Finally she took a step out of her dorm room and looked around, spotting Gallus peaking out. She then felt some creature behind her, making her turn around. She got a little frightened, realizing it was Smolder. She blushed, then took a look at both of them. "Are you guys up because you heard something, too?" she whispered.
  2. Ali sucked in a sharp breath when she saw Sombra pin his ears back. She was ready to blow up on him, if he said anything else. She was incredibly stressed out from this situation, and she didn't want to be around anymore negativity. But then he seemed to lessen his anger, which made her look away finally. She realized she had a grouchy locked look on her face, so she relaxed. Some foam started coming out of AB's nose, which made Ali shift her weight a little to dab the little filly's face. "Ah wish we had a little more light. Ah can barely see jack doo doo out here." She huffed, lookin' at Sombra. Right after her glance, she heard a large thud, which was louder than the last. "'N we better find out what this creature is here, or we'll all be doomed. Somepony should check it out." Another thud shook the ground, seeming to come closer. Suddenly, a large shadow darkened the spot they were standing on even, making it pitch black. The only thing the little farm pony could see was Sombra's bright horn, and other pony's eyes. Alizarin was getting a little scared, especially when she started to count how many ponies were with her. "One.. two.. three.." she dazed off, her shock grimacing on her face. "Y'all, there's 'n extra set of eyeballs." She blinked a couple times. Maybe her eyes were deceiving her. She counted herself, Fire Walker, Fluttershy, Sombra, Applebloom was laying on her.. there was still another set. Bright red, never blinking. The short pony squinted, then opened her mouth to speak again. "Am Ah goin' insane? Do y'all see what Ah'm seein'?"
  3. The little earth pony's ears perked up when she heard the hotel, "Tha Roam Cahvahl-Erri?" She looked shocked, like it was the most amazing hotel she's ever heard of. Then she frowned, scrunching her eyebrows. "Never heard of it." Midnight Glory couldn't help but chuckle at Juice's realization. "Wha? Ah'm totally excited to see a hotel Ah've never set my eyes on." Sarcasm was oozing out of her voice, as Midnight rolled her eyes. On the other hoof, Hyper Drive couldn't keep the smile off her face from meeting this new friend, who also wanted to be a Wonderbolt. "Is that even a question, mate? Of course I wanna be a Wonderbolt! My father used to be one, kinda wanna follow in his hoofsteps." She then shrugged, buzzing around the bat pony excitedly. "Ay! Maybe you can hang with me 'n my friends! Probably already met 'em, but if you don't have anypony else to chill with, you can be with us!" The three fillies then listened to their fellow professor as she told everypony to follow along. It didn't take long though until there was a sudden screech, to which they all looked behind themselves. A older blue griffon was yelling about his luggage being on the train. Hyper Drive flew higher into the sky, looking back at him with no second thought. "Hey! No worries, dude! I can grab it!" The train was already zooming away, as Hyper dangerously tried to catch it with her speed. Fruit Juice's bright blue eyes shrunk in panic, "No, Hyper! You can't catch that train! You'll get hurt!" Midnight looked at Fruit with a weak smile. "Maybe we can help, though. C'mon Juice, it seems like fun." The little unicorn then ran off after her friend, as Juice started to panic. "Guys, it's not safe!" She looked at Applejack and Sunburst with a guilty look, then started sprinting after them. "Darn tootin' you guys! This is dangerous!" Hyper was flying as fast as she could after the train, barely keeping up with it, as Midnight was running behind her with a great amount of energy. The unicorn wanted to look as adventurous a brave as Hyper did, making sure she was different from every pony else. Juice was just trying to keep her friends safe, and maybe not getting in trouble, "This is totally the smartest thing y'all have done!" She yelled sarcastically. The train was inching away now.
  4. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE (Cast Member) Name: Ocellus Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: Changeling ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft turquoise Character Color: She is a pastel teal with a red wing carapace with white spots. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a transparent pink with white specs throughout. They're rather short. Physique: She is rather short compared to her friend group, but is the height she should be for her age. Cutie Mark: N/A Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Ocellus lives with her mom, dad, little sister, and little brother. Occupation: She doesn't have one, as she's a full time student at Princess Twilight's School of Friendship Residence: Simply at the dorms of Twilight's school. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Ocellus is a rather shy changeling, usually getting frightened enough to shapeshift into other form of herself to hide away, or more so blend into her background. Though she's come out of her shell a lot, she can still be a little timid, or scared of something new/different. Often whistling tunes when she's nervous, she does have a little anxiety. Since being at the School of Friendship, she's definitely come out of her normal shy nature, and now speaks out when she has something smart to say, or when something is wrong. Among her friend group, she tends to be the listener, especially in class, as she often reads far ahead of the other students. She's incredibly smart, more of a bookworm, and loves the idea of learning and processing her new information. Ocellus pays more attention in class, especially compared to the others. She doesn't shy away from any friendship lessons, and is always prepared to learn something new. She can be rather sensitive and emotional, and is deeply afraid of being the opposite of herself, which isn't sharing her love, but stealing it. Overall, she's a kind young changeling that loves her friends. Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the ability to transform into other creatures. She normally is brave and smart while doing so, as she has the ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear, as small as a mouse, or anything along with the ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, which can be rather adorable with her bug-ish buzzing. History: Ocellus was hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over. She earned great respect for King Thorax, and looks up to him, as he showed their hive how to love. Not feeding on it, but instead embracing and sharing it. In her younger years, she seemed to live life like Thorax did when he was a hatchling, as she was the shy one that didn't want to be hostile and scary. She felt it wasn't right to be so negative and take what others have had. Once Thorax took over, however, the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, as Ocellus got to grow up in a positive light. The younger changelings became close with Thorax, as he wanted to make sure they learned to embrace love. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school. Thorax ended up inviting the little shy changeling herself, as he thought she could open up a little more and make new friends without a hassle. He knew it was good to branch out their kind with the ponies, in hope to keep love from becoming wanted. Ocellus was naturally nervous, full of anxiety, especially from being so far away from home to be near creatures that she's only merely knowing of. The only time she's heard of these creatures was from Thorax himself, and she wasn't sure how to act around them. However, she ended up making friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a group of friends that she would never replace. Throughout school, Ocellus never slept through classes. She always puts her education in friendship first, and works hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her, with the hopes of learning all about friendship. Her main goal is to spread friendship all around her, to keep the hive happy, and to keep herself and her friends happy. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy changeling with a book smart brain, with the hope of spreading friendship and learning new lessons with her best friends.
  5. Oh, Griffonstone; the total dump of a bird/cat city that the fellow griffons liked to call home. Though some of the griffons were growing out of the grumpy and selfish phase of their stereotype, others were hesitant, or more so, hostile to the sudden change. Gillian was indifferent of the changes coming to the city, as her aunt went on and on about how this change needed to be put down for the sake of their humanity. Gill agreed, but she didn't want to be a happy-go-lucky type of griff. Or more like, she didn't know how to express her feelings in a positive light. Whatever the case may be, the half peregrine falcon, half cheetah, stood motionless at the entry way, awaiting her new guest. Her Auntie Gia told her about her cousin that was coming to visit, but Gill was ignorant on why she was coming. She hasn't seen her cousin since she was a kitten, but she hoped the other griffon made a good living. She knew to get around here, her cousin was going to have to keep hold of a lot of bits. Gillian was already ready with her bag, as greedy griffons still ran about the trashy area. The bird kicked away at a piece of paper rolling towards her. She hoped her cousin, Zelda, wouldn't be too shocked at how rancid Griffonstone looked. Trash covered the plains as every griff's houses seemed to be only holding up by a thread. Even her own seemed to be dismembered and unorganized, but it wasn't as nearly as bad as the others. Honestly, Gillian didn't know how to act around Zelda. She hasn't seen her in forever, they both probably have changed a lot. The griffon was rather nervous, to much she'd admit, as she found herself digging into the sandy ground with her talons. Her long tail waved back and forth with anxiety, as she tried to collect herself. She was normally reserved and nonchalant, but her heart was beating a little extra. The athletic griffon darted her eyes around the entrance in search of her mysterious family member, then looking behind to see other griffons tilting her head at her. With a huff, all she did was blink at them, no smile, no wave, just a blink. They must've gotten her drift as they looked away immediately, rolling her eyes at the curious half-cats behind her. Though she could here some grumble with curiosity and anger, she didn't budge. She knew she looked a little off standing there by herself, as normally when some other griffon comes along, there normally isn't a very genuine welcome. This was her cousin though, and she felt she should at least give her a nice appreciation. Gill knew Zelda wasn't fond of this place, that's one of the things she remembered about her. So, she wanted to get this reunion off to a positive start. More like, her aunt wanted them to start of on a good note. Gill sometimes felt her Auntie Gia controlled her life. The griffon perked up a little when she saw a moving shadow come towards her, hoping it was her cousin. She put on a forced smile and lifted her arm up for a wave. Hopefully this would go well..
  6. Bellissima approached Applejack with the warm coffee, watching the orange earth pony fiddle around with various parts. She levitated the cup over to her, a blue aura of magic brightening up her horn brilliantly against the new morning sun. The unicorn put on her classic fake smile, motioning AJ to grab the coffee. "Well, you're very welcome," she said, even though Applejack never really said a thank you. She was visibly tired though, not even able to finish her sentences. "Hopefully the coffee will suit you well. I trust in my dazzling abilities to make you feel a little more.. conscious." The unicorn's ears perked up when she asked for her name. "Mm, Bellissima Stella." She smiled, kind of surprised she didn't know her name. "You may kindly call me Bell." After the rather awkward interaction with Applejack, the new popstar looked up at the prince, letting out a huff. "Oh, I see," she commented, nodding her head slightly. She didn't really know what to say after that, so she stood awkwardly with a small smile. The prior years of lacking social interaction with ponies that she could barely call friends came into view here, as she just swiped her long mane back. The mare thought it would be best to leave the conversation to the rest of them, as she listened quietly. Finally, she felt the need to say something, maybe off topic. "Hm, you can surely trust me with delicate work, don't you know." She cleared her throat. "Whatever the task may be." The unicorn still wasn't used to helping like this, but it felt a little good to help. Would she say that? No.
  7. Just a height chart of my three girls. Fruit Juice is the tallest, and Hyper Drive and Midnight Glory are normal filly height.
  8. Just a traditional drawing I did of all my adult OCs. It's pretty much a height chart, going Golden Daze, Gillian, Bellissima Stella (though she looks taller than Gill, she isn't, it's just her bow), Long Shot and Sea F. Salt (same height), Street Art, Nebulous Moon, and Alizarin Fruits.
  9. "Yeah- a stallion that's also a ghost. So, technically, you're an 'it', because you're not alive, dude," the young colt responded, as he quite easily sawed through the ropes to free his companions. Golly was ignoring whatever the ghost said, as he nodded at his little brother. "No problem, little bro. We just gotta get out of he-" He was cut off by his mare-friend yelling at him to look out, which made him jump back a little. Soon, the saw on a stick was floating in the air like a sickly ghost. The Pegasus gulped, trying to think of a solution. His little brother then yelled about the sun coming up, which made him panic more. He had to stay brave for these last few seconds, their time in the comic was almost shut out. Hopefully they could get out in time and return to their original bodies. Daze was tired of being a young colt. Quickly, the golden eye'd Pegasus flew in the air with the blade, watching it turn on aggressively. "You don't scare me, man. Haven't hurt me yet, have ya'?" The colt smirked, then flew behind the saw and grabbed the stick from down below so he wouldn't get cut. He swiftly flung the saw across the room, making it smash into the wall. Golly then followed behind, looking down at the ghost-saw. "I think it's time to go lights out." He saw the power button and turned it off, as the whole machine turned off. Then he picked it up and through it out the window, and into the rising sun. Ghosts can't be in sunlight, right? The brave pony made it back to Boopsy and Bratty, smiling at them. "Hey-hey! We did it! Now we gotta get out of here!" Soon they found there way out the building as the sun began to rise faster. Thankfully, they made it outside, and soon vanished from the comic and into the real world. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Finally, Daze felt like herself again. "Goll-y! That was probably the most terrifying thing I've ever come across in my life. Don't think I'd do that again." She sighed, kinda exhausted. Though, she was more relieved than anything.
  10. Alizarin was a little taken aback when the dark unicorn named Sombra argued back with her. Her eyebrows furrowed in response, as the little yellow filly was drinking up the anecdote. "Well, er-" she fumbled with her words, frustrated at his response. He was absolutely right. And she knew that. Which is what made her irritated. She just decided to end with a, "Whatever", as it would make the situation worse. Instead, she just kept her eyebrows and nose scrunched, which was kind of cute to look at. She turned to Fluttershy as she spoke next, making the farm pony roll her eyes. "Fine." The mare then looked to the red Captain as she spoke next, make the small mare raise an eyebrow. "Darn tootin'! Ah didn't even think of that thin' bein' close over here. He could be 'nywhere right now." She looked dramatically around her, making sure she didn't hear a scary sound. "That can't be the huge thin' that's makin' all those thuds, right? Or is there another monster runnin' silly?" Her ear twitched, feeling a little uncomfortable. "Ah kind of like the idea of squishin' that bugger alive. Can't think of nythin' else to do." Something in Fluttershy must've snapped, as she came to terms with her confident side. The yellow pony told her to keep the bandana, which Ali did so. Following right after, foam started to spittle, in which Ali dabbed at the filly's face. The brown and crème mare nodded her head, "Yeah, I've had to deal with this type of venom before. Mah cousin Fruit Juice got basilisk vemon in 'er once, so Ah'm familiar with this ridiculous situation." Ali's voice still sounded irritated, and she kept ahold of Apple Bloom. When Fluttershy ordered everypony to help from what they could, another large thud shook the ground they were laying and sitting on. "If somethin' else happens Ah'm gonna rip somepony a new one." Another thud.
  11. The Pegasus smirked and rolled his eyes at the ghost ranted on about his brain and Golly's. The colt couldn't help but chuckle. "C'mon, man! My brain isn't that useless! At least give it a kiss on the cheek before you throw it away!" Lightening showered the background as the professor laughed, making Golly cover his ears. "Celestia, this comic couldn't get anymore stereotypical. Dumb villain telling everypony their plan, classic villain laugh, and the lightening. So original." When Golly through the gorilla, he went right through him and landed right on the machines. The colt let out a, "Woopsie," as he watched the gorillas... fall in love? Well that was something the Pegasus wasn't expecting. He tilted his head, already over to the chairs his friends were tied up in. He needed something sharp to cut the rope, as his measly hooves were no match for the thick knots. His golden eyes looked up to see the spirit holding a very large saw, which sparked a new and better idea. "Hey ghost!" he shouted, flying like a bolt into the air. "Wanna play a game of tag?" The pony then flew towards the professor, touching him, which technically wasn't a 'touch' as his hoof went right through him, but it worked. "Tag! You're it!" The pony then flew behind him, and then around the room extremely fast, making anypony looking at him incredibly dizzy. Since he was such a cheesy stereotypically ghost, he probably followed the Pegasus with a close eye. When he was off guard, she took the saw right out of his ghostly hooves and flew right down to the chairs. "Okay guys, we gotta be quick." He took the sharp saw and started to saw the rope, which quickly broke off. It was Bratty who got out first. Then Golly focused on Boopsy's chair, trying to saw open the rope as fast as he could. Would he get it off in time?
  12. Daze noticed something.. different. When he first looked at Boopsy and Bratty, she didn't bat an eye. But then she did a double take, and his golden eyes shrunk down to the size of peas. They didn't look like their original species anymore, they were full on ponies. Pegasus ponies. Just like herself. Just like Golly. The Pegasus then looked down to see a mirror, and she almost screamed when she saw herself. Daze didn't look like a mare anymore, she was a younger colt. She was completely Golly now, not an adult mare. His anxiety was through the roof, seeing the complete change scared him. But he had to remember that this was all fake. He looked back, seeing the rest of the group tied up in chairs, next to two huge gorillas. He then led his golden eyes to the chalkboard, that resembled a brain going into their heads. "What the-" his voice was deeper yet squeakier. This day was getting worse and worse. The ghost professor started to speak again, which made Golly flap his wings harder with anxiety. He had to be tough, or he wouldn't be in character. He was getting a little freaked out again, though. "Yeah? What's the plan for me, compadre?" Golly asked, trying to sound more brave. As he asked that, he spotted another board that clearly showed the plan for him. Golly furrowed his eyebrows, realizing what the plan was. He kept his mouth shut though, trying to think of a plan. As he was yelling at the gorillas, Golly took the time to quickly fly around, then spotting the sad gorilla after the ghost yelled at him. Golly's ears twitched when he heard the professor talking to him again, sighing very obnoxiously. "Ha! Think you can catch me? I'm kinda fast, dude, you might get whiplash." As he said this, he quickly flew to the sad gorilla, who was in tears. "Hey, man. Wanna help me destroy this guy? He hurt your feelings, yeah? You don't deserve that. We can get payback," the tan Pegasus said with a smirk, then looking back at the professor. "I'm gonna launch ya', and you do your damage. I'm gonna untie my bro and girl. Deal?" The Pegasus quickly grabbed the gorilla, lifting up the heavy animal and throwing him at the ghost. The gorilla ended up landing on the large machine, and Golly flew around and got behind the other gorilla to the chairs. He tried to search for something sharp, "You know where a knife is?" he asked Bratty, then looking at the other gorilla. "Do you?"
  13. The blue eyed pink unicorn trotted her way to the pantry, by herself, which was nice. She was starting to feel overwhelmed from so much going on. Normally she was good with this kind of stress, because of how much it takes to create a concert, or a whole tour. This farm stuff though.. was kind of confusing. And hard work. Bellissima was used to sitting back and letting all her workers do everything for her. But now she was here, going to get a mug of coffee for Applejack, who seemed to be rather grumpy. The unicorn began humming to herself, quickly running into a little yellow filly who she met recently. Apple Bloom handed over a mug of cider, which made Bell perk her ears. "Oh, uh- thank you kindly, little one," Bell muttered out, grabbing the mug with her magic. She quickly whipped out a couple bits, more than the actual price, and floated over the change onto the table. "Keep the change, sweetie." She then huffed, trotting off again, and taking a long sweet gulp of the drink. The unicorn eventually made it to the pantry in the barn. She opened the door and spotted the coffee beans, just from the strong smell that was radiating off of them. Bell wasn't much of a coffee pony, but she did love the smell. She levitated the beans off the shelf, looking around for a coffee bureau, grazing her deep blue eyes around the pantry. Even if there was one, she wasn't sure how to make it. So, she left the pantry, closing the door with her back hoof, and searching around for anything that would resemble a coffee maker. Finally, she just decided to head farther into the barn, and into the kitchen. She finally found something that resembled a coffee maker, so she put the beans in it and some water, and waited for the coffee to be made. The unicorn kind of felt awkward, sitting in the kitchen by herself. This was probably the most she's ever done for somepony. It felt.. kind of good? But she also hated taking the time to do all this extra stuff, when she could be taking the time to be pampering herself instead. Bell was just ready to leave. When the coffee was done, she grabbed a mug from the counter and poured the coffee into it. "All right, the odor resembles coffee. Looks like coffee. Very well done, Bell," she said to herself, levitating the coffee mug with her horn. She took the last sip of her cider and headed out the barn, trotting slowly to the orange farm pony. When she got there, she hoofed over the coffee. "Hopefully that's good enough for you." She gave a small smile at AJ, then looked around. She noticed a little bit of tension. "Everything okay over here?" she looked at Blueblood, tilting her head. She obviously missed something.
  14. Hyper Drive created the longest grin she could've ever imagined as she fluttered around the Longma excitedly, "Right? I'm so excited to learn more about this place!" She looked over at the Quilin next to her, smiling at her too. The little blue filly seemed to have scared her, which made her chuckle. "I can't wait to get to know guys! I gotta retreat back to mah friends though. No hard feelings?" She zig zagged in between the two, finally flying off to her best friends. As Hyper was on her way to see Fruit Juice and Midnight Glory again, she got distracted with the landscape outside the window. So, the earth pony and unicorn continued getting to know the blue bat pony next to them, who kind of looked like Hyper Drive. "Ah sure haven't! Normally Ah ain't allowed to go out 'n do silly stuff like this." Juice shrugged, giving off a sweet smile from her freckled face. Then it was Midnight's turn to talk. "Yeah, my parents are a little more lenient." Once Blue Bird called out they were already at their destination, Hyper Drive perked up like a puppy and flew right out of the train in a blink of an eye. Juice and Midnight looked at each other and rolled their eyes, jumping off the seats and following their friend, as in trotting pretty quickly. They were excited too. When they were out, they once again found Blue Bird to get their luggage together. "Yep! Ready as Ah'll ever be!" Midnight simply nodded her head, sweeping her mane in front of her one eye. She realized something, though. "Where did Hyper go?" "I'm right here!" the blue Pegasus yelled, zooming past their heads and in front of them. "You two knuckleheads miss me?" Juice rolled her eyes sarcastically. "Miss ya’? Please. Don't go on ‘n flatter yerself." Midnight just let out a solid chuckle, heading over to their luggage and following the bat. When they got to the luggage, the girl's conversation continued with Bluey. "Mhm. Pretty new," the unicorn stated, using her magic to levitate her bag out of the large pile. Her magic was simply amazing compared to little fillies her age. Midnight was actually the youngest here, but she didn't mind. She was barely younger than her best friends, only by a month. Fruit Juice was actually the oldest of the three. By two months. Hyper flew with the other three, grabbing up her bag in one swift motion. She spotted the blue bat that her friend's were talking to, and quickly introduced herself. "Whazzup? I'm Hyper Drive," she mentioned, noticing she had a wonderbolt jacket on. That was a pretty cool jacket. "Nice jacket, mate. Ay! You wanna be a wonderbolt too?" The blue Australian Pegasus had a hopeful look in her eye, which made Fruit Juice and Midnight Glory look at each other nonchalantly. "They're gonna hit it off big time in the friendship department." "For sure." The girls then heard one of their Professors, specifically Applejack, talk about heading off to the hotel, so Juice and Midnight ended up walking off and leaving the two fliers alone for a second. "Er, Professor Applejack?" the red filly said, running up to her. "What hotel are we stayin' in?"
  15. The blue hippie waited in line patiently, hearing the song was still going on. Surely it would end soon. She wasn't annoyed by it by any means, it was better to think about what the ponies were singing rather than thinking about the large heap of snow that was sitting on the streets. So much snow, it was kind of overwhelming. But, Finnie was generally a calm, cool, collected pony, so she just went with the flow. She listened on with what the punch pony was saying, Finnie didn't really know her name. She was talking to the bat she met earlier, and as she hoofed over the punch, Finnie trotted up with a small smile. Finnie nodded her head at the simple question, then opened her mouth to speak. "I'm thinkin' the team that wakes up all the animals." She thought for a second, looking at the clouds blankly. She watched a couple pegasi burst through them. "Aw, man. Forgot what it was called. Anyhow, that's what I'm up to. Tryin' to find a partner though." The mare grabbed one cup of the warm punch, taking a small sip. "Crikey! Two of 'em? I see myself comin' back for seconds." She took a long gulp, tasting the sweet punch with a smile. Suddenly, a familiar blue bat came and swooped by, then was gone in seconds. Finnie shrugged, walking away. She looked around, seeing lots of pegasi up in the air, but Finnie didn't know what to do next. She normally liked being by herself in situations like these, but she was unfamiliar to how Ponyville wrapped up their winter. Somepony to talk to would be nice. She just wished she knew who would be out helping wake up the animals. Making up her mind, she wandered off to all the animal's habitats, hopefully running into somepony, or somepony running into her.
  16. When the little farm pony first made her way to the woods, she wasn't exactly expecting life threatening, dangerous endeavors that could easily meet with anypony's demise. This was the Whitetail Woods, why would anything horrible happen? These woods were safe, and quiet, and sure there was some wildlife, but nothing like this. Alizarin was so overwhelmed with everything happening, she couldn't help but stand there and panic. First the sand, now Apple Bloom getting shocked with some very venomous venom? Why did she agree to this? The brown and crème mare stood there, watching everything happen. The poor yellow filly was laying motionless on the dirt, and it was kind of frightening to witness. She's seen this happen before one time, but Ali wasn't familiar with Apple Bloom yet. She wasn't too familiar with anypony. She listened as the yellow filly mumbled that the anecdote was in the book bag, which made Ali perk up. She ran halfway to it, surprised as Fluttershy beat her to it. "What in tarnat-" she paused, spinning her body around to face the quick-to-action Pegasus make her way to AB and settling down next to her. The short mare's ears pinned back to her head, realizing that Fluttershy wasn't such a weakling after all. She would never admit that, as she trotted quickly to the little pony, who seemed to be in so much pain it was unbearable. The little mare was actually starting to feel bad, and it kind of scared her. She felt like she had to help somehow. She ended up making her way closer to the little filly, sitting right behind her and lifting up her head to get a better sip of the anecdote. The filly was losing consciousness quick, which made Ali's heart race. As Fluttershy held the anecdote up for her, Ali helped the liquid go down her throat, moving her head some more to prevent choking. "C'mon lil' filly! You're gonna be all find an' dandy after all this roughin' 'n toughin' is over with." Ali's voice was shaky, but she didn't really care in this moment. The grumpy pony turned into a caring one for a split second. Yeah, for only a second. She looked up at the group, bunching up her eyebrows. "Who 'n their right pancake flippin' mind let her run off by herself?! Anypony got a gosh darn answer?!"
  17. Golly entered the hallway, not really impressed from the lack of creativity on the walls. It was this instance where he strictly remembered this was just a fake story in a comic book. He was living in fiction. No matter what, he would be safe. Kind of. But the walls were all the same, pretty much a copy and paste from whoever the artist was in this story. Lame. Then, the tan Pegasus heard a strong, fearful, deep voice coming from the room he stumbled upon. The voice didn't sound familiar at all, as he peaked his head through the door quietly, just to be unheard of. Then, he heard a familiar voice. Finally. And it was Bratty, being a little snarky butthole, totally confident in his brother to kick the Professor's flank. The Pegasus only learned his name from his cliché villain antics, announcing his name for all to hear, pouring his overly confident ego all over every creature's presence. Golly couldn't help but roll his eyes at the not so threatening professor, as compared to the last monster, this seemed like a breeze. Golly was looking for the cat first, but with his luck, he found both, his 'brother' and his 'girlfriend'. Hearing the conversation Bratty and the Professor were having made the Pegasus laugh a little. The little snarky dragon played that little brother role so perfectly. Golly's laugh was cut short when the professor's head turned towards him, making him hide behind the door. "Okay, Gol- Gotta think of somethin' quick." The pony pondered, hitting his head gently on the wall, as the evil creature yelled, "Who goes there!??" The Pegasus then smirked, flying into the air, entering the room ever-so bravely with his arms behind his back. "It's just me, man. A poor, poor, feeble minded little pony, who was just checkin' in. Chillin' out, actually. Just wanted to see what you were up to." He shrugged, giving a famous smirk, fluttering in the air right in front of him. He was playing it cool, as he looked around to see Boopsy passed out. That poor cat has gone through so much. Clearing his throat, he spoke again, "So how's your day been, huh? Mine's been prett-y crazy, if I do say so myself." The Pegasus was planning on being a distraction. He remembered Bratty was a dragon, so maybe he could use his fire breath to do something crazy. He didn't know if the little dragon got the point of his distraction, though. As he talked, he started to do motions to signal Bratty to blow fire on the professor or something, so as he was burning up Golly could rescue the cat. Would it work though?
  18. "They aren't really books?" the 'stallion' asked, looking through all the fake literature, but not actually touching it. The plastic was clearly coated, bright and shiny from whatever light was coming in to reflect on the covers. Golly tilted his head, thinking about it for a second. "Why the hay would there be fake books, but not fake artifacts?" He bit his lip, looking around the books for a second time. "This place is so weird. Like I for real don't understand this damn-" he paused, his pupils shrinking as he watched his 'little brother' get picked up and thrown somewhere else. The Pegasus immediately flew into the air, staring at Bratty with concern. "Uh- you okay, little dude?" Then the scream made him turn away, and when he went for it, he realized Bratty wasn't responding. "Bratty? Helloooooo?" His voice shot out at the end, getting kind of scared. Rather, Golden Daze was getting scared. The realization hit her like a flying bullet, the poor Pegasus's anxiety rose like the sun, which she hasn't seen in a while. This day was literally crazy for her. A race, meeting the sweet cat, chasing a thief, becoming friends with the thief.. was she even friends with the little dragon? Whatever the case, Daze was scared. Alone in the dark, in an amazingly creepy old huge mansion, and she didn't know what to do. She could try and find the missing Bratty, or go after the scream to try and find Boopsy. She knew she'd have to make the decision as Golly, the hero, the pony who always knew what to do. She was just having trouble with her mindset. The mare had to be brave, had to be confident. Normally she was those things, but she's never been in this situation.. who has? Finally she shook off her fear, rubbing her head with her hooves. "You got this Daze- or- Golly. You're good. You're a beast. You're a hero." He then knew what he had to do... follow the scream. It was way more dangerous, and though he had no idea where Bratty went, he could find his 'girl' and then have extra help finding the little dragon. So, the Pegasus flew off after the scream, living the library/artifact room, and following the sound down the hallway. Another scream was heard, and the brave pony followed quickly behind, spotting a shadow turning the corner and towards a smaller door. The door was rather thin, which made Golly confused on how a huge monster could get past it. Maybe it was a ghost? Golly tried opening the door, which surprisingly seemed to be unlocked, and he slowly let it creek loudly as he peeked his head through the crack. "He-llo?" What would he find?
  19. Finnie stood next to the dark bat pony, trying to calm her emotions down with the sudden extra work they would have to do. Then, a little blue bat came flying about, who reminded her a lot of her little sister. They probably knew each other, though Finnie wasn't 100% certain. The name Blue Bird rang a bell. "Ehhh, reckon somepony had somethin' to do with this," she simply said, looking around at the snow. "I don't know how many bloody folk would wanna wake up past midnight and shower us with cold, but they've gone walkabout." The mare shrugged, lifting up her hoof to waive it around. "The name's Sea F. Salt. Finnie is preferred, though, mates." She looked at the grey bat as he talked about Rainbow Dash, a pony Finnie had briefly heard about. One of the hero's of this generation, element of loyalty, and her little sister would non-stop talk about her. Her little sister did want to become a Wonderbolt, so of course Hyper knew about Dash. Finnie's has only told stories though, and honestly forgot she lived in Ponyville. "Hmm," the hippie hummed, and she suddenly heard something loud bust throughout the sky. It sounded like an irritated yelp, so she looked up to see the rainbow maned Pegasus. Then, a song broke out. Finnie let the song drag on out, it honestly calmed her body. She swayed to the tune, not questioning the song at all. This was Ponyville, of course they all sprang out onto a song. Finnie totally could have created her own verse to add her own taste into it, but she just stayed in the background, humming the beat as the rest of the folk sang the song. The hippie looked around to see more ponies coming out to either sing or help along.. or both. She wasn't really interested in anything, but also didn't know what she could do. She couldn't fly very well, and would prefer staying on the ground anyway. She also wasn't strong enough for plowing. Maybe she could find a partner to help wake up animals, or skate over the ice into smaller chunks on the lakes. She didn't want to go through the trouble to find anypony, it was more herself to move through the wind and let nature tell her what to do. She did end up trotting to where she smelled the sweet warm punch, pretty much following the bat she met before. That's where her senses were telling her to go, she just followed her nose.
  20. Finnie opened her eyes in a sleepy daze, yawning immediately as she stretched her hooves, which felt utterly amazing. A couple of her bones cracked as she briefly looked around her living room, seeing the fireplace was completely off as her body felt cold. The blue Pegasus smoothly pulled herself off the couch, taking in a deep breath to relax her heart and opening her small wings to stretch out once again. Her mom's house was unusually quiet, as she remembered her little sister had woken up earlier that morning for the train. The hippie wished she could've said a good-bye, but she knew in spirit that Hyper wished the same. The blue Pegasus looked out to see a full ray of sunshine floating through her window, making her smile at the sudden warmth the sun had made. Finnie's smile didn't go away, knowing that she got to help change the seasons in the annual Winter Wrap-Up. Soon it would be warm, the flowers would blossom quickly as they normally did, and the fresh air would smell of the sweet trees and bees. The mare trotted towards the bathroom. She picked up the hair-brush laying nearby and brushed one motion on her mane and tail, keeping it from getting ratted up. She brushed her teeth, stretched once again to relax her whole body, and headed out the door. The realization of the weather didn't hit her until she focused on the white fleet of snow covering all of town. Fresh snow. It was cold, brilliantly white, and Finnie looked around in confusion. Why in Equestria had there been a whole snow storm covering the town on the day they were supposed to get rid of it? The Australian mare looked around her surroundings, walking through the snow very slowly to not slip. She could spot snow prints from hooves of different ponies. Finnie decided to follow the tracks like a hound dog, trying to find somepony else who was up with confusion. Finally, she spotted a grey bat pony standing outside in the snow. She wasn't much of a talker, but she was thoroughly confused, and maybe he knew what was going on. "G'day, mate," she said, approaching him with a subtle smile. "I sense somethin's gone wrong here, yeah?"
  21. Golly could hear Boopsy talking from behind him, making him turn behind for a split second. "Yeah- that probably makes more sense. I guess." The Pegasus shrugged, heading over to Bratty, who couldn't care less about making a huge mess with all the old looking artifacts. The little dragon's mess is what made him occupied, as he watched the dragon toss around whatever he could get his little claws on. Of course, Golly jumped in, and Bratty's attitude is kind of what he predicted. "Okay, dude, but you don't even know if this stuff will unleash some crazy monster!" He watched as the small mason jar fell to the ground, releasing a deep green mist to fly out of it. "It looked pretty evil to me," he responded, quickly flying to the jar and playing with the broken pieces. He quickly lifted up his gaze as he watched his little 'brother' head to the monkey claw. He said something quite sassy, which made Golly turn around to see that Boopsy was gone. "Girl-friend?" Daze tilted her head, then remembered the characters. "Oh, Celestia. Where did Boopsy go?" The pony flew higher, quickly glancing around the room. Right when he looked at the door they came through, he could see her tail and something else darker making their way out of the room. The Pegasus quickly grabbed Bratty, "C'mon dumby, I mean.. Bratty, we gotta save her!" He flew after them, noticing that they weren't anywhere to be seen. "Boopsy? Creepy monster thing? Where are you?" he shouted, creating a loud echo to fly throughout the hallway. "Lil' bro, you see anything?" he asked, setting the little dragon down. "I have no idea where they went. There's a million doors!" Suddenly he heard another scream, making him follow the sound. "Tell me if you spot anything, and no messing around! This isn't a joke!"
  22. Oh gosh, that was funny 😂 I was definitely typing that on my phone! My bad! Haha
  23. Okay, I really love Blazing Thunder! Since Gill’s dream is being a Wonderbolt, I think her meeting one would be a fun interaction. Especially their personalities, how they’d mesh together. I like the egotistical feel with him, and Gill would be sooo interested, but nervous. It would be a fun mix ^^ Maybe they could meet at an air sprint meet in Cloudsdale? Gill could be racing, maybe the Wonderbolts are watching, or Blazing could be performing too. Or whatever else that you think he/she could be doing! I can think of some conflict that makes her learn about teamwork or something. Like something goes wrong in the weather factory, I don’t know 😂
  24. I recently got a new character accepted, and I really wanna develop her character (as I do with all of my girls haha) so.. here's Gillian! Here's her app if you wanna get to know her: Link A quick summary: She's a rather reserved griffon, who generally keeps to herself and doesn't really talk to any creature. She's mainly focused on her flying career, and doesn't really care about anything else than flying. She didn't grow up around friendly creatures, so she only trusts herself. I guess I'm just looking for somepony to show her that friendship isn't a bad thing. Maybe a flying buddy, or somepony to push her limits and earn her trust that way 🤷‍♀️ She lives in Griffonstone, but travels everywhere for her track meets, so the setting can be anywhere. Lemme know if you have ideas!
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