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Nightmare Night Canterlot (2023)

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What is this, an OOC thread? When was the last time one of these was used?


In honor of the Nightmare Night season soon approaching, you are invited to Canterlot to partake in festivities, trick or treating, and to interact with Nightmare Moon herself. Perhaps a few of Equestria's more well know citizens may show up as well. Bring your best costume as this Nightmare Night may just last forever.


I'm hoping to have the setup posts done shortly and then the fun can be doubled.


Skycoaster: Princess Luna, Blizzard Blitz, Candy Corn

Ice Storm: Ice Storm

BlueBlood: Prince Blueblood

Dusty: Nilaavin

AnwirAria: General Anwir Aria

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We should have the last of the set up posts finished shortly and beginning the actual Nightmare Night fun.


This could also be a great Role Play for some of our newest members.

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