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  1. If we stop all the kids all problems might go away but so will everyone.
  2. This is Sunshine Daisy! I've been working on her for a few days and she's finally finished except for the cutie mark! What do you guys think?
  3. SkyeGazer

    Changeling Origins.

    I like this! Its a very interesting take on why changelings became so "fearsome" in the first place!
  4. Hello Rose, nice to meet you! I have cats as well, five of them in my house (far too many if you ask most people) although only three of them actually belong to me. I love the fuzzy cuddles I'm still working on my character as well! I can't wait to see what you create!
  5. Hey! I am new as well! Also, I love Warriors too! I am way behind on the series but I loved reading them in my school days and still fondly have the whole collection up to the point I stopped reading to.
  6. There once was a girl named SkyeGazer who gazed upon the world of Canterlot.com and became rather intrigued. She had never done any RP before, but decided spur of the moment to leap headfirst into it and here she was! So yeah, thanks for that over the top introduction narrator me! Hello everyone! As you can see, first and foremost I am a giant nerd. I also fancy myself creative and hope that I come across as silly and lighthearted as I feel. I spend a great deal of my time playing video games and perusing youtube, but I also recently took up crochet and using corel painter to make the arts. I found Canterlot.com through another pony that you all may know on here as @KaityKat. I became of fan of MLP when I was younger, one of the shows I remember most was: My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas I discovered MLP:FiM when my youngest son was a baby. I wanted some fun family friendly show for us to watch together and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still around and very charming! I haven't quite finished the last season, but its on my very long and semi-disorganized to do list. My favorite main pony is Fluttershy. She is very similar to real life me in many was. Especially her love of animals, how she starts off super duper shy and slowly starts coming out of herself over time and how nurturing, empathetic and compassionate she is. I'm still working out details on my characters but I wanted to jump on here and say hi and start lurking so that I can get a feel for how this RP thing works!
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